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February 2009


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Posted 1-March

bgas039, Charles Wert, KSJT-KMAF, 51, 196.35, B-377,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, HUEN - HKEL, 108, 93.38, Beaver, very windy and rough flight


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Coruna-El Prat, 204, 2470.67, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Fox Harbour-Coruna, 678, 2467.27, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Ottawa-Fox Harbour, 90, 2455.97, V34B, Stage 2


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Ottawa-Fox Harbour, 402, 2454.47, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KJFK-oTTAWA, 120, 2447.77, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KMIA-KJFK, 420, 2445.77, L1049G,


bgas058, Allen Gale, 5KE - 5Z1, 122, 39.55, Grumman Goose, filed IFR at midpoint due to lowering ceiling


bgak077, David Kingsley, 22AK to PABT, 83, 90, Mooney Bravo, nice trip. the mountains are something else to look at in Alaska.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, YCDU-YCAR, 523, 11761.12, Cessna 310R, YESP-YPPH.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABA - SAG, 75, 91.58, Beaver, Continued high winds and low clouds for the return trip


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SAG - PABA, 62, 90.33, Beaver, high winds and low clouds but good flight


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PAFA - PADQ, 142.18, 973.87, DC-6b, real weather, updated


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, CYYZ - KATL, 126, 1578.28, A320, Carrying 146 passengers with 6530 lbs cargo


bgan039, George Leach, KHST-KLFI, 095, 2348.48, C-40,


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YSSY-YMML, 183, 1779.7, DC3, BGAD506


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YMML-YSSY, 177, 1776.65, DC3, BGAD505


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YWYY  - YDPO, 33, 6.85, DC3, ROUTE YBAD549 - 10 PASSENGERS, CRYSTAL CLEAR SKIES


bgad061, Ian Hedrick, YMML-YWYY, 118, 6.3, DC3, 10 Pasengers, crystal clear skies


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, KDEN-KCOS, 60, 12.05, Douglas DC-3, VATSIM Practice flight


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSDF to 70R8, 556, 88.62, beechcraft Baron 58, Had to refuel during the trip


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, AK99 - SAG, 55, 89.3, Beaver, strong head-wind on return flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SAG - AK99(AK3), 50, 88.38, Beaver, Stiff cross-wind landing.


bgan038, Meryl Coon, YMLT-YMWY, 56, 225.35, Mooney M-18C, Launceston to Wynyard TAZ


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, HTMW - HUEN, 90, 87.55, Beaver, great flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, YSSY-YCDU, 470, 11752.4, PA 30, YMHB-YPAD.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, HKNK - HKMW, 125, 86.05, Beaver, great early morning flight


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KSEA - PAFA, 342.28, 971.5, DC-6B, real weather, up dated  Unloaded the Fish and picked up a return load of canned goods , mail, auto parts,and empty fish containers for distribution points out of Fairbanks,weather was good, except for a little stretch of Ifr in clouds of about 100Miles great weather for this time of year at Fairbanks.


bgan002, Joe Weber, KTEB-KUNV, 47, 865.98, King-Air 300, VATSIM


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YPBO-YCAR, 146.73, 1462.7, Miles Gemini, GAAR 10


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YNWN-YPBO, 71.74, 1460.25, Miles Gemini, GAAR 09


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YTEF-YNWM, 102.74, 1459.05, Miles Gemini, GAAR 08


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YDBY-YTEF, 161.8, 1457.33, Miles Gemini, GAAR 07


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YGIB-YDBY, 103.82, 1454.63, Miles Gemini, GAAR 06


bgam007, Allan Lowson, YTTI-YGIB, 109.55, 1452.89, Miles Gemini, GAAR 05


bgam007, Allan Lowson, 8AR1-KVBT, 152, 1451.07, Percival Prospector,


bgam007, Allan Lowson, KASX-KGRB, 156, 1448.53, Miles Hawk Speed Six,


bgam007, Allan Lowson, ENAL-ENZV, 165, 1445.93, Aero Commander 500,


bgan039, George Leach, PHKO-PHNL, 0120, 2346.9, C27J,


bgan039, George Leach, KADW-KALB, 0150, 2344.9, B25, IM BACK


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-19, 85, 2995.95, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgad011, Ed Burke, YNWN-YPBO, 80, 2775.62, Yak-UT1, Gaar flight


bgad004, Graeme McKenna, ypph-ymml, 140, 530.48, learjet 45,


bgad004, Graeme McKenna, ypph-ymml, 140, 530.48, learjet 45,



Posted 27-February

bgan041, Bill Cox, KLRD-KERV, 81, 447.55, M20J, VFR @ 5500\\\', Laredo to Kerrville, TX


bgan041, Bill Cox, KRBD-KLRD, 96, 446.2, C510, IFR @ FL280, Dallas to Laredo, TX


bgad011, Ed Burke, YNWN-YPBO, 64, 2776.17, Bristol 170, Gaar ---  Newman to Paraburdoo


bgad011, Ed Burke, YNWN-YPBO, 113, 2775.1, Yak UT-1, Gaar -- Newman to Paraburdoo


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, HKJK - HKNK, 65, 83.97, Beaver, Nice flight between cloud layers


bgas031, Gary McCarty, NZKT-YSSY, 451, 11744.57, Beechcraft D17S, YLHI.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYBL - CYCD, 55, 82.45, Beaver, Visibility was only 15 miles but otherwise a good flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYCD - CYVR, 26, 82.88, Beaver, Visibility 20 miles but good flight


