Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports


January 2011


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Posted 01-February

bgan082, Charles Flock, KLGB-KSFO, 95.49, 134.96, Lockheed L749, IFR Day (MSFS ATC) Check out freeware Consellation


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMDW to KCMH, 70, 813.27, 757-200, 297.9 NM


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPHL-KJFK, 48, 1303.97, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather.  VOR 31L approach and landing.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KPIT to KMDW, 96, 812.1, 757-200, 356.1 NM


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-egll, 600, 172, connie,


bgan002, Joe Weber, KSUX-KPIR, 65, 1034.7, CV-340, VATSIM


bgan002, Joe Weber, KBAD-KCBM, 76, 1033.62, C118,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KPHL to KPIT, 76, 810.5, 757-200, 235.7NM


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBOS to KPHL, 89, 809.23, 757-200, 250.2 NM


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-kbos, 600, 162, connie,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KBOS, 84, 807.75, 757-200, N610DL route OOD J42 RBV KFD PUT 324.6 NM fuel used 9376 pounds. landed RWY 4R ILS victor MILTT, parked Gate B-35.


bgan040, Dan George, CZMT  CYJQ, 110, 993.2, Cessna 182Q, Energy Resources survey for ThermoDyne Energy Resources closing out operations due to lateness of the season.  Masset to Bella Bella/Denny Island BC.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LFMN-LFBZ, 56, 1132.3, DC3, VFR FLIGHT


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KSNS-KRNO, 128, 2093.23, Convair CV-580, KSNS-KMRY-KSJC-KTVL-KRNO Sierra Pacific Airlines Flt 127 (1966 sched) Salinas-Monterey Pen.-San Jose-South Tahoe-Reno. Fuel 3140#


bgak077, David Kingsley, KDEN to KBWI, 220, 806.35, 757-200, 1310.5 NM


bgad042, Don Moore, EGPR-EGQL, 88, 1519.22, Cessna 208 Caravan,


bgad042, Don Moore, KOSH-KSBM, 11, 1517.75, Beech 350 KA,


bgad042, Don Moore, KSWF-KOSH, 63, 1517.57, Beech 350 KA,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMLT-YMHB, 29, 1516.52, B717-200,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMHB-YMLT, 89, 1516.03, Vickers Vimy,


bgad042, Don Moore, YABA-YPPH, 84, 1514.55, Lockheed  L749 Connie,


bgad042, Don Moore, EGLL-LFLL, 270, 1513.15, Vickers Vimy, This flight started well enough though I had to land at LFPT to refuel and after that the weather deteriorated, evening closed in and on final I fell asleep with result one written off aircraft.   I am no longer working with that airline.


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KDOV - KORD, 197, 300.12, B-17C,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KTUL to KDEN, 116, 802.68, 757-200, 500.6 NM


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KLGA, 138, 1303.17, L-1649A, Flown IFR at FL200 with real weather.  LOC 31 approach and landing.


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-ksfo, 870, 152, connie,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLAS to KTUL, 91, 800.75, 757-200, Route BLD J92 DRK PXR TFD J92. 338.2NM. winter wonderland, real world weather. good flight.


bgan071, William Lockwood, EINN-EINN, 42, 1300.87, L-1649A, Traffic pattern work. Visual approach and landings to runway 13.


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNPA - KDOV, 264, 296.83, R4D, Night flight


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBIH-KSJC, 65, 2091.1, Convair CV-580, Sierra Pacific Airlines 1970 Route 101 Bishop to San Jose. Fuel 1616#


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YMML-YBCS, 746, 2305.32, DC-3, BGAD521


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-egll, 600, 137.5, connie,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 48, 1300.17, L-1649A, ILS 15 and ILS 33 approach and landing.  Real weather, low ceilings.


bgan076, Lou Ross, KSVC-KABQ, 56, 442.28, CV-580,


bgak077, David Kingsley, PABR to PAOM, 120, 799.23, AMB120ER, PH-XLB. dangerous flight hauling 7 boxes of dyamite. Route BRW WANJO PAWI 2AK8 PPIZ Z53 PALU WPI PASH IWK JHIHI OME. victored around all airports. self victored the Aircraft around Russian airspace between WPI and PASH hdg 120degrees as the victor took me through Russian airspace to PASH. weather good.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSJC to KLAS, 98, 797.23, 757-200, 363.7 NM fuel used 10656 pounds. route SNS CZQ J110.


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-kbos, 600, 127.5, connie,


bgan011, John Franco, KJFK-EGLL, 450, 551.03, B744, Canarsie Climb Outbound JFK. DP: MERIT3.PUT North Atlantic Track: NAT_X. Was getting almost 600Kts groundspeed until just away from Canada. Route Flown at a cruise between FL350-390


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBUR to KSJC, 80, 795.6, 757-200, 270.1 NM  Route FIM j7 AVE j6 SNS.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBUR-KBIH, 56, 2090.02, Convair CV-580, Sierra Pacific 1970 Flt 101 Burbank to Bishop. Fuel 1621#


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KMMH-KBUR, 70, 2089.08, Convair CV-580, Sierra Pacific 1970 Flt 200 Mammoth Springs to Burbank. Fuel 1895#


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KSJC-KMMH, 58, 2087.92, Convair CV-580, Sierra Pacific Flt# 200 (1970\\\'s) San Jose to Mammoth Lakes Fuel 1716#


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, EDDF - EGPK, 234, 3353.73, Lockheed C-121C, MATS Atlantic Circle Delivery Route Leg 4.  2 go-arounds and being lost by Microsoft ATC.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, LEMO - EDDF, 267, 3349.83, Lockheed C-121C, MATS Atlantic Circle Delivery Route Leg 3


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, LPLA - LEMO, 243, 3345.38, Lockheed C-121C, MATS Atlantic Circle Delivery Route Leg 2


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KDOV - LPLA, 535, 3341.33, Lockheed C-121C, MATS Atlantic Circle Delivery Route Leg 1


