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Flight Reports

July 2009


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Posted 1-August

bgak033, Tom Burrill, KBOS-CYUL, 114, 1036.17, DC3, DC3 cargo flight from Boston to Dorval Montreal


bgak033, Tom Burrill, FBSN-FBRK, 36, 1034.27, C17, Cargo flight


bgak033, Tom Burrill, FBFT-FBSN, 78, 1033.67, C47,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, KTLH-KPDK, 121, 240.6, MOONEY BRAVO, flew to atl metro area.  lgt rain on departure t-storms


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, KEYW-KTLH, 196, 238.58, MOONEY BRAVO, flying the default mooney.  tried to play with power settings while climbing to 17000. that didn\\\'t work out good.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KHIF-KNGP, 190, 1383.63, Navy P-3C, Long flight at FL 210, real wx, landed visual rwy 13R.


bgan040, Dan George, KERI  KPKB, 90, 598.05, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight from Erie PA to Parkersburg WV.



Posted 31-July

bgak077, David Kingsley, KBWI to  KOKC, 210, 542.47, Boeing 737-800, IFR, SimRoute, real world weather, FL300.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KSYR-KBGR, 192, 388.7, Beech 18, Radio Range Flight.  KSYR-Green 2-KBOS-Amber 7-KBGR.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPPH-YMEN, 426, 3307.67, L1049G,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, NZAA-NWWW, 195, 938.63, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 49 1004NM


bgan047, Paul Mensch, YBTL-NZAA, 241, 935.38, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 48 1814NM


bgan047, Paul Mensch, WAPP-YBTL, 204, 931.37, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 47 1438 NM


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cyfc-cyqy, 94, 235.32, DC-3, completed last leg of cross canada flight 2009


bgan071, William Lockwood, YBAS-YTNK, 108, 385.5, DC-3, Route: YBAS-AS-TNK-YTNK


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CZBB - CYBW, 174, 2278.25, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, This is the first leg of the Cross Canada Rally.  This was with the Cessna instead of the DC-3


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPCC-YPPH, 324, 3300.57, L1049G,


bgak029, Patrick Daley, ENBR-ENGM, 98, 753.72, PBY,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kjfk-kmia, 223, 233.75, l-049, jfk to mia in connie flying july 2009 flight of the month.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KGCC-KBIL, 0.85, 538.96, Beechcraft king air 350,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KDEN-KGCC, 1,24, 538.95, Beechcraft king air 350,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, WSAP-WAPP, 212, 927.97, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 46


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYQY-CYQY, 49, 2851.1, C182S, From Sydney NS to and return from Baddeck where we found a road to land on.  The end of the Cross Canada Century Flight.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cysc-cyfc, 90, 230.03, DC-3, finished leg to fredricton nmafter fuel stop in sherbrooke qc


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cnc3-cysc, 155, 228.53, DC-3, landed in sherbrooke quebec for refuel on flight from brampton ontario to fredricton new brunswick


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Mwzansa-YPCC, 804, 3295.17, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KEWR, 150, 383.7, DC-3, Route: KBGR-BGR-V93-YUKES-V106-GDM-V229-BDR-V487-LGA-V6-PROUD-KEWR.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYQY to CDW2 , 23, 159.25, Cessna 195, Cross Canada, Sydney to Baddeck



Posted 28-July

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, pa88-klbe, 23, 3132.18, Pilatus PC-12, Farmington PA - Latrobe PA 20 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kptk-pa88, 71, 3131.8, Pilatus PC-12, Pontiac MI - Farmington PA  84 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kfnt-kptk, 22, 3130.62, Pilatus PC-12, Flint MI - Pontiac MI  13 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kapf-kfnt, 248, 3130.25, Pilatus PC-12, Naples FL - Flint MI  287 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, korl-kapf, 54, 3126.12, Pilatus PC-12, Orlando - Naples FL  51 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-korl, 147, 3125.22, Pilatus PC-12, Lewsiburg WV - Orlando Fl  162 gal


bgan040, Dan George, KOSH  KERI, 130, 596.55, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight from Oshkosh WI to Erie PA.


bgak029, Patrick Daley, ENZV-ENBR, 57, 752.08, PBY,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, NGZ-KHIF, 105, 1380.47, Navy P-3C, Alameda NAS to Hill AFB.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KACK, 132, 381.2, DC-3, Route: KBGR-BGR-V93-YUKES-V3-BOS-V141-ACK-KACK


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, ENGM-ENHD, 180, 1173.75, Douglas DC-6, Landing at - ENRY-ENTO-ENSN-ENCN-ENLI-ENZV- SOME WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYFC to CYQY, 116, 158.87, Cessna 195, Cross Canada leg #7


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YSSY-WSSS, 810, 1836.27, DC4, BGAD737


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cyam-cnc3, 105, 225.95, DC-3, completed leg of cross canada flight to brampton ont. 


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, GOOY-Mwanza, 354, 3281.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Natal-GOOY, 360, 3275.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Mt Pleasant-Natal, 588, 3269.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Pupelde-Mt Pleasant, 222, 3260.07, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KHOU-KIND, 264, 7625.18, M404,


bgan002, Joe Weber, KVLD-KCSG, 44, 890.33, M-404,


bgan002, Joe Weber, KMEM-KTYS, 85, 889.6, DC-6B, VATSIM


bgan002, Joe Weber, KMIA-KJIF, 34, 888.18, CV-440,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cysp-cyam, 78, 224.2, DC-3, COMPLETED LEG OF CROSS CANADA FLIGHT.  LIGT RAIN AT CYAM


bgan047, Paul Mensch, RCKH-WSAP, 220, 924.43, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 45



Posted 27-July

bgad011, Ed Burke, CYFC-CYQY, 138, 2850.28, C182S, The final leg of the Cross Canada flight.  Great scenery although the WX was a tad on the murky side.  Tomorrow I\\\'ll have a try at landing at Baddeck, there should be a decent open field somwhere.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cyqt-cysp, 49, 222.9, DC-3, completed leg three of cross canada flight. net stop sault st. marie


bgas003, Henrique Wiederspahn, SBRJ-SBRF, 280, 217.42, L049, Classic Panair do Brasil Intl flight PAB260 (4th Leg).