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-18, 93, 2994.53, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-18, 84, 2992.98, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-19, 97, 2991.58, Piper Comanche 250,


bgad017, John Lawler, YPDN-YSHK, 926.39, 2182.97, DH91 Albatross, GAAR09 legs 01-11. Enjoying my first experience of the beautiful Albatross. A delight to fly, but neeeds quite a lot of trim at takeoff, and the speed needs to be eased off at the start of descents.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009 12, 85, 35.1, P-38L,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009 12, 134, 33.68, Piper PA-23,


bgad062, Bob York, WMKE-WMBT, 105, 54.68, Vickers Viking, FSX. KNIL Vickers Viking. Real World WX.


bgad062, Bob York, WMKC-WMKE, 40, 52.93, Shorts 360,


bgan038, Meryl Coon, PAKX-MSTY, 31, 224.42, DH Beaver, Ketchikan Int SPB to Mistys Place.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-18, 96, 2989.97, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYZT -CYBL, 60, 81.53, Beaver, Not a very good day for sight-seeing


bgas031, Gary McCarty, NZAA-NZKT, 495, 11737.05, Beechcraft D17S, NZDN-NZWN.


bgak077, David Kingsley, FL13 to KMIA, 142, 79.35, CESSENA SKYHAWK 172, GOOD FLIGHT


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYAZ - CYZT, 85, 80.53, Beaver, Very cloudy, difficult to stay VFR.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYPB - CYAZ, 28, 79.12, Beaver, Very scenic flight.  I love it.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, kbgr-kack, 84, 1594.43, Beech Baron 58, Distance 272nm


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KHLN-KBOI, 76, 1047.6, Metroliner, Capital City tour


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, WRRR-WRSJ, 77, 1046.33, Douglas DC-5,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLGB to KMIA, 242, 76.98, Boeing 747-400, good flight.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, ort au Prince-KMIA, 144, 2438.77, L1049G,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, YBBN-NZAA, 448, 11728.8, Beechcraft D17S, YLHI.


bgan021, Luke, FAJS-HECA, 321, 495.08, 747SP VH-EAB, .FYM.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SLCA - SLVR, 88, 78.65, Beaver, very nice evening flight


Posted 23-February

BGAD056, Darryl Starick, SNUC-AC Jobin I, 270, 2421.37, L1049G,


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, TTPP-SVMG, 95, 11.05, Douglas DC-3, Departed in rain, VFR in rain for short way, then scattered clouds.  An enjoyable trip.


bgak077, David Kingsley, CYYC to CYOW, 514, 65.25, beechcraft Baron 58, refueled at CYPG and CYSB. A very long flight across Canada.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPLP - MPTO, 60, 71.93, Beaver, nice over the water flight


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, GOOY-SNUC, 534, 2416.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Borg El Arab In-LeoS Senghor, 582, 2407.97, L1049G,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPTO - MPLP, 60, 70.93, Beaver, good flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, VTSP-WRRR, 545, 11703.12, Bellanca Viking, WMKK-WIIH.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KVKS-KRBD, 129, 444.6, C510, IFR @ FL300-360, Vicksburg, MS to Dallas, TX


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-17, 65.28, 2986.34, Piper Comanche 250,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-16, 60, 2985.25, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAK to PHNL, 52, 56.68, CESSENA SKYHAWK 172,


BGAS069, Jerry Gallagher, KSRQ  TO  KSFB, 37, 7.35, DC-3,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, EGJB - EGKK, 35.71, 965.8, Shorts S360, real weather, updated  just added this aircraft to my hanger and noticed the paint was aurigny airlines so curiosity led me to the internet to see where they fly.Based on the channel island of Gurnssey they fly residents of the Islands to the main airports of the United Kingdom and other Islands. must be good at Ifr cause this weather was turbulent and in clouds and fog banks the entire time over the channel and only 5 miles at Gatwick in haze,never got the seatbelt sign turned of till on the ground.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YTEF - YNWN, 113, 2773.22, Yak UT-1, Gaar \\\'09


bgad011, Ed Burke, YTEF-YNWN, 91, 2771.33, Bristol 170, Gaar 09


bgad062, Bob York, WMKK-WMKL, 98, 50.68, DC-6,


bgad062, Bob York, WIPP-WMKK, 77, 49.05, DC-6,


bgad062, Bob York, WIFP-WIPP, 0, 47.77, C-97, Relocation.  Prev PIREP had incorrect destination.


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, TGPY-TTPP, 64, 9.47, Douglas DC-3, Nice night IFR, ILS at Port of Spain


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, TBPB-TGPY, 80, 8.4, Douglas DC-3, Caribbean Route 11 leg 1


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009 11, 26, 31.45, P-38L,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPEJ - MPTO, 45, 69.93, Beaver, Good flight despite scattered light rain


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-16, 58, 2984.25, DC-3,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, VEVZ-VTSP, 552, 11694.03, Bellanka Viking, VGEG-Vyyy.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-16, 54, 2983.28, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPBO - MPEJ, 77, 69.18, Beaver, Boring trip back


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PADQ -KSEA, 308.47, 965.21, DC-6B, real weather,up dated  Hauling sea food again, leaving at 2:30 Am to get them in Seattle when the markets open,weather was cloudy but at 17000 was above it all with a 45KNT, QUARTERING TAIL WIND, was finally breaking up when reached the coast and VFR by KSEA


bgak077, David Kingsley, YPCC to YSCB, 380, 55.82, Boeing 747-400, I had trouble getting the jet to line up with the runway using the GPS, but the third try was a charm and I made a perfect landing. It was a very long trip, 3201.9 NM. mountains surrounding the airport at a level of 4500 ft.made it a little difficult, but it was fun, nothing comes easy that\\\'s worth doing.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPEJ - MPBO, 82, 67.9, Beaver, very nice over the water flight