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, FHAW - DGAA, 392, 3332.42, Douglas C-54B, WWII South Atlantic crossing with DC-4C. Leg 4


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, SBNT - FHAW, 440, 3325.88, Douglas C-54B, WWII South Atlantic crossing with DC-4C. Leg 3


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, TTWF - SBNT, 537, 3318.55, Douglas C-54B, WWII South Atlantic crossing with DC-4C. Leg 2


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KPBI - TTWF, 541, 3309.6, Douglas C-54B, WWII South Atlantic crossing with DC-4C. Leg 1


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, WSAP - VECC, 452, 3300.58, Lockheed L-749, BGA Dec. 2010 Feature using ADF instead of VOR leg 3.  To be continued.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, YPDN - WSAP, 494, 3293.05, Lockheed L-749, BGA Dec. 2010 Feature using ADF instead of VOR leg 2


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, YSSY - YPDN, 458, 3284.82, Lockheed L-749, BGA Dec. 2010 Feature using ADF instead of VOR leg 1


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PANC - RJTT, 733, 3277.18, Douglas DC-7C, KLM 1958 Polar Flight leg 3


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, BIKF - PANC, 752, 3264.97, Douglas DC-7C, KLM 1958 Polar Flight leg 2


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, EHAM - BIKF, 311, 3252.43, Douglas DC-7C, KLM 1958 Polar Flight leg 1


bgan076, Lou Ross, KTUS-KSVC, 47, 441.35, CV-580,


bgan076, Lou Ross, KPHX-KTUS, 65, 440.57, CV-580,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBOS-KEWR, 67, 2086.95, Convair CV-580, FL185, Landed ILS 4R, Fuel 1813#


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-egll, 600, 117.5, connie,



Posted 28th-January

bgak077, David Kingsley, KPHL to KBUR, 95, 794.27, 737-700, 326 NM Route PXR J65 BLH J50 PDZ J93


bgan076, Lou Ross, KFMN-KPHX, 81, 439.48, CV-580,


bgan076, Lou Ross, KGJT-KFMN, 52, 438.13, CV-580,


bgak077, David Kingsley, MMAS to MMMX, 70, 792.68, AMB120ER, 240.2 NM Route AGU BJX V32 PTJ TLC MET, Low Altitude.


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-kbos, 600, 107.5, connie,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YBBN-Goondiwindi, 54, 4699.27, l1049g,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPLM-YBBN, 420, 4698.37, L1049G,


bgan076, Lou Ross, KDEN-KGJT, 83, 437.27, CV-580,


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-kbos, 600, 97.5, connie,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, SCES - SCSE, 186, 834.85, R4D-6, Reg Tue DCA MP-25-01


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, SCES-SCSE, 111, 831.75, R4D-6, Pre DCA Tue Mp check flight


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, SCES-SCSE, 111, 829.9, R4D-6, Pre DCA Tue MP Check flight


bgan002, Joe Weber, lszh-lfpb, 84, 1032.35, dc-6b,


bgan040, Dan George, CYBL  CYMT, 190, 991.37, Cessna 182Q, Continuing energy resources survey of Pacific Norhtwest/ORBIX scenery package.  Campbell River to Masset BC, Canada.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KABQ tp KPHX, 95, 791.52, 737-700, 284.3 NM route ABQ SJN J18 PXR. landed RWY 26 ILS victor PRUNN. parked gate 13. fair weather.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSEA to KABQ, 187, 789.93, 737-700, 1059.7 NM


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-egll, 600, 87.5, connie,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, 5WA8-KOLM, 34, 2085.83, MAULE M7, Heading East at 1000 feet from Ocean City following Hwy\\\'s 12 & 8 to Olympia.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KCLM-5WA8, 145, 2085.27, DH-89a Dragon Rapide,  From Port Angeles, flying close to the mountains, then up a river valley climbing to the summit of Mount Olympus, then down west along another Valley to the Plains to land at Ocean City.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KOLM-KCLM, 54, 2082.85, Baron 58, Olympia to Port Angeles along the Olympic Mountains Eastern fringes tracking Highway 101.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 30, 1299.37, L-1649A, ILS 15 full stop.  Night landing.


bgan011, John Franco, KHVN-KBDL, 90, 543.53, C172SP, KHVN.MAD.HFD.PENNA.KBDL IFR at 3000 in the snow. One Missed approach with the hold procedure for rwy 6. (Hold @ ERICS). Hold was needed due to misinterpretation of the NAV1 radio on final. ILS was handlown all the way


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-kbos, 600, 77.5, connie,


bgan040, Dan George, CYPS  CYBL, 95, 988.2, Cessna 182Q, Continuing flights for energy resources survey of Pacific Northwest.


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos=egll, 600, 67.5, connie,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBGM to KDTW, 101, 786.82, AMB120ER, Tail number PH-XLB 343.7 NM route CFB J190 SLT J584. landed RWY 3R ILS victor NUVUE. Parked GATE C-87. stormy real world weather. Landing -272 FT Min. 130Kts. good trip


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YBHM-YAPH, 112, 167.17, DC-3, GAAR 2011 Leg 5


bgad072, Richard Willett, eidw-syqx-kbgr, 600, 57.5, connie,


bgan011, John Franco, KHVN-KACK, 108, 542.03, C172SP, default cruddy atc used on fsx while on the WCATC server due to lack of multiplayer traffic


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbgr-cyqx-eidw, 600, 47.5, connie,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KTTN-KGSO, 103, 271.2, Rockwell Commander, FS9.  Great flight


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLAS to KSEA, 121, 785.13, 737-800, 786.0 NM


BGAK083, Richard Peabody, PACV-PADQ, 102, 362.42, Quest Kodiak,


BGAK083, Richard Peabody, PAYA-PACV, 63, 360.72, Quest Kodiak,


bgak077, David Kingsley, PABR tp PASC, 140, 783.12, mooney bravo, 180.2 Nm Route BRW SCC. fuel; used 125 gals. landed RWY 4 ILS victor CIMAS.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, nzqn-nzdn, 47, 3797.75, DC-3, Queenstown-Dunedin NZ  79 gal January Feature Mount Cook Airlines



Posted 24th-January

bgad039, Laurie Cooper, NZNV-NZCH, 150, 2081.95, DH104 Dove, FOM. Mount Cook Airlines Route MC4, Invercargill to Christchurch -NZMO-NZQN-NZMC- Fuel 572#/95 gal. landed ILS RWY 2. Great Scenic FOM.