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KNPA-KNBG, 57.14, 1089.54, T-34B MENTOR, real weather,updated  Thunderstorms a few miles to the north of the field made for some turbulance until 20 miles west of Pennsicola,rest of the flight smooth and uneventful,except some lightning to the west of New Orleans


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYFC - CYQY, 272, 2275.35, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 7. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


BGAS068, Spud Wightman, KPNS - KSPA, 162, 31.15, Vultee V1A,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, VTCC-RCKH, 126, 920.77, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 44


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cybr.cyqt, 236, 222.08, DC-3, leg 3 of cross canada flight, stopped at thunder bay for fuel.  1/2 mi vis due to fog from the lake temp 13 dewpoint 13.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBOS, 102, 379, DC-3, ILS 04R Approach and landing.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGM-KACY, 84, 377.3, DC-3, ILS 13 Approach and Landing


bgan040, Dan George, KLWB  KRFD, 195, 594.38, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight to Rockford IL from Lewisburg WV.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CNC3 to CYFC, 246, 156.93, Cessna 195, Cross Canada, Brampton to Fredericton. Weather not good.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CNC3 - CYFC, 297, 2270.82, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 6. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


bgad011, Ed Burke, CNC3-CYFC, 312, 2847.98, C182S, Brampton to Fredericton via Quebec and all places Canadian.  The second last leg of the Cross Canada Century Flight.  SOme weather mods were needed to improve visability for sightseeing.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KLRF-KBLV, 67, 1378.72, HC-130, Little Rock AFB to Scott AFB. Landed ILS rwy 32R


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, khsp-klwb, 20, 3122.77, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kdca-khsp, 53, 3122.43, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, 3g5-dca, 50, 3121.55, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-3g5, 44, 3120.72, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, wv32-klwb, 19, 3119.98, waco cto,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-wv32, 41, 3119.67, Waco CTO, Scenic Tour of New River Gorge


bgan002, Joe Weber, KMIA-KJIF, 94, 887.62, Cv-440, New Retro Miami Scenery


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, SPIM-SPZO, 145, 1886.45, Beech Baron 58, Distance 316nm ATW Flight Leg 56


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cyqr-cybr, 88, 218.15, DC-3, Landed in Brandon, Manitoba to complete second leg of cross canada flight flying DC-3 using radio range


bgan047, Paul Mensch, ZPPP-VTCC, 93, 918.67, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 43


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, cybw-cyqr, 158, 216.68, dc-3, stopped at regina sask for refuel on second leg of cross canada flight


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, SPYL-SPIM, 172, 1884.03, Beech Baron 58, Distance 530nm ATW Flight  Leg 55



Posted 25-July

BGAK015, David R. Evans, KPTK -KFWA, 62.92, 1088.58, DC-3 cargo, real weather, updated Left Pontiac IfrFlt.plan as weather looked thearetning in route, at 4000Ft.had a 15Knt head wind untill 60Mi. from FortWayne when Vis. dropped to haze and thunderstorms were developing,20 Mi to KFWA 0 - 29Knt gust with Moderate to sever turbulance, heavy rain ,bounceing around with + - 2000Fpm up&down drafts and rocking 40deg. clad I had finished my coffie carried an extra 20Knts on final so I would not drop out of a gust and made a decent landing for the conditions,Glad I wasn\\\'t haulin eggs


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYAM - CNC3, 196, 2265.87, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 5. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYSP - CYAM, 109, 2262.6, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 4. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


bgad068, Cliff Bishop, YPAD - YSSY, 186, 7.47, DC4,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, czbb-cywb, 195, 214.05, dc-3, leg 1 of cross canada flight


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBOS, 73.91, 375.9, DC-3, RWY 04L Landing.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KSFF-KBFI, 102, 374.67, DC-3, KSFF-KEPH-KELN-KBFI


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KWRB-KLRF, 100, 1377.6, C-130, VFR 16000 ft alt, real wx, landed ILS rwy 25


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KMIA-KLGA, 190, 7620.78, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBHB, 18, 372.97, DC-3, ILS 22 landing.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBIL-KSFF, 174, 372.67, DC-3, Radio Range, Green 2 route.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYAM to CNC3, 113, 152.83, Cessna 195, Cross Canada,


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYAM-CNC3, 134, 2842.78, C182S, A deal of low cloud but a great run over Manitoulin Island and Lake Huron to Brampton.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYBR - CYSP, 302, 2260.78, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 3. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYBW - CYBR, 282, 2255.75, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 2. Using Golden Wings overlay and Radio Range for navigation.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CZBB - CYBW, 183, 2251.05, Douglas DC-3, Cross Canada Century Flight 2009 - Leg 1.  Used DC-3 with radio range,  The rest of the flights will be done with a Cessna T-50 Bobcat which I set up for radio range.  These flights will be done in the Golden Wings Overlay to FS2004, using the radio ranges for navigation. May re-fly this leg with the Cessna.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, VABB-ZPPP, 221, 917.12, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 42


bgan047, Paul Mensch, OIII-VABB, 206, 913.43, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 41


bgan039, George Leach, KHST-KHIP, 0163, 2401.23, King air,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, CYYC-CYPG, 206, 1881.17, Beech Baron 58, Distance 605nm  Flight Across Canada Leg 2


bgan071, William Lockwood, KFAR-KBIL, 222, 369.77, DC-3, Route: KFAR-KBIS-KDIK-KMLS-KBIL