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-15, 41, 2982.38, Piper Comanche 250,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-15, 39, 2981.7, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-15, 36, 2981.05, Beech Twin Bonanza,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABI - PAFB, 39.01, 960.07, DHC-C7 Army Caribou, real weather updated Ifr as Visabilty less than 2 miles in heavy snow with 15 Knt winds used GCA and GPS approuch at Wainwright as no Ils  at field ,flight turbulent,load master did a good job of lashing gargo down,kept copilot busy calling out radar altimiter,and repeating course corrections from ground radar.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, MPTO - MPEJ, 50 , 66.53, Beaver, Plesant little flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CXC - K55, 32, 65.7, Beaver, GREAT Bush flight - I love it


bgas031, Gary McCarty, VABB-VEVZ, 480, 11684.83, Bellanca Viking, VOTV.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLGA to KGRB, 248, 49.48, beechcraft Baron 58, New York to Wisconsin, good trip.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAWR - PANC, 42, 65.17, Beaver, Heavy rain delayed takeoff. Tricky flying through the canyons to the bay but then weather cleared and the rest was easy.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PASC - SAG, 33, 64.47, Beaver, Good weather holds for the return trip


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SAG - PASC, 30, 63.92, Beaver, Scattered clouds and light winds. All-in-all a very good flight


bgad062, Bob York, WARJ-WIFP, 139, 47.77, C-97,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Akrotini-Borg El Arab In, 90, 2398.27, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Sheremetyevo-Akrotiri, 324, 2396.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Fresland-Sheremetryevo, 72, 2391.37, L1049G,



Posted 19-February

bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYZT - CYVR, 85, 63.42, Beech 1900D, high winds and lots of scattered clouds


bgas031, Gary McCarty, OKBK-VABB, 474, 11676.83, Commander 500S, OIKB-OPKC.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-14, 110, 2980.45, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYXS - CYZT, 100, 62, Beech 1900D, nice view of the tops of the clouds!


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KCMO-4J6, 80, 250.13, MAULE, Leg #22 Cannibal Queen route.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-14, 107, 2978.62, DC-3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, AK11 -  SAG, 37, 60.33, Beaver, More poor weather but I made it.


bgan021, Luke, NSFA-KSFO, 323, 489.73, 747-SP VH-EAB, .KWVI.KRHV.


bgan021, Luke, KLAX-CYWG, 222, 484.35, GROB SPN ROLL-OUT, .NA67.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SAG -AK11, 0, 59.72, Beaver, A bit cloudy and windy but good flight.  Made the final in light fog.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Marham-Flesland, 120, 2390.17, L1049G,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYRV - CYXS, 98, 59.72, Beech 1900D, more great scenery, good flight but a bit windy and rough on final


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYVR - CYRV, 75, 58.08, Beech 1900D, Great scenery and a good flight with fair weather


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYVR - CYRV, 75, 58.08, Beech 1900D, Great scenery and a good flight with fair weather


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYVR - CYRV, 75, 58.08, Beech 1900D, Great scenery and a good flight with fair weather


bgad062, Bob York, WARJ-WIII, 110, 45.45, C-97,


bgad062, Bob York, WARJ-WIII, 110, 45.45, C-97,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - PABT, 78, 56.83, Beaver, Returned with the Native Artifacts for the lodge.  Good weather continued, nice flight.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-14, 89.94, 2976.83, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, OYAA-OKBK, 570, 11668.93, Commander 500S, OONR-OOMS.


bgak029, Patrick Daley, CYSJ-CYQM, 77, 741.33, DC-3, MCA Flt. with stop at CYFC


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, 22AK - PAUM, 40, 55.53, Beaver, clear skys and good visability for a change.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - 22AK, 40, 54.87, Beaver, Nice flight to an airstrip that no longer exists! Only in msfs2002 can this be done?  Maybe also in 2004. In 2004 a teathered weather balloon was installed that went to 7000ft.


bgas039, Charles Wert, F 39-KSJT, 110, 195.5, DC-3,


bgas039, Charles Wert, F 39-KSJT, 110, 195.5, DC-3,


bgas039, Charles Wert, F 39-KSJT, 110, 195.5, DC-3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAJN - ELV - PAJN, 55, 54.2, Aviat Husky, injured fisherman


bgad062, Bob York, WARR-WARJ, 243, 43.62, Cessna 02,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, KPBI - MYGF, 31, 29.27, Lockheed Altair, First leg of Tom\\\'s Carib. Island Hop


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR 2009 11, 35, 29.85, Piper PA-23,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, MYGF - MYNN, 70, 31.02, Lockheed Altair, Leg 2. Zig-zagged to fly over some of the airports along the way.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Predannanck Navy-Marham, 120, 2388.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, CYQB-Predannack Navy, 504, 2386.17, L1049G,


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, FL62-KMCO, 18, 248.8, MAULE, Leg #21 of C.Q. route. VFR @ FL025 & 3 gals fuel used. 32 miles flown in real wx. Calm and clear !


bgak077, David Kingsley, KLGB to PHNL, 268, 45.35, Boeing 747-400, She\\\'s real heavy fully loaded with fuel and cargo, but handles well for an old bucket. made a nice landing with room to spare on runway 4R.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, 3AK9 - PAUM, 51, 53.28, Beaver, Please do not tell the FAA. Really, realllllly bad weather.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, HEPS-OYAA, 423, 11659.43, Commander 500S, OEJN.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-13, 55, 2975.33, Piper Comanche 250,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-13, 47, 2974.42, DC-3,


bgak029, Patrick Daley, CYQM-CYSJ, 67, 740.05, DC-3, MCA Flt with a stop at CYFC


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - 3AK9, 48, 52.43, Beaver, very good flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 90, 51.63, Beaver, rough weather and poor visability


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KCYS-KHLN, 103, 1045.05, Metroliner, Cap. City Tour


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBJC-KCYS, 36, 1043.33, Metroliner, Cap. City Tour


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, 55J-FL62, 51, 248.5, MAULE, LEG #20 ROUTE OF C.Q.   100 MILES, 9.5 GALS, VFR@FL025.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KLCQ-55J, 35, 247.65, MAULE, LEG #19  CQ ROUTE. 6.5 GALS, 63 MILES, REAL WX. SOME TURBULANCE ENCOUNTERED ENROUTE !!!!