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, PABT-WSM-PABT, 54, 101.12, DHC-2 Beaver, A flight from the Bush Division.  Very enjoyable and scenic.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KMIA-KGNV, 86, 269.48, Rockwell Commander, FS9  Long taxi and wait on departure but otherwise a great flight.


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-kbgr-cyqx-eidw, 720, 37.5, connie,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLAS To KSEA, 150, 780.78, 737-800, 785.9 NM Route BTY Q13 J67 Q9 J5.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBGR to KLGA, 130, 778.28, EMB120ER, 351.8 NM Route BGR J518 ENE BOS PVD J225. weather-winter wonderland. landed RWY 22 ILS victor HOBOB, parked Gate G-37. good flight. the EMB120 ER is a hairy little aircraft to fly. it takes a close watch on landing speed and flap settings. reverse props has to disengaged properly or the plane will tilt back on it\\\'s tail, same as in push back with brakes on when stopping push back.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, NZCH-NZNV, 169, 2079.45, DC-3, FOM. Mount Cook Airlines Route MC3 Christchurch to Invercargill, stops at -NZMC-NZQN-NZMO- Fuel 1422#/237 gal. Pretty Good Default Alpine Scenery in FSX.


bgan011, John Franco, KBDL-KJAX, 147, 540.23, CRJ700, WCATC ATC Session JAX Center. FL320 KBDL.CSTL2.GEDIC.J174.ORF.J121.CHS.SSI3.KJAX


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EBOS-LFMN, 197, 1131.37, DC3, VFR FLIGHT   VATSIM


bgan041, Bill Cox, PAUN-WBB, 40, 985.45, C208,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KNEW-KJSO, 141, 984.78, C340,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KCTY-KNEW, 180, 982.43, C340,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KCTY, 137, 979.43, C340,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLNA-KEYW, 106, 977.15, C340,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KLNA, 65, 975.38, PC12,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KAVP-KLEX, 199, 100.22, C-45G,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, yssy-ybcg, 136, 3796.97, Beech L23-D Seminole, Flight from Kingsford Smith to Coolangata for the beginning of the GAAR 2011   FL 7,500\\\'  58 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, PANC-LFPO, 876, 1298.87, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather.  Inital level off, 15,000 feet.  Step climb to FL230.  ILS 07 approach and landing.  celestial and grid procedures used.


bgad072, Richard Willett, egll-ksfo, 870, 25.5, connie,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KCLE to KLAS, 212, 776.12, 737-800, 1599.6 NM


bgan040, Dan George, KPAE  CYPS, 95, 986.62, Cessna 182Q, Continuing flights for ThermoDyne Energy Resources/BLM energy survey.  Flights into lower BC, Canada.  Snohomish Co Airport WA to Pemberton BC.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KAGS to KATL, 70, 772.58, AMB120ER, 134.3 NM Route IRQ V18. winter wonderland real world weather. landed RWY 26R victor AJAAY. parked GATE D-31.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, NZDN-NZCH, 147, 2076.63, DC-3, FOM. Mount Cook Airlines Route MC2, Dunebin to Christchurch with stops at Queenstown & Mt Cook ( NZQN-NZMC over-flying Pukaki-NZUK) Fuel 1244#/207gal. Landed ILS RWY 2


bgam006, Scott Anderson, KBWG-KBWG, 8, 3.42, Boeing 40-B4, Local maintenance test flight (tuning aircraft.cfg)


bgad072, Richard Willett, kmyr-korf-klex, 360, 11, dc3,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KBGR-KAVP, 159, 96.9, DC-3,


bgad072, Richard Willett, kbos-kord-kley, 300, 5, dc6,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBNA to KCLE, 96, 771.42, 757-200, #99.2 NM Route BNA IIU J39 ROD J29 DJB.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, PKMJ-YBCG, 369, 1502.07, C-17, Final leg of cargo flight to Australia.  Now I have to do a final inspection of my Navion and get ready for the Gaar.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBTV to KJFK, 0, 769.82, AMB120ER, modified flight report. no additional hours.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBTV, 98, 769.82, AMB120ER, 232 NM


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, NZCH-NZDN, 147, 2074.18, DH104 Dove, FOM. Mount Cook Airlines Route MC1 Christchurch to Duneden via stops at -NZMC-(Overfly NZUK)-NZQN- Fuel 540#/90 GAL.


BGAK083, Richard Peabody, CYVZ-CYER, 102, 359.67, Turbo Beaver,


BGAK083, Richard Peabody, CZAC-CYVZ, 90, 357.97, Turbo Beaver,


bgan011, John Franco, PABT-PABT, 60, 537.78, DC3, Alaska Division-Bettles Branch series. I intentionally overloaded the DC3 to WSM for a challenge. Overran the runway.


