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September 2009


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Posted 30-September

bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, ZGGG-VHHH, 55, 245.88, Cessna 337,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, VHHH-ZGGG, 55, 244.97, Cessna 337,


bgan021, Luke, KISM-KEYW, 0, 577.5, , FD78, 0FD6, 9FL3, FL26, 29FA, X44, FA05, Hops around the wetlands of Florida. Some of the lakes proved that tough-man landings aren\\\'t restricted to bush pilots and the more drier aircraft. Metaphorically touch and go as well as literally.


bgan021, Luke, 4J6-FA02, 36, 577.5, HU16, , FL55,


bgan021, Luke, KGNV-KISM, 56, 576.9, WATERMAN\\\'S AEROBILE, Not bad to fly for a flying car however tends to pull starboard.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMHB-YMML, 180, 3564.37, L1049G,



Posted 29-September

bgan071, William Lockwood, KRDG-KBGM, 60, 533.07, DC-3, Flown VFR at 3,500 feet.  ILS RWY 34 approach and landing.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KSPS-KVPS, 121, 1393.88, C-17, Sheppard to Eglin, FL210, landed ILS rwy 30


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-krme, 101, 3255.4, Beech King Air C90B_XP, Lewisburg WV-Rome NY


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kapf-klwb, 180, 3253.72, Beech King Air C90B_XP, Naples FL-Lewisburg WV


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, NTTB-NTAA, 65, 244.05, Cesssna 337, Return flight using only VOR/DME and NDB with compass heading.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, NTAA-NTTB, 85, 242.97, Cessna 337, My old Skymaster does not have a GPS so I have to do some \\\"Old Fashoned\\\" navigation.  Good Practice!


bgan071, William Lockwood, OSLK-LMZ, 108, 532.07, DC-3, Flown VFR at 10,500 feet.  Visual approach and landing to runway 19.  Runway is quite a bit below sea level.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Antarcia-YMHB, 348, 3561.37, L1049G,


bgan040, Dan George, KGCN  KHOB, 190, 631.8, Beech BE-60 Duke, Grand Canyon National Park to Hobbs NM.  In search of the perfect beer tour.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kpdk-khxd, 57, 3248.97, Beech King Air C90B_XP, Atlanta - Hilton Head SC


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YSSY-WSSS, 1080, 1880.52, DC-4, BGAD737


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYQH to CYXY, 72, 195.38, D18S,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYYE to CYQH, 70, 194.18, D18S,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYXJ to CYYE, 60, 193.02, D18S,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYXS to CYXJ, 61, 192.02, D18S,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NZNV--Antartica, 738, 3555.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NZWN-NZNV, 114, 3543.27, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KDTW-CYTZ, 72, 530.27, DC-3, VFR at 5,500 feet. Visual approach and landing to runway 08.


bgad011, Ed Burke, ULLI-EFHF, 144, 2947.68, Luscombe 8, St Petersburg to Helsinki, Malmi field.


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYPN-CYGV, 60, 529.07, DC-3, VFR flight at 1,500 feet.  Taking in the sights of Quebec.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KFNT - KTVC, 65.7, 1106.16, DC-3 Cargo, real weather,updated From the sounds of the posting I\\\'d better be useing real weather while I can,hauling medical supplies /equipment to Traverse City and a little fall color tour on the way. scattered rain showers and light turbulance but nothing Ifr.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, INDY - STEN, 58.3, 1105.07, A1-H Skyraider, Real weather, updated Dawn flight launch of USS Independence and trap aboard the USS STENNIS should take about 30 minutes but had not fiqured on solid fog so thick at times I could bearly find my wing Nav.lights,took 4 wave offs before I got on board more practice in fowl NAVY DAY weather needed!


bgan071, William Lockwood, KOFF-KMKC, 66, 528.07, DC-3, VFR at 3,500 feet.  Visual approach and landing to runway 01.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, ktrz-klwb, 51, 3248.02, Beech King Air C90B-XP, Columbus OH - Lewisburg WV 57 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, KMKC-KTZR, 120, 3247.17, Beech King Air C90B-XP, Kansas City MO - Columbus OH  142 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-kmkc, 181, 3245.17, Beech King Air C90B-XP, Latrobe PA - Kansas City MO  234 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klbe, 52, 3242.15, Beech King Air C90B-XP, Lewisburg WV - Latrobe PA