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, 1FD2-KLCQ, 27, 247.07, MAULE, LEG #18 OF C.Q. ROUTE. 46 MILES, 9.5 GALS, REAL WX.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YGIB - YDBY, 113, 2769.82, Yakovlev UT-!a, While talking through his kilt somebody alleged this machine to be a flying Holden \\\'ute,  this aircraft is actually a flying Lada Niva. The rust is barely showing!


bgad011, Ed Burke, YGIB - YDBY, 86, 2767.93, Bristol 170, Gaar leg 6.  Being light this thing dosen\\\'t take off, it levitates.  Shame abiut the noise though.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAJN - PAGY, 45, 50.13, Aviat Husky, Good flight, GREAT scenery!


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-13, 43, 2973.63, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 81, 49.38, Beaver, very nice flight tonight


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KWYS-CYQB, 288, 2377.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KPDX-KWYS, 210, 2372.97, V35B,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, HDAM-HEPS, 459, 11652.38, Spartan Executive, HEPS.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAQT - PAUM, 36, 48.03, Beaver, Miserable weather, low ceiling 2600ft poor visability 5nm, and a 8 knot headwind.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - PAQT, 30, 47.43, Beaver, just another routine flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, UBW - PAUM, 47, 46.93, Beaver, Nasty weather.  Very low ceiing and poor visability.  Marginal VFR.  Almost missed my RWY.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, AK15 - PAUM, 33, 46.15, Aviat A-1B Husky, Nice weather - good early morning flight.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KHQM-KPDX, 60, 2369.47, V35B,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Anchorage-KHQM, 30, 2368.47, L1049G,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-12, 114, 2972.92, Piper Comanche 250,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, BGAD4901 to 4913, 1049, 1042.73, Douglas DC-5, Line 10 Dutch East Indies Sched.-Java-Celebes-Moluccas-New Guinea-via-WIIB-WIIH-WIIS-WRSJ-WAAA-WAAT-WAMP-WANG-WAMM-WAMT-WAPP-WASK-WASR-WABI-


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - AK15, 37, 45.6, AVIAT A-1B HUSKY, Smooth flight


bgan002, Joe Weber, tbfb-tncm, 119, 865.2, dc-6b,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - UBW, 45, 44.98, Beaver, VERY low ceiling - 2000 ft but good flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, TPO - PANC, 91, 44.23, Beaver, Took a longer lower throught he valleys and over the water route home


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 76 , 42.72, Beaver, Bad Weather, rough flight


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-12, 115, 2971.02, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-12, 100, 2969.1, Beech Twin Bonanza, IFR approach


bgas031, Gary McCarty, FMNA-HDAM, 513, 11644.73, Spartan Executive, HKMO.


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LFPO-EBLG, 78, 832.48, Noratlas, IVAO IFR world tour leg 4


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, TFFF-TLPL, 38, 7.07, Douglas DC-3, More Caribbean crusing.  Left in light rain but VFR.  Skimmed hills of Santa Lucia. I could get to enjoy this life!


BGAK015, David R. Evans, CYOC - CEZ2, 72.25, 959.42, Dhc-3 otter pzl, real weather,updated  First TMC broken clouds windy and snow squalls, ahhh spring in Alaska , 15Knt side wind had me grabbed 10Deg. to stay on coarse and the rotors over the mountains just added to the turbulance.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KTLH-1FD2, 29, 246.62, MAULE, LEG #17 ROUTE OF CANNIBAL QUEEN.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KTLH-1FD2, 29, 246.62, MAULE, LEG #17 ROUTE OF CANNIBAL QUEEN.


bgad062, Bob York, WADD-WARR, 61, 39.57, C-17,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-10, 78.10, 28.75, P-38L,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-10, 122.87, 27.45, Piper PA-23,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, 3AK9 - PAUM, 35, 41.45, Beaver, Another mission accomplished!


bgas031, Gary McCarty, FADN-FMNA, 522, 11636.18, Spartan Executive, FMST.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-11, 29, 2967.43, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-11, 29, 2966.95, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, 0ak2-3ak9, 31, 40.87, Beaver, Fred got the Beaver fixed and met me here so I can finish this run with it.  Weather is staying good.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - 0AK2, 64, 40.35, Otter, It\\\'s Fred\\\'s fault - he did it.  Over loaded the Beaver.  On that rough taxiway we busted a landing gear.  Had to switch everything to the Otter - which was better anyway.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, AK71 - PAUM, 45, 39.28, Beaver, lovely early morning flight


bgak077, David Kingsley, CYHZ to KFNT, 296, 40.88, beechcraft Baron 58, landed to refuel plane at an airport around YTP(VOR)area.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KOWZ - KOWZ, 30.15, 958.22, Cessna O2 Skymaster, real weather,updated   Light winds and snow made for some drifting but nothing to dangerous to do some trips around the pattern, was serching for a newer O2 version and found this one under FSX Military based on Mike Stones 337 and repainted in Army 1967 OD modified by Mark Rooks ,would like a more realistic militery panel than the default cessna twin one used, I\\\'ll play with that, but everything works in FS9 and it fly\\\'s great!!


bgad011, Ed Burke, YTTI - YGIB, 92, 2766.5, Bristol 170  Freighter, Gaar 5 to Gibb River, WA


bgad011, Ed Burke, YTTI - YGIB, 119, 2764.97, Yakovlev UT-1a, Gaar leg 5. Good trip and managed to stop with a minimum of gardening.


