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Welcome & General Overview
The Great Australian Air Rally 2009
(GAAR 2009)

Once again the time has come and Bluegrass Airlines is again proud to present the Great Australian Air Rally for 2009.

First and foremost, and in keeping with the general Bluegrass Airlines philosophy, the GAAR is about having fun.  The GAAR 2009 will provide an event for flight simulation pilots of all skill levels, from the novice to the more experienced pilots, and from all corners of the globe, to test their flight and navigation skills.

Event Format Overview
The event will officially be conducted over the period Feb - Mar 09 and will involve a total of 19 flights over a distance of 3,575 nm.

The flights involve either and / or a combination of VOR, NDB and "dead reckoning" navigating under both day and night Visual Flight Rule (VFR) conditions.  Variable departure times and weather conditions will also exist for each flight.  The weather conditions are based on factual historical data for the flight leg and time of the year.

The dates and reporting times are detailed under the "Flight Schedule" link.

Eligible Aircraft Overview
Eligible aircraft include any radial or other piston engined aircraft that flew in the period 1930s to 1950s.  Turboprop, turbojet, turbofan and other such engined aircraft are not eligible for entry in the event.

The actual choice of aircraft is entirely at the discretion of the individual participant, provided it falls within the guidelines.   Other considerations will include the Flight Leg distance and runway surface.  More information regarding aircraft eligibility is contained under the "Rules" link.

Rules Overview
Unfortunately, there is a need to have Rules to successfully conduct events such as the GAAR 2009.  The Rules, including detailed explanation of eligible aircraft, flight dates, reporting times, and other requirements are contained under the "Rules" link.

If you are interested in registering for the GAAR 2009, have read and understand the rules and requirements for participating, click on the "Pilot Registration" link.

So, come on "Downunder" and join us for GAAR 2009.  And in the spirit of the local native Aboriginal word "Moomba" - "let's get together and have fun".


NOTAMS & Recent Updates
(last updated on 01 Apr 09)


01 Apr 09
Final Results posted.

Competition Winners (details in the Forum)

Screenshot Competition:
FS9-Paul van den Berg FSX-Thomas Baerenzung

Random Prize Draws:
Gaston Webb,
David Finlay,
Sid Knapp, and
Hans Korfage.


30 Mar 09
Flight Leg 19 and Provisional Results posted.  Final Results will be confirmed after the results have been checked and verified.

Winners of the Screenshot Competition and random prize draws will be finalised and announced in the next day or so.


28 Mar 09
Flight Leg 18 results posted.


25 Mar 09
Flight Leg 17 results posted.


22 Mar 09
Flight Leg 16 results posted.


19 Mar 09
Flight Leg 15 results posted.


15 Mar 09
Flight Leg 14 results posted.


12 Mar 09
Flight Leg 13 results posted.


09 Mar 09
Flight Leg 12 results posted.
07 Mar 09
Flight Leg 11 results posted.
04 Mar 09
Flight Leg 10 results posted.


02 Mar 09
Flight Leg 9 results posted.
25 Feb 09
Flight Leg 8 results posted.

Also see important message regarding PIREPs in the NOTAMS section of the Forum.

23 Feb 09
Flight Leg 7 results posted.
19 Feb 09
Flight Leg 6 results posted, including corrections for Flight Leg 5.
16 Feb 09
Flight Leg 5 results posted.


13 Feb 09
Flight Leg 4 results posted.


11 Feb 09
Flight Leg 3 results posted.


08 Feb 09
Flight Leg 2 results posted.

See NOTAM on the Forum regarding the Screenshot Competition.


06 Feb 09
Reporting date for Flight Leg 2 extended 24 hrs to 2359 hrs UTC, 07 Feb 09.

PIREP system back online.


04 Feb 09
Flight Leg 1 results posted.


03 Feb 09
Sponsorship from The FlightSimStore confirmed with prizes donated for the event.


01 Feb 09
GAAR 2009 is officially underway with 158 entrants.

To ensure things are actioned, all queries, PIREP amendments, etc must be addressed in an email to gaardirector(at)


16 Jan 09
PIREP system now available.

Details regarding the Screenshot Competition added.


11 Jan 09
Details regarding Flight Reporting Dates added to the Flight Schedule page.


10 Jan 09
Sponsorship from Aerosoft confirmed with prizes donated for the event.

X-Plane Flight Situation Files added to the GAAR Downloads page.


09 Jan 09
Registrations pass 100.


04 Jan 09
VFR Guide page expanded.

Acknowledgments and Credits page added.


03 Jan 09
GAAR Downloads page expanded with Weather Information downloads and FSX specific downloads in the Optional Downloads section.


02 Jan 09
VFR Guide page added.

GAAR Downloads page expanded with Optional Downloads section on suggested scenery and terrain mesh files. 


01 Jan 09
Happy New Year and may 2009 be a prosperous year for all.

GAAR 2009 - Event & Flight Briefings & Flight Situation Files download added to the 'GAAR Downloads' page.

Additional pages will be progressively updated throughout today including the Target Times & Results page which includes the 'Target Times' for each Flight Leg.


30 Dec 08
FAQs page expanded with Hints and Tips.


21 Dec 08
Minor amendment to Rules regarding aircraft and the fitting of "ferry tanks".


16 Dec 08
Opening of Pilot Registration.

Update of Rules providing improved clarification.

Expansion of FAQs.


05 Dec 08
Official launch of the GAAR 2009 and web site.