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, CYQY-KACK, 228, 1906.85, Beech Baron 58, Distance 656nm


bgan040, Dan George,  KGCN  KGCN, 105, 628.63, Cessna 182Q, Tourist flight over the Grand Canyon.  Round trip from  Grand Canyon Nat\\\'l Park Airport.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBOS, 96, 526.97, DC-3, Flown IFR at 6,000 feet.  ILS 04R approach and landing.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, CYXY - CYXY, 27, 1104.1, Stearman PT-27 RCAF, real weather,update  great weather ,sunset flight pleanty of pink an purple cumulas clouds, made a full stop landing at CF4Y then back to White Horse as the stars wink on.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KIAG, 121, 601.98, C421, IFR @ 15000\\\', Lewisburg, WV to Niagra Falls, NY


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLBE-KLWB, 96, 599.97, PA34 V, IFR  8000\\\', Latrobe, PA to Lewisburg, WV


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KLEB, 96, 598.37, PA32 V, IFR @ 7000\\\', Lewisburg, WV to Latrobe, PA


bgan041, Bill Cox, 8A7-KLWB, 61, 596.77, PA32, IFR @ 7000\\\' Mocksville, NC (Twin Lakes) to Lewisburg, WV


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMEN-ZNWN, 378, 3541.37, L1049G,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBOS-KORD, 260, 1903.05, Beech Baron 58, Distance 767nm


bgad011, Ed Burke, UUWW-ULLI, 253, 2945.28, Luscombe 8, Moscow to St Petersburg in 10 mile viz.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPDN-YMEN, 366, 3535.07, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KCLE-KBUF, 66, 525.37, DC-3, Flown VFR at 3,500 feet.  ILS 05 approach and landing.


bgan040, Dan George, KCRW  KLWB, 50, 626.88, Cessna 182Q, Return to Lewisburg from Charleston WV for Active Sky Advanced settings tests.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KEWB-KBGR, 80, 1898.72, Beech Baron 58, Distance 210nm


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBTV-KEWR, 114, 524.27, DC-3, Visual to runway 04R, touch and go for a visual full stop to runway 29.


bgad011, Ed Burke, UUWW-UUWW, 35, 2941.07, Luscombe 8, Moscow local


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPAD-YPDN, 390, 3528.97, L1049G,


bgan021, Luke, KPSP-KATL, 193, 575.97, C-17,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, khxd-kpdk, 63, 3241.28, King Air C90B_XP, Hilton Head SC - Atlanta GA FL 200  74 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-khxd, 93, 3240.23, King Air C90B_XP, Lewisburg WV-Hilton Head SC FL240 107 gal


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KMVY-KBED, 33, 1066.38, DC3, VFR flight with NBD approach no autopilot


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAFA to PAED, 81, 572.43, EMB-120ER, Landed RWY 6 ILS and parked.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLAS to KLAX, 90, 571.08, Boeing 737-300,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBHM to KLGA, 147, 569.58, CRJ-200,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KOFF-KOFF, 30, 522.37, DC-3, Runway 12 takeoff, visual to runway 30 touch and go, followed by visual to runway 30 full stop.


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYFC-CYHZ, 72, 521.87, DC-3, Flown VFR at 2,500 feet.  Landed visual to runway 24.


bgan012, George W.S. Adair, FYWB - FNBG, 165, 420.35, Corsair F4U, Well weather cleared fought a headwind but I am now prepping for the next leg long over water 7 hours in the air to drop in on a spit of sand


bgan012, George W.S. Adair, FYKT - FYWB, 111, 417.6, Corsair F4U, Well the wether on this leg was wet and rough. Didn\\\'t know if I was right side up or upside down. At one point the airspeed dropped 20KTS then bounced back up almost 40KTS. Decided to keep it short and make the last overland flight when weather improved


bgan012, George W.S. Adair, FAMM - FYKT, 122, 415.75, Corsair F4U, What can I say still in Africa


bgan012, George W.S. Adair, FQMA - FAMM, 132, 413.72, Corsair F4U, Took the summer off, flying over Africa is boring, flat, no elephants.Can\\\'t wait to get to the other side of the continent


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KNKX - STEN, 27.4, 1103.66, Grumann F9F-5, fair weather  Takeing restored F9F-5 Panther for a short hop and a sunset Trap aboard the USS STENNIS on station a few miles off San Diago. fantastic flight an it has been a long time between Carrier landings did a pretty fair job of landing.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, egwu-eidw, 90, 3238.68, DC-3, London-Dublin Aer Lingus Flight 147 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, eidw-egwu, 95, 3237.18, DC-3, Dublin-London  Aer Lingus Flight  160 gal


bgan040, Dan George, KLWB  KCRW, 75, 626.05, Cessna 182Q, Active Sky Advanced settings test flight.  Lewisburg WV to Charleston WV.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, UUEE - UKBB, 287, 346.27, PBY -5A, Not a whole lot to see. Wandered way off course sightseeing and over flew to airport twice. More fog.