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Chaculluta-Pupelde, 354, 3256.37, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMMB-YHSM, 66, 3250.47, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Gunnison Co-Milford Mun, 186, 3249.37, V35B,


bgad007, Sid Tatton, YPJT-YCUN, 60, 1307.25, BARON 58 TC,


bgan039, George Leach, KADE-KLFI, 0190, 2398.52, C-12,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYSP to CYAM, 76, 150.95, Cessna 195, Cross Canada, Marathon to \\\'the Sault\\\"


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYSP-CYAM, 84, 2840.55, C182s, To Sault Ste. Marie


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kbix-klwb, 150, 3118.98, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, 3g5-kbix, 175, 3116.48, Pilatus PC-12, Camp Dawson WV - Kessler AFB - Gulfport MS


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-3g5, 45, 3113.57, Pilatus PC-12,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KYWP-KMEM, 208, 7617.62, DC3,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, CZBB-CYYC, 136, 1877.73, Beech Baron 58, Distance 367nm   Across Canada  Leg #1



Posted 22-July

bgan071, William Lockwood, KBHB-3B1, 24, 366.07, DC-3, Landed runway 32.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KMSP, 90, 365.67, KFAR, Radio Range, Green 2 Route.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYKD to PABR, 201, 149.68, Cessna 208,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYBR to CYSP, 232, 146.33, Cessna 195,


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYBR-CYSP, 262, 2839.15, C182S, An interesting flight which brings home why Canada has so many floatplanes.  WX was good although a little too murky for good sightseeing.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KCOS-KLBB, 133, 7614.15, DC3,


BGAN058, Simon Dix, KEWR-KBUF, 105, 149.23, Curtis Condor, Part of May Feature of the Month


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kffa-klwb, 79, 3112.82, Pilatus PC-12,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KMDW-KMSP, 204, 364.17, DC-3, Route: KMDW-KMKE-KLSE-KMSP


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KCHS-KWRB, 62, 1375.93, C-130, VFR 14000 ft alt, real wx, left hand pattern to rwy 33.


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYBR-CYBR, 81, 2834.78, C182S, A Brandon sightseeing flight to the north.


bgad011, Ed Burke, CYBW-CYBR, 282, 2833.43, C182S, Plenty of flat country from Calgary to the east.  Great weather for this leg of the Cross Canada Century Flight to Brandom MB.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, WAAA-WAWT, 60, 415.4, DC5, BGAD 4905.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, WARR-WAAA, 170, 414.4, DC5, BGAD 4904.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, khsp-kfff, 80, 3111.5, Pilatus PC-12, Missed approach on first attempt at First Flight - Kitty Hawk NC


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-khsp, 20, 3110.17, Pilatus PC-12,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Dodge City-Gunnison Co, 186, 3246.27, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Beechfield-Dodge City, 60, 3243.17, V35B,


bgad062, Bob York, YPDN-YPAS, 127, 152.95, PC3, FS9. IFR. Darwin-Alice


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KBHM-KDAL, 194, 7611.93, DC3,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EGMC-EHRD, 61, 910, DC3, FIRST DC3 AIRWAYS FLIGHT


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KLYH, 46, 552.18, SR22, IFR @ 7000\\\', Lewisburg, WV to Lynchburg, VA


bgan041, Bill Cox, W95-KLWB, 141, 551.42, PA34, IFR @ 10,000\\\', Ocracoke, NC to Lewisburg, WV


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYBW to CYBR, 233, 142.47, Cessna 195, Cross Canada Calgary to Brandon


bgan047, Paul Mensch, OSDI-OIII, 109, 908.98, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 40


bgan047, Paul Mensch, OJAI-OSDI, 43, 907.17, DC4, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 39


bgan047, Paul Mensch, OKBK-OJAI, 103, 906.45, TU114, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 38


bgan071, William Lockwood, KEWR-KMPV, 100.28, 360.77, DC-3, Route: KEWR-TEB-PWL-MPV-KMPV


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, PAPH-PACD, 79, 32.92, Douglas DC-3,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, SEGS-SPYL, 208, 1875.47, Beech Baron 58, Distance  602nm  Around The World Flight   Leg 54


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Mataveri Is - Chaculluta I, 702, 3242.17, l1049g,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, FAAA-Mataveria In, 498, 3230.47, L1049G,



Posted 19-July

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kteb-klwb, 95, 3109.83, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kfit-kteb, 51, 3108.25, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-kfit, 97, 3107.4, Pilatus PC-12,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klbe, 55, 3105.78, Pilatus PC-12,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBTV-KEWR, 96.64, 359.09, DC-3, Route: KBTV-BTV-GFL-IGN-TEB-KEWR


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMMT-MGGT, 226, 1872, Beach Baron 58, Distance 315nm Flight Around The world Leg 51  Refly #2


bgad042, Don Moore, YBMA-YCNY, 18, 1256.67, DHC 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, YPEA-YBMA, 39, 1256.37, DHC 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, OS69-LLKS, 23, 1255.72, DHC 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMIA-YCWL, 45, 1255.33, DHC 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMES-YSNW, 26, 1254.58, DHC 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, NZCH-YMES, 46, 1254.15, DHC 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, CYDB-IBN, 59, 1253.38, DHC Beaver 2 Turbo,


bgad042, Don Moore, NZNV-NZNP, 74, 1252.4, DHC 8-100,


bgad042, Don Moore, CYHT-CYDB, 25, 1251.17, DHC Beaver 2 Turbo,


bgad042, Don Moore, CYSQ-CYHT, 62, 1250.75, DHC Beaver 2 Turbo,


bgad042, Don Moore, KDEN-KASE, 10, 1249.72, Mooney Bravo,


bgad042, Don Moore, OS72-UWUU, 15, 1249.55, DHC 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, PAGY-PAJN, 34, 1249.3, DHC Beaver 2 Turbo,


bgad042, Don Moore, GMME-EDDV, 47, 1248.73, DHC 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, DAAK-GMME, 25, 1247.95, DHC 8-400,