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YCAR-YSHK, 22, 259.22, AC500,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YPBO-YCAR, 84, 258.85, AC500,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YNWN-YPBO, 40, 257.45, AC500,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YTEF-YNWN, 53, 256.78, AC500,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YGIB-YDBY, 56, 255.9, AC500,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, YTTI-YGIB, 59, 254.97, Aero Design AC500,


bgas070, Brett Holcomb, TFFR-TFFF, 48, 6.43, Douglas DC-3, Nice flight over the islands.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KPNS-KTLH, 95, 246.13, MAULE, REAL WX. 42 GALLONS USED. SCATTERED RAIN @ FL035.



Posted 13-February

bgad039, Laurie Cooper, BGAD4001 to 4006, 365, 1025.25, Lockheed L-10A, Duth East Indies Schedule-WIIB-WIIH-WIIS-WRSJ-WIIS-WIIH-WIIB-


bgad042, Don Moore, WPDL-YTTI, 134, 1192.83, DC-3,


bgad042, Don Moore, YGIB-YDBY, 81, 1200.18, DC-3,


bgad042, Don Moore, YDBY-YTEF, 127, 1204.35, DC-3,


bgad042, Don Moore, A23-63A, 52, 1190.6, DH Turbo Beaver III,


bgad042, Don Moore, KDFW-KCDS, 63, 1198.83, LJ45,


bgad042, Don Moore, YSHK-YMEK, 123, 1202.23, DC-3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KNOW - CYVR, 46, 31.65, Cessna 182S, very easy flight


bgan002, Joe Weber, KBOS-KJFK, 52, 863.22, DC-6B,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, ANN-HYG-CGA-PAKW, 60, 23.9, Husky, Great day for some scenic Island hopping


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KRDD-KSFO, 70.17, 94.97, DC3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAKW-KPB-CMJ, 100, 25.57, Aviat A-1B Husky, Continued Island hopping


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Townsville-YAYE, 210, 2340.47, L1049G,


bgad042, Don Moore, 5KE-PAKW, 72, 1194.03, Short S33 F/B,


bgad042, Don Moore, LLJR-LLOV, 55, 1194.95, Grumman G21A,


bgad042, Don Moore, YTTI-YGIB, 91, 1197.78, DC-3,


bgan040, Dan George, YPDN   YPJT, 2205.04, 496.97, Carenado Cessna 182Q, Darwin to Perth-Jandacot Field.  2009 GAAR.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KNOW - CYVR, 47, 30.88, Cessna 182S, \\\"Barf-Bag Tours\\\"  Very bumpy flight, great scenery!


bgas031, Gary McCarty, FGBT-FNLU, 385, 11614.5, DA 20 Eclipse, FOOG-FCPP.


bgan002, Joe Weber, KCLE-KLCK, 40, 862.35, CV-340, VATSIM


bgas031, Gary McCarty, FNLU-FYWB, 279, 11619.15, Beechcraft V35B,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, K55 - PAWR, 57, 26.52, Beaver, It may seem like quite a horror.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBIL to KSYR, 180, 28.8, Lear Jet, 380 lbs of fuel left when I arrived at KSYR. good trip.


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KSFO-KMRY, 33.77, 95.53, DC3, Takeoff Time 11.34,Fuel 20%,Landed RW28L.


bgan021, Luke, KPSP-KLGA, 248, 480.65, 747-SP QANTAS VH-EAB,


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KMRY-KSMX, 48.59, 96.34, DC3, Landed RW30.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBIL to KSYR, 180, 31.8, Lear Jet,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Manila-Eareckson, 822, 2362.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YAYE-Manila, 522, 2349.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Eareckson-Anchorage, 306, 2367.97, L1049G,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KATT-KSAF, 186, 1019.17, Dornier Seastar,


bgad042, Don Moore, PAKT-KXA, 43, 1196.27, Grumman G21A,


bgad042, Don Moore, MYAK-MYGF, 36, 1195.55, Saab 340 B,


bgad042, Don Moore, NM39-KSLN, 65, 1205.43, B737-800,


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EGBB-LFPO, 59, 831.18, TU114, IVAO IFR world tour leg 3


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT-Z90-PABT, 215, 30.1, Beaver, O, the weather outside is frightful,


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YBBN-YBCS, 205, 1771.53, DC6, BGAD905


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YSSY-YBBN, 120, 1768.12, DC6, BGAD903


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YBCS-AYPY, 130, 1773.7, DC6, BGAD905


bgan040, Dan George, KLWB  KHSP, 30, 497.47, Carenado Cessna 182Q, Lewisburg WV to Hot Springs VA for training flight.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-10, 106, 2962.37, DC-3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CYVR - CYPB, 47, 32.43, Beaver, Don\\\'t tell the FAA but this was a VERY marginal VFR flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - POLI, 120, 37.05, Aviat A-1B Husky, very good flight


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-11, 31, 2966.47, Piper Comanche 250,


bgad062, Bob York, YAMB-WADD, 224, 38.55, C-17,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-10, 106, 2964.13, DC-3,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAUM - AK71, 47, 38.53, Beaver, Had clear skys and good tailwind so I made it here before dark.  I can leave at first light on the return with the injured men.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, POLI - PAUM, 42, 37.75, Beaver, Met my partner with the Beaver.  Let him handle the dynanite while I took the Beaver and mail back to Umiat.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KMDW -KGSO, 157, 35.05, Learjet 31A, Forget the Jets - I\\\'m staying with the props!!!