Posted 21-September

bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KPNE-KDCA, 62, 1253.72, Vultee V1A,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBOS-KEWR, 65, 1252.68, Curtiss Condor, Sept 2006 fom


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, LFPB-EIDW, 212, 1251.6, DC-3, Aer Lingus 1947


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-LFPB, 202, 1248.07, DC-3, Aer Lingus 1947


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGWU-EIDW, 137, 1244.7, DC-3, Aer Lingus 1947


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EINN-EIDW, 59, 1242.42, DC-3, Aer Lingus Route 1947


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-EINN, 61, 1241.43, DC-3, Aer Lingus 1947 route


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YBBN-YPAD, 360, 3522.47, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, tabeteuea-YBBN, 402, 3516.47, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYGR-CYGR, 60, 520.67, DC-3, Tour of Madeleines Island, Quebec.  ILS 08 approach and landing.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KMKC-KMDW, 138, 519.67, DC-3, VFR at 5,500 feet.  ILS 04R approach and landing.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, CXC-D66, 76, 1012.58, DC3, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 10 VFR 152NM FL095


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYJT-CYQX, 78, 517.37, DC-3, Flown IFR at 5,000 feet.  ILS 04 approach and landing.


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, PAFG-PAAK, 107, 36.85, DC-3,


bgad011, Ed Burke, UNKL-UUWW, 1512, 2940.48, Luscombe 8, From Krasnoyarsk to Moscow.  On the way we visited UNNT, Z25X, UNOO, USSS, USPP and UWKD.  Now for a good Vodka.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBMA-KEWR, 78, 516.07, DC-3, Flown IFR at 3,000 feet.  ILS 04L approach and landing.


bgan002, Joe Weber, KVLD-KATL, 69, 901.57, Martin 404,


bgan040, Dan George, KCRQ  KGCN, 110, 624.8, Beech BE-60 Duke, Sonoma CA to Grand Canyon Nat\\\'l Park.  In search of the perfect beer tour.


bgad011, Ed Burke, Kutulik - UNKL, 273, 2915.28, Luscombe 8, Kutulik to Krasnojarsk, still 1800 nm to Moskva, big country.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, eggd-eidw, 80, 3235.6, DH 86, Bristol UK - Dublin


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, egcr-eggd, 47, 3234.27, DH 86, Croydon - Bristol UK


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, PADU-PAFG, 37, 35.07, DC-3, Free flight along the Aleutians - old RAA route.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPQI-CYYG, 102, 514.77, DC-3, VFR at 5,500 feet.  Visual approach and landing to runway 03.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, eggd-egcr, 50, 3233.48, DH 86, Bristol - Croydon (London) UK  Feature of the Month


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, eidw-eggd, 56, 3232.65, DH 86, Dublin - Bristol UK Feature of the month


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YSSY - YSDU, 100, 20.25, DC3, First IFR flight on Vatsim. A very rewarding flight and the best landing on have done in a DC3.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAWD-PAVD, 55, 1010.33, DC3 XC-47C, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 8 VFR 111NM FL065


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAVD-CXC, 59, 1011.32, DC3 XC-47C, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 9 VFR 59NM FL075


bgan071, William Lockwood, KEWR-KEWR, 18, 513.07, DC-3, Just a takeoff and landing. Visual to runway 04L.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBMA-KBOS, 132, 512.77, DC-3, Flown VFR at 5,500 feet.  Real weather.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, KCOE to KMFR, 183, 191, Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KLIH-Tabiteuea North, 480, 3509.77, l1049g,


bgak077, David Kingsley, LFLL to LFRB, 99, 567.13, CRJ-200, real world weather


bgak077, David Kingsley, LFFF to EGBB, 120, 565.48, CRJ-700,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KBHM, 145, 563.48, Boeing 737-300, real world weather. good flight


bgan021, Luke, KATL-KPSP, 227, 572.75, 737-200 AMERICAN AIRLINES, .KGUC.63CA. Refuelled KGUC.


bgas058, Allen Gale, 07FA - KEYW, 60, 47.3, Gromman Goose,



Posted 17-September

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kgmu-klwb, 61, 3231.72, Cessna 414A, Greenville SC - Lewisburg WV