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAOM to PAUN, 139, 768.18, EMB120ER, 130.9 NM route OME UNK. Two go-A-around, missed approaches and a change in Runways.


bgan076, Lou Ross, DENStapleton-KBOI, 202, 435.88, DC-6B,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kpit-kcxy, 43, 3794.7, Convair CV-580, Pittsburgh-Harrisburg  Allegheny Airlines FL135


bgan040, Dan George, KHRI  KRNT, 140-, 985.03, Cessna 182Q, Continuing charter for ThermoDyne Energy Resources/BLM energy survey of Pacific Northwest.  Hermiston OR to Renton WA.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KBNA, 116, 765.87, 757-200, 511.7. Route AML J213 BKW J42 BNA. fair real world weather.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KABQ to KMSP, 156, 763.93, 777-200, 912.9 NM route LVS J18 GCK SLN J24 OVR J21


bgan076, Lou Ross, KMDW-Stapleton XDEN, 274, 432.52, DC-6B,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KLEX-KAVP, 85, 94.25, C-27J,


bgan011, John Franco, KMHT-KHVN, 104, 536.78, C208B, route used from MHT5.GDM.V229.HFD.HVN.KHVN



Posted 20th-January

bgan011, John Franco, KCVG-KCVG, 48, 535.05, R22,


bgan011, John Franco, KCLT-KCVG, 108, 534.25, A321, WestCoastATC CLT/CVG Session


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, http-egkk, 349, 3793.98, Lockheed L749 Constellation, December Feature Tripoli-London FL165 13,826# fuel


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBNA to KBWI, 106, 761.33, 757-200, 510.8 NM


bgak077, David Kingsley, KEVV to KDTW, 120, 759.57, MD88, 355NM


bgad042, Don Moore, EGNT-EGNC, 33, 1508.65, Cessna 172, Plan G workout.


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YLTT-YBHM, 137, 165.3, DC-3,


bgan011, John Franco, EHVB-EHVB, 30, 532.45, Bell 206B, FSX Oil Rig transport/rescue mission in the North Sea


bgan011, John Franco, LIRF-LIRN, 36, 531.95, A321, FSX Airline Mission naples to Rome Handflown 100% Cruising altitude 11000ft and 340KIAS as requested


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, heca-hllt, 257, 3788.17, Lockheed L-049 Constellation, Decamber Feature - Cairo-Tripoli FL165  9,729# fuel


bgak077, David Kingsley, KPHL to KBNA, 129, 757.57, 737-700, 589.4 NM route AML J213 BKW J42. landed RWY 31 ILS victor AYERS. winter wonderland real world weather.


bgad042, Don Moore, EGNC-EGGP, 52, 1508.1, Grumman G21A Goose, Plan G practice flight planning


bgad042, Don Moore, YSNF-NZAA, 168, 1507.23, Short S45 Solent,


bgad042, Don Moore, EGNC-EGGP, 53, 1504.43, Mooney M20T Bravo, Trial G-Plan


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMDW to KPHL, 120, 755.42, 757-200,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, PHNL-PKMJ, 315, 1495.92, C-17, Had an engine go out on the C-141 so I had to get a C-17 from Hickam for the rest of the trip.


BGAN058, Simon Dix, NZMC-NZQN, 58, 205.7, Douglas DC-3,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KMGE, 271, 2624.07, Beech Baron 58, Distance 801nm


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, WV38-KLWB, 58, 3783.88, DHC-2 Turbo Beaver, W Parkersburg WV Float Base = Greenbrier Valley - Lewisburg WV


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSDF to KMDW, 75, 753.42, 757-200, 251.2 NM


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMDW to KSDF, 80, 752.17, 737-800, 250.8 NM


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VAGO-YPLM, 714, 4691.37, l1049g,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Alexandria-VAGO, 498, 4679.47, L1049G,


bgan076, Lou Ross, KCLE-KMDW, 116, 427.95, DC6B,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KTCM-PHNL, 349, 1490.67, C-141A, Decided to fly to Hawaii instead of Anchorage.  Had strong headwinds all the way.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KATL, 265, 2619.55, Beech Baron 58, Distance 265nm


bgan076, Lou Ross, KDCA-KCLE, 123, 426.02, DC6B,


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYQX-EINN, 336, 1284.27, L-1649A, Flown IFR at FL190 with real weather. Four 3 star celestial fixes.  ILS 04, circle to land 13 at Shannon.


bgan011, John Franco, KMEV-KMEV, 48, 531.35, DG 808S, FSX Intruduction to sailplane flying mission. Landed on 12G. used Thermals, Ridge lift and cloud to cloud lift as instructed. (This is quite difficult)


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KORS-KSFO, 227, 2615.13, Beech Baron 58, Distance 666nm


bgak077, David Kingsley, KAVL to KLGA, 130, 750.83, MD88, 529.5 NM landed RWY4 ILS. route PSK MOL GVE J42 OTT OOD RBV. clear weather.


BGAS069, Jerry Gallagher, KJFK-KACY, .55, 13.86, CV-240,


bgan002, Joe Weber, CYXC-KSEA, 77, 1030.95, DC-6A,


BGAN058, Simon Dix, NZCH-NZMC, 54, 204.73, Douglas DC-3,


bgan011, John Franco, KCIC-KSFO, 104, 530.55, M20M, flown on the WCATC ATC server under N2375E


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YBUD-YLTT, 86, 163.02, DC-3, GAAR 2011 Leg 3


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KCON-KMPV, 70, 1087.03, Beech Bonanza, Flight to Monpelier which had to divert to KLEB Lebanon due to snow squalls and poor visibility on appoach to KMPV


bgak077, David Kingsley, KPHL to KMDW, 130, 748.67, 757-200, 590.8 NM


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNYG - KNPA, 294, 292.43, Beech SNB-1,


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YCCA-YBUD, 79, 161.58, DC-3, GAAR 2011 Leg 2


bgan071, William Lockwood, YBCV-YMEN, 288, 1278.67, DC-2, Flown VFR at 8,000 feet with real weather.  Visual approach and landing to runway 16.


bgan040, Dan George, KSZT  KHRI, 110, 982.7, Cessna 182Q, Continuing survey for ThermoDyne Energy Resources & tour of ORBIX PNW scenery package.  Sandpoint ID to Hermiston OR.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KORD-KOWD, 326, 2611.35, Beech Baron 58, Distance 744nm + Some exploration on the route


bgak077, David Kingsley, MMVA to MMMX, 95, 746.5, A320-200, 368.1 NM route VSA MTT UJ5 PBC. landed RWY 5R ILS victor FI05. Fair real world weather.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KSTL-KATL, 114, 1273.87, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather at FL190.  TWA Flight 286.  Visual approach and landing to runway 26.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klou-klwb, 88, 3782.92, Cessna 414A, Louisville KY-Lewisburg WV FL 7,500\\\'  45 gal


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KORD, 287, 2605.92, Beech Baron 58, Distance 744nm


bgan071, William Lockwood, YCCY-YBCV, 198, 1271.97, DC-2, Flown VFR at 8,000 feet with real weather.  VOR 12 approach and landing.