bgad042, Don Moore, KBAM-T38, 46, 1247.53, PBY5A,


bgad042, Don Moore, KPSP-TNX, 21, 1246.77, PBY5A,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMML-YMLT, 81, 1246.42, LJ 45,


bgad042, Don Moore, KDEN-CO07, 21, 1245.07, Mooney Bravo,


bgan073, Makis Zotos, KBOS = KFMH, 25, 5.03, YS-11,


bgad011, Ed Burke, CZBB-CYBW, 198, 2828.73, C182s, Over the Rockies to Calgary in the first leg of the Cross Canada Century Flight.  It\\\'s fun not to go any higher than the rocks force you.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YCVR-YZBB, 18, 2825.43, C182s,


bgad011, Ed Burke, YBBN-CYVR, 759, 2825.13, B744,


bgad011, Ed Burke, YBMC-YBBN, 40, 2812.48, C182s,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBTV, 90, 357.48, DC-3, VOR 01, Full Procedure Turn.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBOS, 72, 355.98, Beech D18S, Direct Route.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMMT-MGGT, 227, 1868.23, Beech Baron 58, Distance 315nm  Around The world Flight  Leg 51 (Re-Fly)


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MROC-SEGS, 295, 1864.45, Beech Baron 58, Distance 734nm  Around The World Flight  Leg 53


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EKCH - ENGM, 117, 335.27, PBY5A, TO in the rail and fog. Cleared about an hour out. Had 28-29 knot tail wind most of the way. Over the ground speed showed 160 knts Fast.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EHAM - EKCH, 132, 333.32, PBY5A, Just hop, hop in  the summer sunshine.  Not much to see really but the cross wind landing are a real challenge.


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KBAD-KNMM, 86, 1374.9, Navy Goose, VFR 3500 ft, real wx, landed visual rwy 19R,  Corky was kind of scared due to the poor visibility but he breathed a sigh of relief after we landed.


bgan039, George Leach, KMCO-MDSD, 0165, 2395.35, 737-800,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CZBB to CYBW, 153, 138.58, Cessna 195, Cross Canada, Bounday Bay to Calgary



Posted 17-July

bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBOS, 78, 354.78, Spartan Executive, Route: KBGR-ENE-BOS-KBOS


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KSPS-KBAD, 85, 1373.47, CV-580, Sheppard to Barksdale


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MGGT-MROC, 156, 1859.53, Beech Baron 58, Distance 478nm  Around The World Flight   Leg 52


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kbjj-klwb, 59, 3104.87, Pilatus PC-12, Payload 1350#  Fuel used 64 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kdet-kbjj, 38, 3103.88, Pilatus PC-12, Payload 400#  Fuel used 30 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kdet, 91, 3103.25, Pilatus PC-12, Payload 1700#  Fuel used 98 gal


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EBBR - EHAM, 42, 331.12, PBY5A, Just bumbing around sightseeing like any other tourist. Seeing what things look like after 60 years or so.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMMT-MGGT, 119, 1856.93, Beech Baron 58, Distance 315 nm  Around The World Flight   Leg 51


bgan040, Dan George, KFOK  KLWB, 170, 591.13, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight from Grabreski Airport Westhampton Beach Long Island to Lewisburg WV.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMMX-MMMT, 104, 1854.95, Beech Baron 58, Distance 278nm  Around The World Flight  Leg 50


bgan071, William Lockwood, KIWI-KBGR, 39.52, 353.48, DC-3, Route: KIWI-KRKD-93B-07B-BG-KBGR


bgan071, William Lockwood, KACK-KPVC, 28.79, 352.81, DC-3, Direct route. ILS 07 Approach.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, WARS-WARR, 75, 411.57, DC5, BGAD 4903.


bgan041, Bill Cox, W95-W95, 32, 549.07, R44, VFR Helicopter around the Ocracoke Island area


bgan041, Bill Cox, KHEF-W95, 122, 548.53, PA34, IFR @ 9000\\\', Maassas, VA to Ocracoke, NC


bgan041, Bill Cox, KHEF-KHEF, 46, 546.5, R44, VFR In helicopter to Arlington, VA and return to Manassas


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMGL-MMMX, 99, 1853.22, Beech Baron 58, Distance 248nm Around The world Flight  Leg 49


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, LFPB - EBBR, 61, 330.42, PBY5A, Hop up to Brussles. Al these flights around Europoe will be real short hauls.  Just seeing the country side.


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YSSY - YPKS, 146, 16.55, DC3, Route BGAD533. Real weather - Light rain at Sydney for departure, clear skies for landing at Parkes. Missed approach which entailed an extra circuit.


bgad007, Sid Tatton, YPPH-YPKG, 120, 1306.25, B17G,



Posted 15-July

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kjau-klwb, 55, 3101.73, Pilatus PC-12, 57 gal Payload 400#


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kjau, 64, 3100.82, Pilatus PC-12, 72 gal  PL 2155#


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAFA TO PAOM, 139, 538.93, Bombardier lear Jet 45, real world weather, IFR flight. thunder storms.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-klwb, 60, 3099.75, Pilatus PC-12, Latrobe PA - Lewisburg WV  18,500 VFR


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, PANC-PAJN, 135, 7608.7, L049A,


bgan040, Dan George, KBGR  KFOK, 110, 588.3, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight from Bangor ME to Westhampton Beach Long Island NY.


bgan071, William Lockwood, 1V6-KGUC, 66, 352.33, DC-3, 2 Missed approaches to RWY 24.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPUB-1V6, 18, 351.23, DC-3, Visual approach RWY 11.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KDEN-KPUB, 60, 350.93, DC-3, VFR route. Visual approach RWY 17.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NXCH-FAAA, 540, 3222.17, L1049G,


bgak077, David Kingsley, PADQ to PAOT, 185, 536.62, Beechcraft king air 350,


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KBOS - KDTW, 254, 2248, Douglas DC-3, Flew this flight with Radio Range.  Used Green Route 2 for flight.