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, korh-kgmu, 180, 3230.7, Cessna 414A, Worcester MA-Greenville SC


bgan040, Dan George, KSTS  KCRQ, 175, 622.97, Beech BE-60 Duke, In search of the perfect beer tour.  Charles M. Schulz Airport to Sonoma Co CA.  SANTA ROSA SIX Departure and FODRR ONE Arrival.


bgad011, Ed Burke, Tayturka - Kutulik, 65, 2910.73, Luscombe 8,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Kahuku-Wheeler AAFBase-Lanai City-Kona Intl-KLIH, 168, 3501.77, L1049g,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KOLM-KCOE, 96, 510.57, DC-3, VFR at 11,500 feet.  ILS RWY 05 approach and landing.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAHO-PAWD, 30, 1009.42, DC4, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 7 VFR 60NM FL065 VFR. Lots of trouble with engine nr.2 


bgad011, Ed Burke, UIII-Tayturka, 42, 2909.65, Luscombe 8, Yet another of many landings in fields.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KAST-KGEG, 114, 508.97, DC-3, Route: KAST-AST-ELN-GEG-KGEG.  Flown at 9,500 feet with real weather.  ILS 03 approach and landing.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, 6AK5-PAHO, 48, 1008.92, DC3, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 6 VFR 180NM FL055 VFR


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kgmu-korh, 167, 3227.7, Cessna 414A, Greenville SC - Worcester MA 109 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 36, 507.07, DC-3, Trafffic pattern work.  3 touch and go and 1 full stop.  All on runway 33.


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYYR-CYSV, 138, 506.47, DC-3, Route: CYYR-YYR-YDP-XAW-CYSV.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KHQM-Kahuku, 570, 3498.97, l1049g,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, HRR-6AK5, 84, 1008.12, DC3, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 5 VFR 160NM FL075 VFR


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kspa-kgmu, 18, 3224.92, Cessna 414A, Spartanburg - Greenville SC


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klot-kspa, 136, 3224.62, Cessna 414A, Romeoville IL - Spartanburg SC  90 gal


bgad017, John Lawler, LFPB-EIDW, 219, 2234.8, DC-3, IFR FL80. Aer Lingus flight 71. I actually thought on the downwind leg that I would beat the scheduled time, until I saw a stream of Viscounts arriving on a straight-in from the north. After the go-around, and a race with another Viscount, I landed with only 67usg of avgas remaining.


bgad017, John Lawler, EIDW-LFPB, 190, 2231.15, DC-3, IFR FL70. Aer Lingus flight 70. I think Aer Lingus must have really hammered their Dakotas if they met these schedules, but perhaps, being Irish, they considered that to travel hopefully is better then to arrive....


bgad017, John Lawler, EINN-EIDW, 70, 2227.98, DC-3, IFR FL50. Aer Lingus flight 51


bgad017, John Lawler, EIDW-EINN, 61, 2226.82, DC-3, IFR FL40


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klot-khxd, 169, 3222.35, Pilatus PC-12, Romeoville IL - Hilton Head GA  188 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kugn-klot, 29, 3219.53, Pilatus PC-12, Waukegan IL - Romeoville IL  24 gal


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGGP-EIDW, 86, 1240.42, DC-3, Aer Lingus 1946 Liverpool-Dublin, 645# Fuel, Head Wind at 8000\\\'


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-EGGP, 68, 1238.98, DC-3, AER LINGUS 1947 Dublin-Liverpool, 555# Fuel


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NORTH IS-KHQM, 66, 3489.47, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KBUR-NORTH IS, 90, 3488.37, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYTZ-CYOW, 78, 504.17, DC-3, VFR at 5,500 feet. Visual landing to RWY 30.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, 6l4-klwb, 32, 3219.05, Beech Duke 60, Logan WV - Lewisburg WV 15 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-6l4, 34, 3218.52, Beech Baron 60, Lewisburg WV-Logan WV  20 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-CYYG, 108, 502.87, DC-3, IFR at 5,000 feet. Landed RWY 03.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KDEN-KPUB, 48, 501.07, DC-3, VFR at 7,500 feet. NDB 08 approach and landing.  ADF only navigation.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-EGWU, 122, 1237.85, DC-3, Irish Sea Airways Dublin-Northolt 987# Fuel.