Posted 15th-January

bgak077, David Kingsley, KMHT to KPHL, 87, 744.92, 737-700, 260.8 NM route HFD J42 RBV J$@ J191. landed RWY 9L victor ANNET. fair weather. fuel used 7788 Pounds.


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAUN to PAOM, 70, 743.47, cessna 172, 132.9 NM route UNK V440 OME. VFR flight. landed RWY27 ILS. fair wether.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klou, 91, 3781.45, Cessna 414A, Training flight with FSX


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klbe, 58, 3779.93, Beechcraft C90 XP, Training flight with FSX


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YBCG-YCCA, 79, 160.27, DC-3, GAAR 2011 Leg 1


bgan071, William Lockwood, YPDN-YCCY, 312, 1268.67, DC-2, Flown VFR at 8,000 with real weather.  Visual approach and landing to runway 12.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KMHT, 90, 742.3, 737-800, 330.9. A320 ahead had to go a round. landed RWY 35 ILS victor POPVE. route MXE J75 SBJ CMK J75. fuel used 10605 pounds. fair weather.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBIL-KABQ, 261, 2601.13, Beech Baron 58, Distance 652nm


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNBC - KNYG, 150, 287.53, Beech SNB-1, Night flight.  Rotten weather to boot.


bgan011, John Franco, LHBP-LUKK, 162, 528.82, DC3, Round the world trek continued. One go around was needed at LUKK (Moldova)


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KABQ-KBIL, 264, 2596.78, Beech Baron 58, Distance 652nm


bgak011, Coleman Green, 84K-63A, 33, 1732.73, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, 16K-84K, 21, 1732.18, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, 63A-16K, 31, 1731.83, Cessna 206,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBOS to KBWI, 95, 740.8, 737-200, 334.6 NM Route PUT HFD J42 RBV OOD J42. landed RWY 33L ILS victor RUETT. Fuel used 7922 POUNDs. fair weather.


bgak077, David Kingsley, DAOR to DAAG, 90, 739.22, A320-200, 481.5 NM Route UG664 OJD ORA MOS ALR. landed RWY 9 ILS victor FF09. fair weather.


bgad042, Don Moore, YBBN-YSSY, 110, 1503.55, L749 Constellation,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KBOS, 100, 737.72, 757-200, 324.4 NM Route OOD J42 RBV J42 HFD PUT. landed RWY 4R ILS victor MILTT, parked Gate C-36. fair weather. good flight.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KISM-KAPF, 60, 268.05, Rockwell Commander, FS9  Real-world weather:  Clear, winds 031@06, vis 50mi.  Very nice flight.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWN-KEYW, 240, 974.3, PC12,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KISO-KLWB, 84, 970.3, PA34,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KAVL-KISO, 102, 968.9, PA34,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KAVL-KAVL, 46, 967.2, R44,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KBLK-KAVL, 180, 966.43, PA34,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KHPN-KBLK, 110, 963.43, EPIC,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KHPN, 120, 961.6, EPIC,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLGA to KBWI, 70, 736.05, 757-200, 172.5 NM Route ARD DQO J15. fuel used 8149 pounds.


bgan040, Dan George, CYSW  2ID4, 115, 980.87, Cessna 182Q, Continuing flights for BLM energy survey by ThermoDyne Energy Resources.  Sparwood/Elk Valley BC to Silverwood ID.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KPIR-KGPZ, 116, 2592.38, Beech Baron 58, Distance 330nm


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KMOU-KCTM, 92, 1484.85, C-141A, WCATC flight, intended to fly at 14500 but decided to climb to FL200 after having pretty strong headwinds. Landed ILS rwy 16. Naturally it was raining at Tacoma. Probably fly on to Anchorage tomorrow.



bgad042, Don Moore, YSNF-YBBN, 120, 1501.72, B717-200,


bgad042, Don Moore, YLHI-YSNF, 155, 1499.72, Short S45 Solent, A leg of an old Air New Zealand air route


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Luton-Alexandria, 360, 4671.17, L1049g,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Valan-Luton, 312, 4665.17, L1049g,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 12, 1263.47, DC-2, Another trip around the pattern.  This time at night with a better installed panel.  Payware is still the way to go with this aircraft.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KIAB-KMUO, 157, 1483.32, C-141A, While at McConnell AFB, I switched to a C-141 to fly a load of flood relief supplies to Australia. Stopover at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 12, 1263.27, DC-2, VFR pattern in and old FS2002 DC-2.  Didn\\\'t crash.  That is all I can say about it.  I need the payware version badly.


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNIP - KNBC, 60, 285.03, Ceechcraft SNB-1, NAS Jacksonville to MCAS Beaufort.  Light rain throughout flight.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KFMY-KMTH, 44, 267.05, Rockwell Commander, FS9  Real-weather: Wind 002@09, vis. >20, skies 3600\\\' overcast.  Great flight.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KVPS-KIAB, 120, 1480.7, T-33A, Headed to Australia for the GAAR. Stopover at McConnell AFB Kansas.