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-10, 109, 2965.95, Piper Comanche 250,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, FYWB-FADN, 500, 11627.48, Beechcraft V35B, FACT.


bgak077, David Kingsley, KBFF to KTUL, 249, 35.95, CESSENA SKYHAWK 172,



Posted 12-February

bgas031, Gary McCarty, DIAP-FGBT, 502, 11608.08, DA 20 Eclipse, DGAA-DNPO-FKKD.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, 2R5-KPNS, 36, 244.55, MAULE, 25R-5AL-KPNS. LEGS 14 & 15 OF CANNIBAL QUEEN ROUTE. REAL WX,6 GALS. 49 MILES.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KLNK-KLNK, 59, 243.95, DC-3, TEST FLIGHT OF FSX DC-3 VIA KOMA AND BACK TO KLNK.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KBTR-KGPT, 65, 242.97, MAULE, TEST FLIGHT OF FSX MAULE. REAL WX.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KBTR-2R5, 82, 241.88, CARAVAN, LEG #13 OF CANNIBAL QUEEN ROUTE. REAL WX. 148 MILES


bgad011, Ed Burke, WPDL-YTTI, 200, 2762.98, Yak UT-1, Glad to have some red dirt on the horizon.


bgad011, Ed Burke, WPDL-YTTI, 151, 2759.65, Bristol 170, Lighter now, the old girl almost performs!


bgad011, Ed Burke, YGPT-WPDL, 219, 2757.13, Yak UT-1, With that long spatted undercarriage and a water landing I imagined three forward somersaults before I got wet.  Pleased the noise kept going.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YGPT-WPDL, 167, 2753.48, Bristol 170, Unloaded 10300# of useful goodies, the goodies that made the departure from Garden Point such a hit with the folks there.  Backed right to the edge of the drop-off before the eastern threshold and gardened our way to the start of the runway gaining 30 knots or so.  Grins all \\\'round.


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KEVG-KMFR, 45.20, 93.8, DC3, Tookoff 11.10pm,25% fuel Landed RW14


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KPDX-KEVG, 41.61, 93.04, DC3, Tookoff 10.07pm,25% Fuel,Landed RW16.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YOEN-YGPT, 109, 2750.7, Yak UT-1,


bgad011, Ed Burke, YOEN-YGPT, 87, 2748.88, Bristol 170, The locals turned out in droves, never seen a B/Freighter before.


bgad011, Ed Burke, YPKU-YPAG, 37, 2747.43, Yakovlev UT-!a, GAAR test flight


bgad011, Ed Burke, YPKU-YPAG, 29, 2746.82, Bristol 170, GAAR test flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAKP - PACH, 25, 22.9, Goose, owwww, that was tricky!! But nice office and lodge


bgak077, David Kingsley, KSDF to KHUL, 314, 25.8, Mooney Bravo, nice plane to fly. VFR flight with a flight plan. It was dark before I got there, which may it rather interesting indeed. I don\\\'t believe the runway is long enough for a Lear jet, unless your a real good pilot.


bgas051, Ruud Heijnen, FAPH-FAHS, 26, 69.78, Maule M7-260C,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 76, 22.48, Beaver, Good VFR flight until about 40 miles out.  Low ceiling 3600\\\' made me pick my way through the valleys.  Light snow last 5 miles.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, GBYD-DIAP, 547, 11599.72, DH-87 Hornet Moth, GGOV-GUCY-GLRB.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KTLH-KVKS, 110, 442.45, C510, IFR @ FL300, Tallahassee, FL to Vicksburg, MS


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KLAS - CYYZ, 239, 1576.18, A340-300, 288 passengers with 62457 lbs cargo


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, SEIB-SEQU, 88, 1016.07, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, SEQU-SEMC, 163, 1014.6, DC-3, -SEIB-


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KLNK-KAAT, 312, 1011.88, Wright Curtis Condor, Stops at KFOE-2DT- Capital City Tour


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, CYYZ - KLAS, 269, 1572.2, A340-300, 288 passengers with 61318 lbs cargo


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, KBFI-CYXX, 54, 240.52, DC-3, 103 NM   123.2 GALS  REAL WX


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMMB-Townsville, 300, 2336.97, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMML-YMMB, 30, 2331.97, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPDN-YMML, 420, 2331.47, L1049G,


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KCEC-KRDD, 51.06, 92.35, DC3, Takeoff Time 8.45am,Fuel 20%,Landed RW34,Very Mountaines.


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KMFR-KCEC, 39.27, 91.5, DC3, Takeoff Time 12.15pm,Fuel 20%,Landed RW29,good night flight.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 82, 21.22, Beaver, Helping a friend from LiveWire Air Lines


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, MKJS - CYYZ, 235, 1567.72, Level-D 767, 235 passengers with 35582 cargo back to Toronto


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-10, 103, 2960.6, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, PHNL-NFFN, 353, 743.97, 747-400F,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, YBBN-YPDN, 119, 738.08, 747-400F,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, YBCS-YPDN, 139, 736.1, 747-400F,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LSZH-LFML, 68, 733.78, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, TNCM-TNCB, 83, 732.65, MD-11,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, 58A - CXC, 30, 19.85, Beaver, Scattered rain, poor visability and rough winds


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, MKJP-TNCM, 136, 731.27, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, SVMG-TNCC, 79, 729, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, TNCA-SVMG, 84, 727.68, MD-11,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, EHAM-EDLW, 53, 726.28, DC-3C, Ferry PH-DDZ


bgas031, Gary McCarty, GCTS-GBYD, 429, 11590.6, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, GQNN-GOOY.