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, PACD-PADU, 92, 34.45, DC-3, VFR along the Aleutians



Posted 12-September

bgad011, Ed Burke, ZMUB-UIII, 407, 2908.95, Luscombe 8, From Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk, IFR, I follow railines.  Joined the Trans Siberian rail at Ulan Ude and picked up some fuel at UIUU.  Interesting run around the southern tip of Lake Baikal.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGNS-EIDW, 51, 1235.82, DH-89a, FOM Ronaldsway-Dublin


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-EGNS, 46, 1234.97, DH-89a, FOM Irish Sea Airways Dublin-Ronaldsway


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGKB-EIDW, 215, 1234.2, DH-86, FOM Irish Sea Airways London-Bristol-Dublin. Got lost over Irish Sea.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EIDW-EGKB, 150, 1230.62, DH-86, FOM Irish Sea Airways Dublin-Bristol-London.


bgad011, Ed Burke, ZMUB-ZMUB, 65, 2902.17, GA-8, Ulaan Baatar local


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KSYR-KTOL, 190, 12130.8, AA-5B, KERI.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KMBT- 8A7, 121, 595.75, PA34, IFR @ 9,000\\\', Murfreesboro, TN to Mocksville, NC (Twin Lakes)


bgan041, Bill Cox, KHSP-KMBT, 152, 593.73, PA34, IFR @ 10,000\\\', Hot Springs, VA to Murfreesboro, TN


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EFHK - UUFE, 189, 341.48, PBY-5A, On to Moscow to view the Kemlin.  Hope they don\\\'t shoot me down.


bgad042, Don Moore, KMLI-KGRB, 27, 1268.08, LJ 45,


bgad042, Don Moore, KHAX-KPRX, 33, 1267.63, Beech 1900D,


bgad042, Don Moore, KPRX-KMKO, 34, 1267.08, DH 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, OR01-OIHH, 54, 1266.52, dh 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMTG-YCBG, 26, 1265.62, DH 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMCT-YPOD, 49, 1265.18, DH 89A,


bgad042, Don Moore, KRIC-KORD, 88, 1264.37, B737-800,


bgad042, Don Moore, YWUD-YKBY, 32, 1262.9, DH 89A,


bgad042, Don Moore, UG22-OR01, 32, 1262.37, DH 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, KSBM-KBOS, 104, 1261.83, Cessna Citation,


bgad042, Don Moore, KXMR-KBFD, 19, 1260.1, DC-3,


bgad042, Don Moore, KXMR-MYZX, 29, 1259.78, DC-3,


bgad042, Don Moore, KMMU-KHYM, 27, 1259.3, Grumman G21A,


bgan021, Luke, UHMM-RKSS, 222, 568.97, IL76,


bgan021, Luke, UHPP-UHMM, 132, 565.27, AN26 NAVY,


bgan021, Luke, PANC-UHPP, 207, 563.07, 767-200 DHL,


bgan021, Luke, KATL-PANC, 500, 559.62, 767-200 DHL, , KABQ, CYVR,


bgan021, Luke, KBUF-KATL, 96, 551.28, 767-200 DHL,


bgan021, Luke, KJFK-KJES, 21, 549.68, 747-123 NASA,


bgan021, Luke, KORD-KMIA, 43, 549.33, 737-200 AMERICAN AIRLINES,


bgan021, Luke, KALM-KORD, 135, 548.62, 737-200 AMERICAN AIRLINES,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBTV-KLGA-KEWR, 102, 500.27, DC-3, ADF Navigation.  Touch and Go at La Guardia RWY 22 followed by a full stop RWY 29 at Newark.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, krst-kugn, 70, 3217.95, Pilatus PC-12, Rochester MN - Waukegan IL  61 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kcsq-krst, 60, 3216.78, Pilatus PC-12, Creston IA - Rochester MN 59 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kapa-kcsq, 0123, 3215.78, Pilatus PC-12, Denver - Creston IA 122 gal


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAMC-HRR, 88, 1006.72, DC3, FSvintageAIR HOPLIST LEG 4 VFR 186NM FL055 VFR


bgan040, Dan George, KBNO  KSTS, 160, 620.05, Beech BE-60 Duke, Burns OR to Sonoma CA, in search of the perfect beer tour.  Charles M. Shultz Mem Airport.  Good grief Charley Brown.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PABE-PAMC, 92, 1005.25, DC3, FSVINTAGEAIR HOPLIST LEG 3 VFR 219NM


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 54, 498.57, DC-3, Just flying around Maine and checking out the scenery.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KGJT-KPVU, 78, 497.67, DC-3, Pure VFR flying.  Variable altitude from 5,500 to 11,000 feet.  Landed visual RWY 13 at Provo.