BGAN058, Simon Dix, KMKC-KSTL, 82, 147.48, Convair CV-440,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KWRB-KCHS, 56, 1372.05, C-17, Landed ILS rwy 33.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, 65G-3NP, 24.74, 1087.53, Aeronica Chief, real weather,updated  nice summers day in Michigan decided to roll out the Chief(Father owned a real one at Maple Grove that we flew out of the hay field with the owners permission before it was an Airport our house was just a walk through a wood lot and hay field to get there)and take a fly down to Napolian for breakfast not getting over 2500 Ft. the whole route , no Gps , just a compass an landmarks , and a map.


bgad007, Sid Tatton, YPPH-YGEL, 105, 1304.25, 737-500,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YBBN-NZCH, 162, 3213.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMEN-YBBN, 198, 3210.47, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NSTU-YMEN, 540, 3207.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Kaneohe Bay - NSTU, 594, 3198.17, L1049G,


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KMIA-KBOS, 438, 1032.37, DC4,


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YTRE-YWLM-YSSL, 98, 14.12, DC3, BGAD532


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kjst-kvvs, 35, 3098.75, Pilatus PC-12, ILS Practice KJST (Johnstown PA) - KIDI (Jimmy Stewart Field-Indiana PA) - KLBE (Arnold Palmer Regional-Latrobe PA) - KVVS (Connellsville PA) If I had more time I would have continued to KMGW Morgantown WV


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMCU-MMGL, 0, 1851.57, Beech Baron 58, Test



Posted 13-July

bgan072, Rick Baker, KLEX-KIND-KORD, 221.8, 14.66, DC-3, A bag of mail placed on this flight was delivered TO KORD


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, BGGH - KBGR, 520, 2243.77, Douglas DC-3-MAAM, Flight BGR039.  Used the MAAM R4d with max load and fuel.  Landed with 5.85 gal fuel left for 1320 miles, close! I think these flights should be done with DC-6 or other aircraft


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KKBGR - BGGH, 617, 2235.1, Douglas DC-3-MAAM, This is flight BGR038.  I started with a DC-5 but did not like flying it and it had to be refueled.  At refueling point I changed to the MAAM R4D.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kmgw-klwb, 49, 3098.17, Pilatus PC-12, Morgantown - Lewisburg V


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kmli-kmgw, 107, 3097.35, Pilatus PC-12, Quad Cities/Moline IL - Morgantown WV


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kpwk-kmli, 52, 3095.57, Pilatus PC-12, Chicago - Quad Cities - Moline IL


bgan072, Rick Baker, KBGR-CYVR, 657.6, 10.96, Connie L049A, Elderly woman lost dentures down toilet facility during


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kagc-kpwk, 122, 3094.7, Pilatus PC-12, 133 gal - Pittsburgh - Chicago


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kagc, 56, 3092.67, Pilatus PC-12, 52 gal


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYBK - CYPC - CYKD, 403, 136.03, Cessna 208, Baker Lake to Aklavik


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYYQ to CYBK, 145, 129.32, Cessna 208, Churchill to Baker Lake


bgan070, Allen Peterson, CYMO to CYYQ, 251, 126.9, Cessna 208, Moosonee to Churchill


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KHEF, 78, 545.73, PA34, IFR @ 7000\\\', Lewisburg, WV to Manassas, VA


bgan041, Bill Cox, KDNL-KLWB, 103, 544.43, BE60, IFR @ 15000\\\', Augusta, GA to Lewisburg, WV


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KLBB-KDAL, 95, 1371.12, Convair 440, VFR at 12000 ft, real wx, landed visual rwy 13R.


bgak011, Coleman Green, SCHA-SCFA, 85, 1686.07, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, SCQT-SCHA, 81, 1684.65, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, SCVM-SCQT, 67, 1683.3, Cessna 206,


bgak011, Coleman Green, SAMM-SCVM, 77, 1682.18, Cessna 206,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EGLC - LFPB, 77, 329.4, PBY5A, Onward to the rest of Europe. Paris first then all short hops from here on.


bgan071, William Lockwood, LGMK-LGSO, 258, 349.93, DC-3, July 2008 FOM (Aegean Tour)


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABT - PABT, 65.32, 1087.12, Erocoupe, real weather,updated  takeing a day of rest so rolled out the 1946 Erocoupe 65 Hp. and Knocked some air around,first to PAPR landed and hanger talked awhile, then to PCK and caught a couble of Grayling for lunch, then back to base for dinner at the resturant an turn in early. great flying weather.had the side windows down and plugged along at 95Knts.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, KMCO - KRFG, 276, 328.12, R4D, Just sight-seeing. I have the Reading PA. add-on so thought I would take a look at the place.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kteb-klwb, 115, 3091.73, Pilatus PC-12, 115 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-ketb, 103, 3089.82, Pilatus PC-12, 91.41 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, VIDP-VEPT, 198.69, 345.63, DC-3, Direct route.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KMSP-KLAS, 284, 7606.45, L1049G,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KRND-KSPS, 65, 1369.53, T-38A, Randolph to Sheppard, 16000, left hand pattern to rwy 15R.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KILN - KMDW, 140, 2224.82, Douglas DC-3, This was a flight to test the radio range panel for the default DC-3.  Used BGA repaint too.  This panel is a good panel besides having the radio range gages. Will do more flights with this combo.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kcsq-kmko, 123, 210.8, beech baron, first flight back


bgad011, Ed Burke, YBBN-YBMC, 42, 2811.82, C182s, Blowing off the cobwebs after a long spell ground bound.


bgad062, Bob York, AYKY-AYMO, 57, 150.83, B737-800, FSX. IFR. Moro, PNG. RAAF VIP.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYXY - PAJN, 53, 2222.48, Lockheed L10A, This is the final flight of BGA Jan 114 flights in Alaska and Canada.  Used the radio range when ever possible. I am getting the hang of the radio range finely!