BGAK083, Richard Peabody, CYVZ-CYYQ, 114, 356.47, DHC6,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, SCKP - SCFA, 108, 828.05, R4D-6, Reg Tue MP-11-01 flight


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, SCKP - SCFA, 84, 826.25, R4D-6, DCA Pre MP check flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYPR-PAJN, 70, 266.32, Rockwell Commander, FS9 Real-world weather: Skies clear, vis. 10mi, winds 034@14. Good flight.


bgan011, John Franco, KEWB-KHVN, 108, 526.12, C172SP, Stopover at KBDL. IFR. KEWB.PVD.V405.KBDL


bgan011, John Franco, KHVN-KEWB, 72, 524.32, C172SP,


bgan071, William Lockwood, NZMC-NZQN, 60, 1263.07, DC-3, January 2011 FOM.  Visual approach and landing using real weather.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KMSP-KLBF, 133, 2590.45, Beech Baron 58, Distance 397nm


bgad017, John Lawler, NZMO-NZNV, 39, 2387.22, DC-3,


bgad017, John Lawler, NZQN-MZMO, 34, 2386.57, DC-3,


bgad017, John Lawler, NZMC-NZQN, 54, 2386, DC-3,


bgad017, John Lawler, NZCH-NZMC, 60, 2385.1, DC-3,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KSLC-KDEN, 129, 2588.23, Beech Baron 58, Distance 339nm


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, nzmc-nzqn, 52, 3778.97, DC-3, Mount Cook Airlines Feature of the Month.  Mount Cook - Queenstown  77 gal


bgan040, Dan George, S27  CYSW, 95, 978.95, Cessna 182Q, Continuing charter flights for ThermoDyne Energy Resources.  Kalispell MT to Sparwood BC Canada.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMDW to KLGA, 120, 734.88, 737-800, 631.6 NM route GIJ CRL J584 SLT FQM BWZ. fuel used 11845 pounds. 158 PAX cargo 14200.


bgan071, William Lockwood, NZCH-NZNV, 90, 1262.07, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather at 12,000 feet.  NDB 04 approach and landing.


bgan071, William Lockwood, YCCA-YBCG, 72.79, 1260.56, DC-3, GAAR 2011 practice flight. Flight Leg 1 flown in reverse at 6,500 feet.  FSGenesis and VOZ scenery.


bgan011, John Franco, LKTB-LHBP, 102, 523.12, DC3, another leg in my round the world hop in a dc3


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, nzch-nzmc, 73, 3778.1, DC-3, Mount Cook Airways Feature of the Month   Christchurch-Mount Cook  103 gal


bgan002, Joe Weber, KTXK-KDAL, 54, 1029.67, CV-240,



Posted 10th January

bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YSSY-YMHB, 167, 2292.88, cv-340, BGAD125


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KDEN-KMCI, 152, 2586.08, Beech Baron 58, Distance 462nm


bgak077, David Kingsley, KDEN to KMDW, 140, 732.88, 737-700, 779.9 NM Route DVV HCT J60 LNK IOW JOT. fair weather.


bgad042, Don Moore, NZAA-YLHI, 220, 1497.13, Short S45 Solent,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBNA to KDEN, 180, 730.55, 737-700, 937.2NM Route BNA J45 FAM J112 BUM J110 GCK J154 HGO J52 FQF.


bgan011, John Franco, KBLI-KPDX, 105, 521.42, BE58, KBLI.KIENO3.PAE.SEA.HELNS4.KPDX


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNQX - KNIP, 102, 284.03, Grumman F4F-4,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KPIA-KLEX, 82, 92.83, C-123,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KFMY-KFAY, 176, 265.15, Mooney Bravo, FS9  Real-weather: skies broken clouds, clear, vis 50mi, winds 185@03.  Very good flight


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYVR-BGSF, 492, 1259.35, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather.  Initial level off at 17,000.  Step climb to FL230.  NDB 11 approach and landing.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLAS to KBNA, 220, 727.55, 757-200, N607DN. Total NM 1414.5. Route BLD J110 RSK ALS GCK J110 BUM J112 FAM J45 BNA. landed RWY ILS 2L victor DOBBS. fair weather.


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KMML-KPIA, 103, 91.47, C-119,


bgan011, John Franco, KMTP-KECG, 396, 519.67, C172SP, Multiple hops to test the range of the C172. MTP-0B8 (Fishers Island, NY)-HVN-TEB-PNE-RIC-KECG


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, 1B0-KRUT, 105, 2583.55, Cessna 172, Distance 182


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBGR to KDTW, 150, 723.88, A320-200, 661.4 NM. route BGR J595 PLB ART YXU J586. fair weather. nice day to fly.


bgas073, Marcel de Boer, KCVH-KMEM, 95, 2.68, L-749 Constellation, 19000Feet


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KCRP-KLCH, 90, 2581.8, Beech Baron 58, Distance 268nm


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KNPA - KNQX, 180, 282.33, Grumman F4F-4,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KSEA-KSEA, 24, 1251.15, L-1649A, Traffic pattern work.  VOR 34R approach and landing.


bgan011, John Franco, KABQ-KDEN, 84, 513.07, LJ45, WestCoastATC air traffic control session


bgas073, Marcel de Boer, MTPP-MDHE, 66, 1.1, DC-3, First Flight, with real weather. some broken clouds.