bgan040, Dan George, KMSO  KBNO, 135, 617.38, Beech BE-60 Duke, Missoula MT to Burns OR.  KONNA TWO departure.  In search of the perfect beer flights.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kspa-klot, 148, 3213.73, Cessna 414A, Spartanburg SC-Romeoville IL 78 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kspa, 73, 3211.27, Cessna 414A, Lewisburg WV - Spartanburg SC  35 gal


bgak011, Coleman Green, SESA-SKCL, 163, 1697.6, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, SPIM-SESA, 229, 1694.88, Cessna 206,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, PHNL-KBUR, 462, 3486.87, L1049G,


bgan002, Joe Weber, KYIP-CYYB, 79, 900.42, DC-6B, VATSIM


bgan002, Joe Weber, KBNA-KCVG, 66, 899.1, DC-7C, VATSIM


bgan002, Joe Weber, KDCK-KBFR, 31, 898, Aeronca 7AC, Pilotage only


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBTV, 90, 496.37, DC-3, Direct route flown at 8,500 feet.


bgad011, Ed Burke, Jining-ZMUB, 405, 2901.08, Luscombe 8, Across the Gobi Desert to Ulaan Baatar the capital of Mongolia.


bgad004, Graeme McKenna, ypph-ymml,  220, 536.48, learjet 45,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBTV, 90, 496.37, DC-3, First flight using Silver Wings textures.  Not bad.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBTV, 90, 496.37, DC-3, First flight using Silver Wings textures.  Not bad.


bgad011, Ed Burke, Tianzhen-Jining, 109, 2894.33, Luscombe 8, Northern China wanderings.  No airfields so we sit down where it looks comfortable.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, ZZRQ-ZZA1, 145, 1065.83, DC3,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, PWAK-PHNL, 444, 3479.17, L1049G,



Posted 08-September

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kpwk-kapa, 214, 3210.05, Pilatus PC-12, Chicago - Denver  248 gal FL 280


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klot-kpwk, 15, 3206.48, Pilatus PC-12, Lewis University to Chicago Executive


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, 1b9-klot, 187, 3206.23, Pilatus PC-12, Mansfield MA - Romeoville IL  207 gal


bgan041, Bill Cox, KJYO-KHSP, 68, 591.2, PA34, IFR @ 6000\\\', Leesburg to Hot Springs, VA


bgan041, Bill Cox, 0V4-KJYO, 74, 590.07, PA34, IFR @ 5000\\\', Brookneal, to Leesburg, VA


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YBTH - YSSY , 67, 18.58, DC3, Route BGAD523 - Bathurst SE to Bindook VOR then NE back to Sydney.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, RJTT-PWAK, 420, 3471.77, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYOW-CYYZ, 84, 494.87, DC-3, Radio Range Red 1 Route.  Ottawa to Toronto.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klvl-klwb, 56, 3203.12, Cessna 414A, Lawrenceville VA - Lewisburg WV  27 gal FL 230


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, ktgi-klvl, 40, 3202.18, Cessna 414A, Tangier Island VA - Lawrenceville VA 21 gal FL085


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kteb-ktgi, 78, 3201.52, Cessna 414A, Teterboro NJ-Tangier Island VA  38 gal FL 230


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYUL-CYOW, 48, 493.47, DC-3, Radio Range Red 1 Route.  Montreal to Ottawa.  Flown VFR at 4,000 feet.  VFR landing RWY 25.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBTV-CYUL, 30, 492.67, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 4 Route.  Flown VFR at 4,000 feet.


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAOM to PANC, 180, 561.07, Beachcraft baron58,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KAUG, 42, 492.17, DC-3, ILS approach and landing to RWY 17.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KALB-KBTV, 54, 491.47, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 18 Route.  Albany, NY  to Burlington, VT.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kteb, 107, 3200.22, Cessna 414A, Lewisburg MD-Teterboro NJ  54 gal FL 230


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KLEB-KHIE, 30, 1063.42, DC3,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VHHH-RJTT, 312, 3464.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Kijang-VHHH, 282, 3459.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Wirawila AB-Kijang, 312, 3454.87, L1049G,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYFS-CYVQ, 140, 1228.12, DC-3, Stops at CYWY-CYFN. Last legs of CPA Norman Wells Route-FOM


bgad011, Ed Burke, ZBAA-ZBAA, 77, 2892.52, Luscombe 8, Neckstretching at the Great Wall



Posted 6-September

BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kmls-kgtf, 162, 263.25, cessna 182, leg 3 of ksux-cyxx c182 ferry