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PAFA - CYXY, 161, 2221.6, Lockheed L10A, Return flights of BGA 114


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KTPA-KFTY, 127, 1025.07, L1049 Connie, Second leg of the flight back to JFK. Good flight with an ILS approach.



Posted 10-July

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klbl, 291, 3088.1, Pilatus PC-12, 322.09 gal  payload 1209#   flight test


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-keye, 85, 3083.25, Pilatus PC-12, 104.15 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbe-keye, 63, 3081.83, Cessna Mustang, 149.8 gal


bgan071, William Lockwood, OPLA-VIDP, 100.72, 342.31, DC-3, Direct route.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KDNL, 190, 542.72, BE60, IFR @ 15000\\\', Key West, FL to Augusta, GA


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PADQ - PAJN, 143.77, 1086.03, DC-6B, real weather, updated  2:30Am twilight,only 80% fuel in main tanks will really lessen the \\\"pucker facter\\\" as Bud says getting out on RW26 at Kodiax,though some of the passengers get nervous comeing into Rw26 at Juneau, mostly cloudy but Vfr conditions at both ends.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, WIHH-WARS, 110, 410.32, DC5, Continuing Line 10 of Duch East Indies schedule.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, WICC-WIHH, 35, 408.48, DC5, Start of Line 10 of the Duch East Indies schedule. Doing it in FSX and the ICAO codes are different to that published. I will continue with the FSX codes if thats OK.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kmli-klwb, 127, 3080.78, Pilatus PC-12, Quad Cities IL - Lewisburg WV


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KMIA-KTPA, 98, 1022.95, L049 Connie, Good flight using VOR as noted with NDB to home 18R did a good ILS approach for practice as visibility was good. The aircraft performed well.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KHQM-Kaneohe Bay, 450, 3188.27, L1049G,


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PARY - PAFA, 90, 2218.92, Lockheed L10A, A return flight for BGA Jan. Route 114.Using radio range for nav.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PAOM - PARY, 106, 2217.42, Lockheed L10A, This is one of the return flights of BGA Jan Route 114. Using the radio range airways for nav.


bgan040, Dan George, CCZ4  KBGR, 135, 586.47, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Margaree Nova Scotia Canada to Bangor ME for customs inspection for entry back into the U.S.A.


bgan071, William Lockwood, OAKB-OPLA, 138, 340.63, DC-3, ILS/DME RWY 36R Delta.



Posted 9-July

bgak013, Edward Brunelle, MMCU-MMGL, 197, 1851.57, Beech Baron 58, Distance 544nm  ATW Flight Leg 48


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KPHX-MMCU, 0, 1848.28, Beech Baron 58,


bgad062, Bob York, AYNZ-AYKY, 48, 149.88, Dakota,


bgad062, Bob York, YBCS-AYNZ, 120, 149.08, Boeing Wedgetail,


bgad062, Bob York, YMCY_YBCS, 55, 147.08, DHC Caribou,


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KILN - PHNL, 837, 2215.65, Lockheed L1649A, A charter flight for people from Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton OH on vacation to HI. This L1649A is a very good flying A/C if you follow the instructions.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Denver-KHQM, 234, 3180.77, L1049G,


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KMIA-KBOS, 315, 1021.32, DC4,


bgan071, William Lockwood, OAKN-OAKB, 108, 338.33, DC-3, Route: OAKN-KN-GN-KB-OAKB


bgan041, Bill Cox, KPNS-KEYW, 168, 539.55, BE60, IFR @ 15000\\\'


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLVJ-KPNS, 140, 536.75, BE60, IFR @ 15000\\\'


bgan041, Bill Cox, Dry Tortugas-KEYW, 36, 534.42, C206 Float, VFR Dry Tortugas to Key West, FL


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-Dry Tortugas, 42, 533.82, C206 Float, VFR Key West to Dry Tortugas


bgan041, Bill Cox, KMTH-KEYW, 54, 533.12, R44, VFR Marathon to Key West, FL


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KMTH, 42, 532.22, R44, VFR Key West to Marahon, FL


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kmgw-kmli, 124, 3078.67, Cessna Mustang, Morgantown WV-Moline IL


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kmgw, 43, 3076.6, Cessna Mustang, Lewisbug-Morgantown WV


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KPHX-MMCU, 157, 1848.28, Beech Baron 58, Distance 423nm ATW Flight Leg 47


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kteb-klwb, 87, 3075.88, Piaggio Avanti, Terboro NJ - Lewisburg WV


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kdet-kteb, 77, 3074.43, Piaggio Avanti, Detroit - Teterboro


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KMEM-KCLT, 113, 1170.75, Lockheed L IO49,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, La Guardia-Denver, 192, 3176.87, L1094G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KSFO-PANC, 300, 7601.72, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KLGA, 192, 336.53, DC-3, Route: KBGA-KAUG-KPWM-KBOS-KLGA



Posted 7-July

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kvny-kdet, 243, 3073.15, Piaggio Avanti, Van Nuys CA - Detroit MI  100+ kt tailwind  used 314.5 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klbl-kvny, 189, 3069.1, Piaggio Avanti, Liberal KS - Van Nuys CA


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-klbl, 195, 3065.95, Piaggio Avanti, Lewisburg WV - Liberal KS


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PARY - PAOM, 139, 2201.7, Lockheed  L10A, BGA Jan flight 144,  Have been using Radio Range system instead of normal nav aids.  These flights were along the old Civil Airways # 7 in Alaska and Canada


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PAFA - PARY, 85, 2199.38, Lockheed  L10A, BGA Jan flight 144 - Very foggy conditions at PARY, Headed toward Rwy light (I thought), found it was a beacon about 100 yrds to the right of runway.  Made correction and landed OK except for shorts!