Posted 9-February

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-09, 57.14, 2958.89, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, CXF -PABT, 29, 19.35, Beaver, Flyin\\\' in the rain, I\\\'m just a flyin\\\' in the...OOOPS snow!!


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PFYU - CXF, 65, 18.87, Beaver, Good weather for this leg of the flight


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAKP - PFYU, 87, 17.78, Beaver, Good VFR flight. No problems, nice weather, great scenery


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KTLH, 130, 440.62, C510, IFR @ FL260, Key West to Tallahassee, FL


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - PAKP, 85, 16.33, Beaver, Departed with low ceiling and light snow as usual.  Forcast was for clearing skies later in the morning.  Sure enough about 30 miles from PAKP the skies began to clear and I was able to make a good VFR approach.


bgak060, Bob Welch, 27w-2w1, 39, 312.92, Super Cub,


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, CYYZ - MKJS, 242, 1563.8, A340-300, 288 passengers and 58510 cargo


bgak077, David Kingsley, KMIA to KGPT, 189, 20.57, beechcraft Baron 58, VFR flight using GPS and Nav equipment with flight plan filed.


bgas051, Ruud Heijnen, FASZ-FAPH, 47, 69.35, Maule M7-260C,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, HNE - 58A, 30, 14.92, Beaver, Great VFR flight.  Nice little lake.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPPH-YPDN, 294, 2324.47, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Maud Is-YPPH, 942, 2319.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, JDVasquez-Maud Island, 600, 2303.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, La Quiaca-J D Vasquez, 318, 2293.87, L1049G,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - SAG, 75, 13.5, Beech 18, Departed low skys 2600\\\' with light snow.  Weather soon cleared and made for a great VFR flight.  Great flying Bird!!


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, SAG - PABA, 55, 14.42, Beech D-18, Senic VFR Flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, DTTA-GMMN, 677, 11583.45, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, DAAG.


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, MMUN - CYYZ, 195, 1559.77, Level-D 767, 235 passengers and 39096 cargo


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KOZW - KOZW, 31.37, 957.72, Alon A2 AirCoupe, real weather,updated  Took my 18 week old Border Collie out for a walk,and noticed the weather was clear an still warm(45Deg.Fht had been 0 -=15 for what seemed like weeks) so spring fever crabbed me and went to the airport an rolled the Coupe out of the hanger,wind slightly crosswind at a steady 12KNTS as I took off and turned for Pontiac,did two touch&go\\\'s and returned to Howell.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PAML - PABT, 69, 12.25, Beaver, Again, I ran into low celing, 2600\\\', with light snow.  Had to bring her in low and slow but we made it.  I know there is \\\"Flying by the seat of your pants\\\" but this \\\"flying on the edge of your seat\\\"


bgas031, Gary McCarty, HEAX-DTTA, 517, 11572.17, Cessna T-50 Bobcat, HLLT.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - PASP, 53, 11.1, Beaver,


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, CYYZ - MMUN, 238, 1556.52, Level-D 767, Winter Charter from Toronto to Cancun with 258 passengers and 38327 lbs cargo and baggage


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-09, 54, 2957.93, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-09, 48, 2957.03, Beech Twin Bonanza,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KYIP - KMDW, 60.34, 957.21, Boing 377 Stratocrusier, real weather updated, ceiling at 6000 and a 25Knt haed wind made for a much longer flight than anticipated.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, AK97 - PANC, 77, 10.22, Beaver, low ceiling with light snow.  Followed the valleys.  Beautiful scenery, great flight.



Posted 7th February

bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, KEB - AK97, 102, 8.93, Beaver, Hugged the shoreline for a great VFR flight


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KEVG-KMFR, 45.20, 90.85, DC3, 105nm,25% Fuel,Takeoff Time 11.10pm,Landed RW14.


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KPDX-KEVG, 41.61, 90.09, DC3, 105nm, 25% Fuel, takeoff Time10.07pm, Landed RW14.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-9, 40.16, 25.4, P-38L,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-9, 58.47, 24.74, Piper PA-23,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, CYOC - CEZ@, 77.09, 956.2, Dhc-3 otter pzl, real weather,updated  First TMC Leg#8 Great sunrise and weather for flying.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, TPO - KEB, 57, 7.23, Beaver, Good VFR flight.


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PANC - TPO, 82, 6.28, Beaver, More fun Mountain flying in marginal VFR.  Very low celing - 3600\\\'.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LCLK-HEAX, 484, 11563.55, DH 60 Gipsy Moth, OSLK-OLBA-LLBG-LVGZ.


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KCLE-KDTW, 55, 990.2, DC6,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - PAML, 55, 4.92, Beaver, Very nice flight - good weather


bgan023, Guy Goddard, VTPI-VVDN, 68, 182.53, F-80, Thailand to Vietnam


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KMCO - CYYZ, 169, 1552.55, A340-300, Carried 280 passengers with 75937 lbs cargo


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KORD - KMCO, 144, 1549.73, Level-D 767,


bgak060, Bob Welch, w12-27w, .48, 312.27, Super Cub, Wa Cascade mountains flight


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, CYYZ - KORD, 91, 1547.33, A319, 120 Passengers with 9,369 lbs cargo on short charter flight