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kpir-kmls, 114, 260.55, cessna 182, leg 2 of ksux-cyxx c182 ferry


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to KMDW, 120, 558.07, Boeing 737-300, IFR, real world weather updated.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KEWR-KALB, 60, 490.57, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 18 Route. Newark to Albany.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klnp-klwb, 41, 3198.43, Cessna 411A,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klnp, 51, 3197.75, Cessna 411A, Lewisburg WV - Wise VA


bgan040, Dan George, KFNL  KMSO, 165, 615.13, Beech BE-60 Duke, Flight from Ft Collins CO to Missoula MT.  In search of the perfect beer tour.  Yellowstone Six departure.


bgad062, Bob York, YBBN-YMML, 212, 156.48, Avro York,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KALB-KEWR, 72, 489.57, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 18 and Amber 7 Route.  Albany to Newark.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBTV-KALB, 48, 488.37, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 18 Route.  Burlington to Albany.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAOM-PABE, 112, 1003.72, DC3, VINTAGE AIR HOPLIST LEG 2 VFR 245NM


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, FLT-PABE, 65, 241.55, Electra 10-A,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAMC-FLY, 35, 240.47, Electra 10-A,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAFA-PAMC, 93, 239.88, Electra 10A,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-0V4, 49, 588.83, PA34, IFR @ 6000\\\', Lewisburg, WV to Brookneal, VA


bgan041, Bill Cox, KCRW-KLWB, 41, 588.02, BE60, IFR @ 7000\\\', Charleston to Lewisburg, WV


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYUL-KBTV, 42, 487.57, DC-3, Radio Range Blue 4 Route.  Montreal to Burlington, VT.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, 5KE - 4Z7, 61, 1103.2, Dhc-3 PZL Otter Amph., realweather,updated  Fog , 2mile visability  haven\\\'t flown float plane in some time so thought I,d better stay current. stayed below 2,500 and over water so it was a lot longer than going direct and up to 8500 to get over the hills. by the destination the fog had burned off and the weather was perfect.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, ESSB - EFHK, 89, 338.33, PBY-5A, Resuming my Grand Europe Tour, as other duties ( honey-do\\\'s) permit. Fog on final as usual


bgad011, Ed Burke, ZBAA-ZBAA, 47, 2891.23, Luscombe 8, Beijing local sightseeing


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYJP-CYFS, 46, 1225.78, DC-3, CPA Norman Wells Route, FOM August 2009.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYHY-CYJP, 36, 1225.02, DC-3, CPA Norman Wells Route FOM August 09


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, ksux-kpir, 110, 258.65, cessna 182, leg 1 of c182 ferry from ksux to cyxx


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YSSY - YBTH, 55, 17.47, DC3, Route BGAD523


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYOW-CYUL, 42, 486.87, DC-3, Radio Range Red 1 Route. Ottawa to Montreal.


bgan071, William Lockwood, CYYZ-CYOW, 108, 486.17, DC-3, Radio Range Red 1 Route.  Toronto to Ottawa.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, PAPO-PAOM, 104, 1001.85, DC3, VINTAGE AIR HOPLIST LEG 1 VFR 233NM


bgan073, Makis Zotos, KLGA - KHFD, 73, 6.25, Sopwith Cuckoo, CAM 1 Air mail flight 1st leg from New York to Hartford Connecticut


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, korh-1b9, 27, 3196.9, Pilatus PC-12, Worcester MA-Mansfield MA  16 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kiag-korh, 94, 3196.45, Pilatus PC-12, Niagara Falls-Worcester MA  99 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kiag-korh, 105, 3194.88, Cessna 441, 55 gal  Niagara Falls-Worcester Ma


BGAK015, David R. Evans, CYDM - CYXY, 57.5, 1102.18, H-295 Super Couier, real weather,updated   Ifr flight solid clouds an fog in the valleys made for a seemingly long flight combined with mountain winds giving me ground speed as low as 30Knots at times.


bgan071, William Lockwood, EIDW-EINN, 54, 484.37, DC-3, Aug 2009 FOM Dublin-Shannon Route.


bgan071, William Lockwood, EIDW-EGGP, 60, 483.47, DC-3, Aug 2009 FOM Dublin-Liverpool Route.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Baghdad-Wirawila AB, 672, 3449.67, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Alexandria-Baghdad, 66, 3438.47, L1049g,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kvti-kvmr, 144, 256.82, cessna 172,