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYVR-CYVR , 36, 1250.75, L-1649A, Instrument approach patttern work.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KRUT-1B0, 104, 2580.3, Cessna 172, Distance 182nm


bgan076, Lou Ross, Dinjun-Kunming, 155, 423.97, C-87, Over the Hump


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KDIK-KMML, 80, 89.75, C-123,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KLAX-CYWG, 336, 1250.15, L-1649A, Flown IFR at FL190, step climb to FL210 with real weather.  ILS 13 approach and landing.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KALB-KOWD, 48, 2578.57, Beech Baron 58, Distance 121nm


bgak077, David Kingsley, CYYC to KMSP, 150, 721.38, A320-200, 990.9 NM Route YYC J105 YEA VLN YDR YBR YWG BRD J25 GEP. landed RWY 4ILS victor VAGEY, taxi to gate G-63


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSLC to KLAS, 100, 718.88, 757-200, 336.5 NM flight route FFU MLF J9 J107 BLD. winter wonderland. landed RWY 25R ILS victor CONDY. winter wonderland. good flight, light snow.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KALB, 53, 2577.77, Beech Baron 58, Distance 121nm


bgad042, Don Moore, YHBA-YBUD, 32, 1493.47, Vickers Vimy cargo,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMHB-YMAV, 68, 1492.93, B717-200,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KFCA-KDIK, 101, 88.42, C-27J, Winter flight across Montana into North Dakota.


bgan076, Lou Ross, Calcutta-Yunnanyi, 143, 421.38, C-87, Army Air Corp


bgan011, John Franco, KHVN-KHPN-KHVN, 126, 511.67, C172SP, Full blown IFR. Two missed approaches into HPN and 1 into HVN. Flown w/ real weather as the latest snowstorm approached.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KBOS, 63, 2576.88, Beech Baron 58, Distance 197nm - KOWD 3B2-KPVC-KCQX-KACK-KMVY-KHYA-KPYM-KBOS


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KPBI-KFMY, 85, 262.22, Cessna 182, FS9 Real-weather: clear vis 50mi, winds 345@08.  Good flight


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBIS to KSLC, 150, 717.22, 767-200, 633.7 NM


bgan040, Dan George, S27  MT08, 130, 977.37, Cessna 182Q, Energy resources survey, moving equipment to east central MT.  Kalispell to Zortman MT.


bgan011, John Franco, LOWS-LKTB, 78, 509.57, DC3, Round the World trek continued in a DC3. Screenshot coming soon to the forum. NDB approach executed into runway 10. hazy conditions encountered


bgak077, David Kingsley, KDEN to KSLC, 105, 714.72, 757-200, 354.6 flight plan FQF EKR J173


bgad042, Don Moore, YIVL-YARM, 22, 1491.8, Mooney M20 Bravo, Scenery check.


bgad042, Don Moore, YBBN-YHBA, 43, 1491.43, Mooney M20 Bravo, Scenery check.


bgad042, Don Moore, YGLI-YIVL, 16, 1490.72, Mooney M20 Bravo, Scenery check.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KLAX-KSFO, 84, 1244.55, L-1649A, Flown IFR at FL180 with real weather.  ILS 28L approach and landing.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KHOU to KDEN, 157, 712.97, 757-200, 781.1 NM


bgan011, John Franco, KHVN-KPHL, 102, 508.27, BE350, 16000 KHVN.BRIDGEGEHAVEN5.BEADS.V139.BRIGS.VCN8.KPHL


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-CYHZ, 148, 2575.83, Beech Baron 58, Distance 446nm + Exploration


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, panc-uhma, 302, 3776.88, Beechcraft L-23D Seminole, Leg 5 heading to GAAR 2011  Anchorage AK - Ugolny Airfield - Anadyr RU  141 gal


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KIMM-KISM-KIGF, 58, 260.8, Mooney Bravo, FS9  Real-weather,Ceiling 600 over-cast, vis >20mi, wind 277@33.  Cold front moving through, rather bumpy but good flight.  KSIM IFR diverted to KGIF.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KWRI, 68, 2573.37, Beech Baron 58, Distance 202nm


bgan040, Dan George, KTHM  S27, 75, 975.2, Cessna 182Q, Continuing aerial survey of Orbix PNW scenery.  Thompson Falls MT to Kalispell MT.


bgak077, David Kingsley, MMMX to MMCU, 130, 710.35, 767-200, 676.9 NM landed RWY 36R victor FL36R. Route MEX SLM SLP TRC DEL.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KPHL, 77, 2572.23, Beech Baron 58, Distance 234nm


bgad042, Don Moore, PAEN-PADQ, 86, 1490.45, Cessna 208 Caravan,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMML-YPAD, 76, 1489.02, B737-800,


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KSPA - KNPA, `165, 279.33, Consolidated PBY-5A,


bgan071, William Lockwood, NZCH-NZMC, 78, 1243.15, DC-3, Jan 2011 FOM. Flown VFR with real weather at 12,500 feet.  Visual approach and landing.


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, CYYC-KFCA, 74, 86.73, DC-3, A nice relaxing flight over the Rockies.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, FD50 - 55J, 49, 824.85, PBY-5A, DCA FSEconomy


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 24FA - FD50, 49, 824.03, PBY-5A,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 55J - 24FA , 53, 823.22, PBY-5A, FSeconomy


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, X69-KSFB-55J, 94, 822.33, PBY-5A, DCA FSEconomy


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 55J-1FD1-X60, 96, 820.77, PBY-5A, DCA fseconomy


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KJFK-KORF, 83, 2570.95, Beech Baron 58, Distance 252nm



Posted 5th-January

bgan011, John Franco, LFRC-LFLN, 138, 506.57, DC3, Flown 04JAN2011


bgan011, John Franco, EGPF-LFRC, 180, 504.27, DC3, Flown 03JAN2011


bgan011, John Franco, EKVG-EGPF, 180, 501.27, DC3, Finally over the Atlantic Hump. Flown 02JAN2011


bgan011, John Franco, BIEG-EKVG, 120, 498.27, DC3, Round the world trek continued Flown 01JAN2011


bgan011, John Franco, BGBW-BIEG, 150, 496.27, B738, had flightsim issues with a leg from CYHZ-BGBW. Picked up round the world hopping from here. Flown 01JAN2011


bgan011, John Franco, KPVD-CYHZ, 204, 493.77, DC3, Round the world leg 2. Flown 27DEC2010


bgan011, John Franco, KMMK-KPVD, 48, 490.37, DC3, Flown 26DEC2010 Attempting Around the World as much as possible in a DC3


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBGR-KJFK, 123, 2569.57, Beech Baron 58, Distance 361nm