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, E A Jemenez-La Guiaca, 120, 2288.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Gn F Javier-E A Jemenez, 276, 2286.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Palm Beach-Gen Fr Javier, 210, 2281.97, l1049g,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, TXKF-Palm Beach, 258, 2278.47, L1049G,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - PABT, 148, 4, Beaver, Love this outfit!!  Always new challenges for my flying skills.  Weather - winds 43@10, vis at take off 50 with few clouds.  Soon ran into low cloud cover, had to go low and slow.  Light snow upon arrival back to base.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, URSS-LCLK, 480, 11555.48, DHC-1 Chipmunk, LTCM-LTFJ.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-08, 77, 2956.23, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KSLC-KPIK, 77, 989.28, DC4, Nice flight through the Mountains to Pocatello


bgan021, Luke, PHNL-KSFO, 237, 476.52, 747-SP QANTAS, .FREES.MAUCH.AGGIE.DOLCE.


bgan021, Luke, KDFW-KPSP, 122, 472.57, 737-300, .KSAF.


bgan021, Luke, EDDH-UKOO, 174, 470.53, C-17, .LZKZ.D305S.CF16.


bgan021, Luke, EDDH-UKOO, 0, 467.63, , .LZKZ.D305S.CF16.




bgan021, Luke, KGCN-L41, 34, 466.05, su-31,


bgan021, Luke, KSEA-PADQ, 202, 465.48, E-8A J-STARS, .PAJN.2AK5.PAHO.GERKS.D066J.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KMTH-KEYW, 40, 438.45, C172N, VFR @ 2500\\\', Marathon to Key West, FL


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEYW-KMTH, 42, 437.78, C172N, VFR @ 2700\\\'. Key West to Marathon, FL


BGAD057, Allan Charles Jarratt, KSEA-KPDX, 51.76, 89.4, DC3, Night Flight,TakeOff Time9.15pm RW34R,Landed RW28R,good weather nice flight.


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-8, 56.17, 23.77, P-38L,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-8, 86.11, 22.84, Piper PA-23,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-7, 85.26, 21.4, P-38L,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-7, 137.15, 19.99, Piper PA-23,


bgan070, Allen Peterson, GAAR2009-6, 56.69, 17.69, P-38L,


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT - PABT, 2:26, 1.53, Beaver, Building Supplies to Umiat and return.  Got all the guages working on the Beaver but still no radio stack and only partial GPS.  Made it back within 12 miles of base.  Thank you U. S. Army for teaching me how to fly!!


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Flores-TXKF, 300, 2274.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Isle of Man-Flores, 240, 2269.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, ENSB-Isle of Man, 288, 2265.17, L1049G,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LGAT-URSS, 516, 11547.48, DHC-1 Chipmunk, LTBA-LBBG-LRCK-UKFF.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-08, 74, 2954.95, DC-3,


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-08, 69, 2953.72, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KACY, 87, 1593.03, Beech Baron 58, Distance 249nm


bgak078, Kenneth Manwell, PABT-PABT, 90, 1.5, Beaver, Having problems with my beaver- not all instruments working GPS is only partial and no map.  Almost like REAL Busk Flying!



Posted 3-February

bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KEWB-CYQY, 230, 1591.58, Beech Baron 58, Distance 623nm


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LICJ-LGAT, 509, 11538.88, Howard DGA, LIBR-LIPQ-LDDU.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-07, 120, 2952.57, Piper Comanche 250,


bgak077, David Kingsley, KJFK to KMIA, 130, 17.42, Bombarier lear Jet 45, total of 13 VORs. I added one to get around restricted air space. It was a good trip, no problems with the Lear jet.


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR009-07, 114, 2950.57, DC-3,


bgan041, Bill Cox, C510, 105, 437.08, KPIE-KEYW, IFR @ 17000\\\', St. Petersburg to Key West, FL


bgad011, Ed Burke, YPDN-YOEN, 65, 2746.33, Bristol 170, GAAR leg 1


bgad011, Ed Burke, YPDN-YOEN, 84, 2745.25, Yak UT-1, Gaar leg one


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EINN-EGBB, 59, 830.2, TU114, IVAO IFR world tour 2009 leg 2


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LEST-EINN, 100, 829.22, TU114, IVAO IFR world tour 2009 leg 1


bgak060, Bob Welch, 3w5-w12, 31, 312.27, Cessna Seaeionair-6, Concrete WA to Lost river Resort in the Cascade Mountains


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PARC - CYOC, 76.93, 954.92, Cessna 170A tundra tire,


bgak077, David Kingsley, PABT-PAUM-PAUM-PABT, 98, 15.25, Beechcraft Baron 58,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LPPT-LICJ, 515, 11530.4, Howard DGA, LEAL-LFMN-LIRG.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PHDH-PHTO, 135, 1587.75, Beech Baron 58, Distance 383nm 


bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, GAAR2009-07, 103, 2948.67, Beech Twin Bonanza,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBIS-KLNK, 248, 1006.68, Boeing B247D, -KPIR-KDSM- Capital Cities Tour


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KMSN-KBIS, 328, 1002.55, Lockheed L-10A, -KSTP- Part of Capital cities tour


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KJEF-KSPI, 80, 997.08, Beechcraft  C-45G,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PAKP - PARC, 76.93, 953.63, Cessna 185 skywagon, real weather updated,  pitch black departing the pass,almost 4 miles visability and still can not see anything,heading of 60deg. and climbing as fast as the refrance will allow .omly indication to tell if there is a mountain is in way is the abcence of stars in the line of sight.actually heared the landing gear thump as I must have grazed a mountain top at 8500 ft.never seen it!


bgak077, David Kingsley, PAUM to POLI toPOLI to PAUM, 104, 13.62, Beechcraft Baron 58,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBNA-KBOS, 270, 1585.5, Beech Baron 58, Distance 817nm


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LEAC-LPPT, 501, 11521.82, Cessna 172, LEBB.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, PHDH-PHTO, 188, 1581, Beech Baron 58, Distance 376nm