Posted 03-September

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-kiag, 62, 3193.13, Pilatus PC-12, Latrobe PA - Niagara Falls NY  55 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, w22-klwb, 39, 3192.1, Beechcraft Duke, 20 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-w22, 30, 3191.45, Beechcraft Duke, Lewisburg WV - Buckhannon WV 15 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, EIDW-LFPB, 180, 482.47, DC-3, Aer Lingus livery.


bgan040, Dan George, KBBW  KFNL, 110, 612.38, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Broken Bow NE to Ft. Collins CO.  In search of the perfect beer tour.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YBBN-WSSS, 470, 2890.45, B744, Brisbane to Singapore


bgak033, Tom Burrill, VTOH-ZZRQ, 170, 1062.92, DC3, Burned 2,278 lbs fuel.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PARY-PAOM, 95, 238.33, Electra 10-A, another easy flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAFA-PARY, 90, 236.75, Electra 10-A, easy flight


bgan041, Bill Cox, KOKC-KCRW, 256, 587.33, BE60, IFR @ FL190, Oklahoma, City, OK to Charleston, WV


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, w22-klbe, 47, 3190.95, Pilatus PC-12, Buckhannon WV - Latrobe PA  42 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-w22, 33, 3190.17, Pilatus PC-12, Lewisburg WV - Buckhannon WV  42 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kcrw-klwb, 63, 3189.62, Piper Tri-Pacer 135, IFR  6 gal  Charleston WV - Lewisburg WV


bgan071, William Lockwood, EIDW-EGWU, 108, 479.47, DC-3, Sep 2009 FOM.  Dublin-London route.


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYCG-CYXC, 55, 2882.62, DC-3,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LPLA-LPFR, 133, 1000.12, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR 910NM LEG 70



Posted 01-September

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, w22-klwb, 34, 3188.57, Rockwell Commander 690B, Buckhannon WV - Lewisburg WV PL 200# Fuel 43 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, korh-w22, 112, 3188, Rockwell Commander 690B, Worcester MA - Buckhannon WV PL1300# Fuel 160 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, 1b9-korh, 21, 3186.13, Rockwell Commander 690B, Mansfield MA - Worcester MA PL200# Fuel 24 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kteb-1b9, 53, 3185.78, Rockwell Commander 690B, Teterboro NJ-Mansfield MA  PL 1050#  Fuel 67gal


bgan041, Bill Cox, KMEI-KOKC, 174, 583.07, BE60, IFR @ FL200, Meridian, MS to Oklahoma City, OK


bgan041, Bill Cox, KTIX-KMEI, 170, 580.17, BE60, IFR @ FL220, Titusville, FL to Meridian, MS


bgan041, Bill Cox, KSPG-KTIX, 72, 577.33, SR22, IFR @ 3000\\\', St. Petersburg to Titusville, FL


bgan040, Dan George, KEFT  KBBW, 170, 610.55, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Monroe WI to KBBW Broken Bow NE.  Not exactly the social capitol of the U.S.  Taxi up, stick your credit card in the slot and do it yourself refueling.  At least the rest rooms are open.  In search of the perfect beer tour continues.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, EHTX-EHLE, 72, 836.43, Tiger Moth, summer evening flight- screenies follow.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, NZWN-NZQN, 72, 835.23, 737-800, training for a \\\'real\\\' simulator flight with Frank.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LHBP-LOWI, 70, 834.03, 737-700,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LGMS-LGKR, 68, 832.87, 737-700,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, EGPF-LFST, 118, 831.73, MD-11, ..had to pick-up some cargo in Strassbourgh before returning to Amsterdam:  HOME !!!!


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, BIKF-EGPF, 120, 829.77, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, CYYR-BIKF, 197, 827.77, MD-11, To Keflavik, Iceland via Greenland. Cooool!


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, KJFK-CYYR, 99, 824.48, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, CYYZ-KJFK, 66, 822.83, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, KMDW-CYYZ, 63, 821.73, MD11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, KMCI-KMDW, 76, 820.68, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, KDEN-KMCI, 76, 819.42, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, KLAS-KDEN, 124, 818.15, MD-11,


bgan071, William Lockwood, EIDW-EGGD-EGCR, 132, 477.67, DC-3, Sep 2009 FOM.  Dublin-Bristol-Croydon Route


bgak033, Tom Burrill, ZZRQ-VTVG, 237, 1060.08, DC3, Fuel burn 550 gal


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Nice-Alexandria, 306, 3437.37, L1049G,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KVPS-KNGU, 100, 1391.87, S3B Viking, FL210, real wx, landed visual rwy 28