bgad021, David Bowen, YPAD   YMML, 270, 507.35, DC3, GATE TO GATE  FINE WEATHER


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KLAX-KPHX, 117, 1845.67, Beech Baron 58, Distance 321nm ATW Flight  Leg 46


bgan039, George Leach, KACY-KROC, 0160, 2392.6, 737,


bgan039, George Leach, KMCO-KPAM, 055, 2389.93, 737,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KSFO-KLAX, 113, 1843.72, Beech Baron 58, Distance 348nm ATW Flight Leg 45


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KMIA-KJFK, 352, 1168.87, Lockheed L049A, Feature of Month Via -KTPA-KFTY-KIAD- 5 min. late 1st leg, 3 min. late 2nd leg, 5 min. early 3rd leg, 5 min late into JFK. Enjoyable Great Feature flight.


bgan021, Luke, YPPD-WRKK, 100, 525.3, 737-377 AUSTRALIAN AIR EXPRESS,


bgan021, Luke, YPPD-WRKK, 100, 525.3, 737-377 AUSTRALIAN AIR EXPRESS,


bgak060, Bob Welch, pasi-pajn, 73, 321.4, super Cub,


bgan021, Luke, VI57-VNLK, 38, 523.63, ac-680,


bgan021, Luke, EGKB-ENSB, 18, 523, Nimrod, .KPL.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, CYXY - PAFA, 164, 2197.97, Lockheed L10A, This is a BGA Jan flight called route 144


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PAJN - CYXY, 138, 2195.23, Lockheed L10A, This is a BGA Jan flight called route 144


bgan071, William Lockwood, KPQI-KBGR, 54, 333.33, DC-3, Route: KPQI-MLT-BGR-KBGR


bgan071, William Lockwood, YPKG-YPPH, 126, 332.43, DC-3, Rout: YPKG-SCR-CUN-CKL-PRL-YPPH


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KGEK-KPDX, 125, 1016.07, DC3, Flight over high and low ground ILS in 28L at Portland with a hard crab into wind. Landed down the center line with a good touch down.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PANC-PAJN, 0, 1833.58, Beech Baron 58, Test 4


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 0, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Test #4


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 0, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Test 3


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 0, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Test


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PANC-PAJN, 0, 1833.58, Beech Baron 58, Test 5


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 0, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Test 3


bgas031, Gary McCarty, PWAK-PTYA, 617, 12102.73, Boeing 314, PGUM.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KMIA-TJSJ, 235, 1158.98, Lockheed L049A,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, TJSJ-KMIA, 241, 1163, Lockheed L049A,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, YPDN-YBCS, 794, 12115.97, Boeing 314, YPDN.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, PHNL-PWAK, 699, 12092.45, Boeing 314,


bgad017, John Lawler, KJFK-KMIA, 228, 2212.33, L-049A, IFR FL220, 210 after Savannah. Modified the proposed route to use VORs FAY and SSI rather than DMEs POB and TTS. Unfortunately, the clerk responsible for real weather had arranged strong headwinds all the way so we blew the schedule  by 48 minutes...


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PFYU - CYDA, 93.29, 1076.85, Dhc-6 Twin Otter, real weather,updated  A&E worked hard and found insecteds had been working in the Static ports an Piot lines, departed and had a smooth flight to Dawson , was a steep approuch to RW21 sure would have made a big hole if I made a mistake.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KLGA - KMIA, 261.82, 1081.21, L-1040G Connie, real weather updated  A tough flight at the end, first the Flaps lost all hydralic fluid , then a 747 ahead on final could not clear the runway so I was sent around , carried 140 Knts on final was at 110 over the threshold glad I figured the fuel close as I did.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KJFK-KSEA, 300, 1013.98, L049  Connie, Good flight with the Connie which I have flown before a long time ago. Plane livery for \\\"Eastern\\\" was fantastic and the new features were a big improvement.  Made a nice ILS landing at Miami. More flights to come.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, CYDA - PABT, 145.36, 1083.64, Dhc-6 Twin Otter, real weather,updated  return flight home to Bettles with mail,parcels,a couple passengers scattered clouds at 8,500 visability 20 in haze. winds calm.


bgan040, Dan George, BGBW  CYYR, 225, 581.13, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Narsarsuaq Greenland to Goose Bay Newfoundland.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, CYVR-KSFO, 250, 1841.83, Beech Baron 58, Distance 739nm  Around The World Flight  Leg 44


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, XBEL - PWAK, 681, 2192.93, Douglas C-54B, Delivered Personal and cargo to Wake in 1945


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAMC-PANC, 72, 1830.77, Beech Baron 58, Distance 190nm  Around The World Flight  Leg 41


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 37.53, 328.56, DC-3, VOR 33, Full Procedure, Touch and Go.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 122, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Distance 383nm  ATW Flight Leg 39  Bettles AirField


bgan071, William Lockwood, KBGR-KBGR, 30, 327.93, Helio H-295, Pattern work.


bgan040, Dan George, CYYR  CCZ4, 185, 584.22, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Flight from Goose Bay Newfoundland Canada to Margaree Nova Scotia Canada.


bgan071, William Lockwood, KOFF-KOFF, 24, 327.43, Beech D18S, KOFF-KOFF


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KJFK-KMIA, 279, 1155.07, Lockheed L049A, July FOM Southbound. Fuel 10044 Pounds.


bgan071, William Lockwood, PABT-PABI, 105.75, 330.33, DC-3, NDB A, Full Procedure, Full Stop.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EGCC - EGLC, 64, 323.52, PBY5A, On to ol London Town. My old field \\\"Henden\\\" is no more so will go into London City. Tight but fair weather it\\\'s OK


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PANC-PAJN, 169, 1833.58, Beech Baron 58, Distance 500  Around The World Flight  Leg 42


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAJN-CYVR, 245, 1837.67, Beec h Baron 58, Distance 756nm  Around The World Flight  Leg 43


bgan071, William Lockwood, YBBN-YCMU, 162, 327.03, DC-3, Route: YBBN-OK-SGE-CMU-YCMU


