Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports

May 2008


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Posted 31-May

bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KACK-KBGR, 95, 741.32, Beech Baron 58,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, LFPB-DRRN, 922, 642.52, Savoia Machetti s.73, -LFML-DAAG-DAAG-GATS-GAGO-DRRN- 1930\\\'s SABINA SCHEDULE


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KSFO-KSAT, 223, 6538.6, B707C, PanAm cargo via KCOS


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EIDW-BIKF, 124, 714.38, TU114, Deer Valley Flying club formule 1 Support BMW Take Nick Heidfeld with his grandma to Montreal


bgan047, Paul Mensch, EIDW-BIKF, 124, 714.38, TU114, Deer Valley Flying club formule 1 Support BMW Take Nick Heidfeld with his grandma to Montreal


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-MMMX, 381, 9173.87, PA 32 Seneca V,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 209, 9167.52, PA23 Apache, MUHA.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, CBW2-CYBD, 51, 108.43, BEAVER,


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, CYPR-CBW2, 31, 107.58, BEAVER,


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAKT-CYPR, 46, 107.07, DC-3,


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAJN-PAKT, 75, 106.3, DC-3,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VTBD-WSSS, 288, 933.97, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VCCC-VTBD, 204, 929.17, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, SBNT-FHAW, 196, 6534.88, C-17, MATS flight


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGCC-EGGP, 20, 627.15, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EGGP-EGCC, 15, 626.82, DC-3,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-LLBG, 694, 6531.62, B777-200LR, DAL Flt #152


bgas031, Gary McCarty, TTPM-X44, 493, 9164.03, Grumman HU-16, PR34.


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, 4AK3=PAGY, 89, 126.48, DHC6 Twin Otter, WCATC Multiplayer Event..


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LFMN-EHAM, 102, 712.32, TU114, Deer Valley Flying Club Formule 1 support. On the way to montreal with a stop at Amsterdam as Nick Heidfield\\\'s grandmother lives there and we stay there for the night after having a party downtown.


Posted 29-May

bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LFPO-EHAM, 49, 638.87, 747-400F, HOME!  Last leg of my \\\"scenic\\\" return flight from GAAR 2008.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, OPKC-VCCC, 264, 925.77, L1049G,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, LIRA-LMML, 187, 626.57, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYSM-CYHY, 127, 623.45, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYHY-CYSM, 58, 621.33, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, 5Z1-CYSQ, 91, 620.37, DH-2 Beaver, VIA-7K2


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, SBSN-SWPI, 71, 618.85, GRUMMAN GOOSE, VIA-SNTI


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, OLBA-OPKC, 348, 921.37, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, LSZH-OBLA, 300, 915.57, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KIAH-PANC, 447, 6520.05, A370concept, CO Flt#1584


bgad017, John Lawler, LGAT-OSDI, 305, 2079.5, Twin Pioneer, de Jronduif delivery flight, leg 5. 228usg. IFR110, LGAT rwy15L, then airways to KUKLA, and vectored to OSDI rwy23R. Owing to an ATC conspiracy, spent most of this flight at oxygen height, and only saw occassional glimpses of the wine-dark sea.


bgad017, John Lawler, LIRA-LGAT, 250, 2074.42, Twin Pioneer, Kroonduif ferry flight leg 4. 200 usg. IFRFL90-110, LIRA rwy15 to LAT, Z803, L995, A14, R193 to KOR, then vectored to LGAT rwy15L. Note LGAT Hellikon, not LGAV. 


bgad017, John Lawler, LFLY-LIRA, 222, 2070.25, Twin Pioneer, Kroonduif ferry flight leg 3. 170 usg. IFR FL70-90. LFLY rwy 34 to LSE,to MTL, airways A3, R16, A1, vectored to LIRA rwy 15, carefully avoiding overflying the Vatican.


bgan040, Dan George, VTCC  ZUUU, 220, 340.65, Simshed C-130, Flight from Chang-Mai Intl, Thailand to Chengdu China with relief supplies for earthquake victims.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, EDDF-LSZH, 60, 910.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, EGLL-EDDF, 108, 909.57, L1049G,


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, KASE-KBZN, 117, 125, Beech B1900, WCATC Multiplayer Event.


BGAK063, M.H. Luke, KSLC-KASE, 58, 123.05, Beech B1900, WCATC Multiplayer event.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KIAH-KCLE, 179, 6512.6, B737-800, CAL Flt#1544


bgas031, Gary McCarty, SBRM-SBFT, 688, 9143.58, Grumman HU-16, SABM.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KORD-PHNL, 548, 6509.62, B777-200LR, UAL Flt#1


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YCBA-YSSY, 176, 326.12, DC5, BGAD 9903. Day 11. Great charter this one, thoroughly enjoyed it.


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YCBP-YCBA, 295, 323.18, DC5, BGAD 9903. Day 10


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YBAS-YCBP, 240, 318.27, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 9


bgas003, Henrique Wiederspahn, MTCH-MDCZ, 72, 149.35, B247D,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KAPA-KVGT, 191, 263, PAY2, IFR @ FL260, Denver (Centennial), CO to North Las Vegas, NV.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KJFK-LEMD, 517, 6500.48, A380-800, DAL Flt #126


bgas031, Gary McCarty, TTPM-SBRM, 739, 9132.12, Grumman HU-16, SBBS.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-SBGL, 531, 6491.87, A380-800, DL Flt #211


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KGRR - KCLE, 68, 409.58, SAAB 340b, real weather updated   morning commuter flight Ifr as thunderstorms are building all over Michigan and Ohio,controllers kept us busy guideing us around stronger cells,even out over lake Erie as a strong storm was NE of the destination.ILS approuch in shear and rain copilot didnot pick up approuch lights till 1 mile out.