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, cyeg-pakt, -60, 3771.85, L-23 D Seminole, Correction to previous flight time.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, pakt-panc, 208, 3772.85, Beechcraft L-23D Seminole, Enroute to GAAR 2011   FL 10,500\\\'  96 gal  Ketchikan AK-Anchorage AK


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KNEW-KGLH, 68, 2567.52, Beech Baron 58, Distaance 212nm


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 18, 1241.85, L-1649A, Traffic pattern work.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPHL-KJFK, 48, 1241.55, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather at 5,000 feet.  ILS 31R approach, side step 31L land.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSLC-KDEN, 312, 1085.87, MD88, SID and STAR practice, VOR NV intercepts and climb and descent control


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBNA to KHOU, 135, 708.18, 757-200, 607.8 NM


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KCLE, 168, 2566.38, Beech Baron 58, Distance 480nm


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, cyeg-pakt, 311, 3769.38, Beechcraft L=23D Seminole, Leg 3 heading to GAAR 2011  FL 10,500 -up to 12,600\\\' across yhr Canadian Rockies  110 gal  Edmonton AB-Ketchikan AK


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KPRB-KLMT, 143, 2563.58, Beech Baron 58, Distance 392nm


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, FL03 - 55J, 30, 819.17, PBY-5A, DCS FSEconomy


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 28J - FL03, 25, 818.67, PBY-5A,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 55J - 28J, 31, 818.25, PBY-5A, DCA FSEconomy


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMDW to KBNA, 95, 705.93, 757-200, 313.8 NM


bgad042, Don Moore, NZAA-YSSY, 166, 1487.75, A321 Airbus,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMML-YSSY, 57, 1484.98, A321 Airbus,


bgad042, Don Moore, NZAA-NZNP, 64, 1484.03, DC-3,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPHL-KJFK VIS 31R, 60, 1240.75, L-1649A, Full engine start and taxi procedures.  Flown IFR with real weather at 5,000 feet.  Visual approach and landing to runway 31R.


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KLEX-1M9, 74, 85.5, C-45G,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KICT-KLWB, 149, 959.6, C510,


bgan041, Bill Cox, AR51-KICT, 181, 957.12, C510,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KFLL to KMDW, 190, 704.35, 757-200, 1024.8 NM


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSLC-KDEN, 120, 1080.67, MD88,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KATY-KOMA, 136, 2561.2, Cessna 172, Distance 224nm + Exploration


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kdlh-cyeg, 311, 3764.2, Beechcraft L-23D Seminole, Leg 2 heading to the GAAR 2011  FL 11.500\\\'  136 gal   Duluth MN - Edmonton AB


bgan002, Joe Weber, KFTY-KCVG, 83, 1028.77, DC-6B, On VATSIM


bgak077, David Kingsley, KILG to KATL, 120, 701.18, A320-200, 536.4


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KGON-KACY, 122, 2558.93, Cessna 172, Distance 177nm + Exploration of points of Interest


bgan040, Dan George, KGEG KTHM, 85, 973.95, Cessna 182Q, Energy survey for BLM contractor ThermoDyne Energy resources.  Spokane WA to Thompson Falls MT.


bgak077, David Kingsley, PADQ to PANC, 180, 699.18, Beachcraft baron58, 221.9 NM route ODK NAPTO. landed RWY 6R ILS victor BOB. parked Gate B-6


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBOS-KLAX, 576, 1239.75, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather at FL200.  ILS 07L approach and landing.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSLC_KDEN, 126, 1078.67, MD88, More SID and STAR Practice


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, GAAR Test flight, 21, 817.73, R4D-6, GAAR 2011 started


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 55J-28J-55J, 117, 817.38, PBY-5A, DCA FSeconomy


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, KMEM-KLEX, 108, 84.27, DC-3,



Posted 2nd-January

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kdlh, 253, 3759.02, Beech L-23D Seminole, Lewisburg WV-Duluth MN  enroute to the GAAR 2011


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EHEH-ELLX, 45, 1128.08, DC4, VFR FLIGHT


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBUF to KFLL, 183, 696.18, 757-200, 1048.2


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAFA-PATA, 72, 259.83, DHC-2 Beaver, FS9  Real-weather: Clear and cold, Light clouds, ceiling 8200\\\', vis 50mi.  Great flight


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, YPKU-YARG, 49, 158.95, DC-3, GAAR timing tests


bgan071, William Lockwood, YPKU-YARG, 48, 1230.15, DC-3, GAAR 2011 Test Flight.  22.66 minutes.  Visual approach and landing to runway 01.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSLC-KDEN, 40, 1076.57, MD88, Practice Sid and Star procedures


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAPG-PAGY, 103, 2556.9, Cessna 172, Distance 176 +


bgan071, William Lockwood, KMKC-KJFK, 192, 1229.35, L-1649A, Flown IFR with real weather.  Visual approach and landing to runway 13R.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kbna-kcrw, 80, 3754.8, Handley Page Hermes,


bgan083, Bill Baracaia, 1L3-KPGA, 66, 82.47, D-17S Staggerwing, A short flight across the Grand Canyon. Too bad I forgot to turn on my Screenshot program.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAKT-PASI, 95, 2555.18, Cessna 172, DistaNCE 248NM +


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, 55J - X60, 109, 815.43, PBY-5A, DCA FSEconomy


bgan040, Dan George, 2S0  KGEG, 80, 972.53, Cessna 182Q, Beginning exploration of Orbix FTX Pacific Northwest Sceneries.  Charter flights for ThermoDyne Energy Resources.


bgan002, Joe Weber, KALN-KDSM, 80, 1027.38, CV-340,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KORD to KLGA, 160, 693.13, 767-200, 639.3 NM


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBIS-KGCC, 123, 2553.6, Beech Baron 58, Distance 248nm


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 18, 1226.15, L-1649A, Landing practice.  All visual approaches to runway 33 at night.