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, EDIW - EGCC, 69, 322.45, PBY5, Short hop across to Manchester, UK. Have family here so wanted to look the place over from the air.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kgai, 48, 3057.68, Piaggio Avanti, Lewisburg WV - Gaithersburg MD


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PABT-PAMC, 88, 1829.57, Beech Baron 58, Distance 259nm  ATW Flight Leg 40


bgan047, Paul Mensch, OBBI-OKBK, 86, 904.73, ATL98 Carvair, IVAO IFR WORLD TOUR LEG 37


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kapf-klwb, 147, 3062.7, Piaggio Avanti, 195 gal


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kgai-kapf, 154, 3060.25, Piaggio Avanti, 204 gal


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, WSSS-VCCC, 486, 3145.97, L1049G,


bgan002, Joe Weber, KOPF-MYNN, 50, 886.05, DC-5B, VATSIM


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VCCC-HECA, 642, 3156.67, L1049G,


bgan073, Makis Zotos, KPVD - KOWD, 34, 4.62, Piper J3 Cub,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, EGLL-La Guardia, 606, 3173.67, L1049G,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PAOM-PABT, 0, 1828.1, Beech Baron 58, Test 3


bgan073, Makis Zotos, KPVD - KOWD, 34, 4.05, PIPER CUB,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, HECA-EGLL, 414, 3163.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPDN-WSSS, 366, 3137.87, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KLEX-KSGF, 264, 7596.72, DC5,


bgan023, Guy Goddard, VTRS-ZZA1, 329, 188.02, DC-3,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, UHMA-PAOM, 157, 1826.07, Beech Baron 58, Distance 435nm ATW Flight Leg 38


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABT-PFYU, 108.9, 1075.3, Dhc-6 Twin Otter, real weather,updated flying a shipment of TNT to Dawson when 50 miles from Ft.Yukon , lost Auto Pilot , Altimiter,rate of climb, squaked 7700 and called to land at Ft.Yukon , Bettles is bring out some parts and a A&E to fix it up.


bgad062, Bob York, YGLA-YMCY, 95, 146.17, DHC Caribou, FSX. VFR. UN.


bgad062, Bob York, YBGC-YGLA, 98, 144.58, L-1049G, FSX. IFR. QANTAS


bgad068, Cliff Bishop, YSSY - YPAD, 192, 4.37, DC4,


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, PABT - PASC, 76, 2181.58, Douglas DC-6A,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMEN-YPDN, 360, 3131.77, L1049G,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KMIA-KJFK, 378, 324.33, L-049A, July 2009 Feature of the Month


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, KCEA - Kluk, 379, 2180.32, Cessna 172SP, Second leg of my flight to my home town in Ohio.  Using Cessna for low and slow.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABA - PABR, 83.79, 1073.48, DHC-C7 Caribou, real weather updated , Vfr weather all along the coast very warm 80 deg.Fht. hauling Mail and parts


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KPAM-KRND, 95, 1368.45, F-15, Flew at FL360, had to take it easy so I could conserve fuel, had 22 percent of fuel left when I arrived, landed rwy 32R. Non-stop Tyndall AFB Fl to Randolph AFB Tx.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSEA-KSEA, 60, 1008.98, Lockheed 1049A, Test hope with the Constellation



Posted 2-July

bgas031, Gary McCarty, KNZY-PHNL, 825, 12080.8, Boeing 314,


bgan040, Dan George, BIRK  BGBW, 245, 577.38, Beechcraft B-60 Duke, Ferry flight Reykjavik Iceland to Narsarsuaq Greenland.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, BIRK - EIDW, 323, 321.3, PBY5A, This weather is more rain ? Waiting now for the weather to clear up a bit before mushing on.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, UHPP-UHMA, 368, 1823.45, Beech Baron 58, Distance 1228nm  ATE Flight Leg 37


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kgai-klwb, 57, 3056.88, Cessna 510 Mustang, Montgomery County MD to Greenbrier Valley - Lewisburg WV


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kapf-kgai, 172, 3055.93, Cessna 510 Mustang, Naples FL to Montgomery County MD


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, klwb-kapa, 140, 3053.07, Cessna 510 Mustang,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABT-PFYU, 62.13, 1072.09, DC-3 cargo, real weather,updated    Land of the Midnight Sun, summer 2:30 AM and it\\\'s daylight flying Mail and cargo to a little turbulance an haze but Vfr the whole route.


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, BGTL-BIRK, 161, 315.92, adjustement, Adjustment to flight time previously filed


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YPAD-YMML, 150, 407.9, DC3, Raining again for departure this morning. Very turbulent flight with winds up to 40kts and a very rocky landing with 18kt wind slightly on the cross. I had this notion that it was always good weather down under.......


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YPCD-YPAD, 125, 405.4, DC3, Raining for departure at Ceduna. Uneventfull flight at 5500ft.


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, 1N1 - KCEA, 303, 2174, Cessna 172SP, Started where I live now. Stopped at Cessna for fuel and factory tour. Going on to my home town in Ohio


bgan005, Bob Beckelhimer, EDDI - LLBG, 394, 2168.95, C-97C,


bgan071, William Lockwood, KJFK-KMIA, 270, 318.03, L-049A, July 2009 Feature of the Month.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, RJCN-UHPP, 264, 1817.32, Beech Baron 58, Distance 812nm  ATW Flight Leg 36


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, HamiltonIs-YMEN, 300, 3125.77, L1049G,


BGAN063, C R (Bud) Lane, BGTL _ BIRK, 322.63, 313.23, PBY5A, Iceland ha, nothing but rain!


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-KNZY, 735, 12067.05, Boeing 314,


bgas046, Bill Hendrix, KNGU-KNHZ, 125, 1366.87, F4U Corsair, Two hour flight, VFR, used 184 gals avgas.