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, LIRA-EGLL, 336, 907.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, HECA-LIRA, 336, 902.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VAGO-HECA, 474, 896.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, WSSS-VAGO, 486, 888.67, L1049G,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PHNL - PHOG, 117, 408.45, Scheicler Ka8, CCS2004 lift program , conditions perfect for lift so trying for a personsl challange to fly from Island to Island, Aero Towed to 3000Ft. and released wasn\\\'t 2minutes before the nose dipped and I found strong thermal lift,worked it to 7000ft and headed east,no lift over the ocean,and was down to 1000 crossing the shore line found another thermal and headed for the windward side and found some slope lift enough to make MOLAKAI and drank some water streatch while the tow plane arrived. up to 3000 and headed where i watched cummulas building and found lift to 8000 crossed over worked around the north side cliffs and valley to PHOG .



Posted 23-May

bgan019, Achim, lfmn-cymx, 568, 184.38, tu114,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, CYYR-KLGA, 189, 6483.02, Cseries 300, AC Flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-TTPM, 463, 9119.8, Grumman HU-16, PR34.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, CYHZ-CYYR, 89, 6479.87, Cseries 300, AC Flt #8898


bgan047, Paul Mensch, DAOO-DTTA, 91, 710.62, TU114, IVAO world IFR tour leg 14


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, LFPB-LFOH, 55, 617.67, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, EBBR-EHAM, 53, 616.75, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CYYT-CCC2, 56, 615.87, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, SBSP-SPBA, 250, 614.93, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, Z73-Z73, 140, 610.77, DC-3, VIA-PACD-KVC-PASD-


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 545, 9112.08, Lake Renegade 270, 4FD5-X44-0FL8.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, EGLL-ESSA, 144, 6478.38, A320-232, BA Flt #778


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KLAX - KDEN, 184, 406.5, L-188 Electra, real weather updated ; mourning passenger flight Ifr. bumby whole trip even at 21,000 nimbocumullas was all around,at Denver weather was breaking up but had to go around as a king air damaged landing gear and needed assistance to clear RW.16


bgan002, Joe Weber, KABQ-KPHX, 74, 790.68, DC-6,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, 65G - 65G, 34, 403.43, Cessna O-2 SKYMASTER,  Memorial Day parade flight have to be over my home town at 10:00am but told an old classmate I would fly by there parade at 10:15 which should be easy since it only 6 klicks to the west of Howell and the town I was raised in. weather is perfect and must time this as a pair of Huey\\\'s will follow me down Grand River Ave. they are on time as I  orbit just south of KOWZ at 3000ft make radio contact and pass over them in a dive down main street there a half mile behind me as i cross the parade at the Main four downtown an do a steep climbing turn north out over the Thompson lake.turn left and head to Fowlerville. job done,now to the V.F.W. where i\\\'m sure to be de-breifed by everyone that comes in.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KSLC-LFPG, 565, 6475.98, B777-200LR, DAL Flt #170


bgas031, Gary McCarty,  X44-X44, 482, 9103, Lake Renegade 270, KCDK-X44-MYER-X44-0FL5.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, PANC-KFJK, 488, 6466.57, B700 Unitedconcept, Random flight


bgan040, Dan George, VYYY  VTBU, 105, 336.98, Simshed C-130, Return to base in Thailand after relief flight to Burma (Myanmar).


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KSLC-PANC, 310, 6458.43, A370 concept, RANDOM FLIGHT


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, ksef-cyyz, 136, 179.08, dc-8-73, KOBE 222144Z AUTO 29003KT 10SM -TSRA SCT038 SCT050 BKN100 26/24 A2992 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT N AND NE P0004 CYYZ 222100Z CCA 30015G24KT 15SM SCT048 BKN062 15/04 A2979 RMK SC3SC4 CU ASOCTD SLP089 oddel sabot orl j53 irq j53 hvq j85 djb j545 yxu halby tetos ywt guelf oengo revov noxer agbek


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 476, 9094.97, Beech D17S (floats), LA38-X44-61FD.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBGR-KEWB, 82, 739.73, Beech Baron 58, Distance: 224 nm


bgan021, Luke, NZDN-NZAA, 49, 405.83, LC-130H VXE6,


bgan021, Luke, YPKG-YPPH, 69, 405.02, FOKKER 50 SKYWEST AUSTRALIA,


bgan021, Luke, LIMW-LSGL., 59, 403.87, Ac680, .LFLJ.LFHN.


bgan021, Luke, LIMW.LSGC, 0, 402.88, ac680, .LFLJ.LFHN.LSGL. Flying around France


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LEBB-LFPO, 111, 638.05, 747-400F, To Paris, Orly. Almost home now...


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, EGKK-KIAH, 739, 6453.27, B767-400ER, CAL Flt #35


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 446, 9087.03, DHC-3 PZL, FL72-X44-9FD0-X44-91FL.


bgan039, George Leach, MPHO, 0480, 2326.07, KNTD,


BGAS066, Ernie Scofield, KMIA-MYBS, 35, 1.28, DHC-3,


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KMEM - KATL, 62, 1305.57, A320, Regional Run down to Atanta


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KPHX - KMEM, 155, 1304.53, 747, Shuttled 315 passengers and 14,712 cargo from Las Vegas to Phoenix


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KLAS - KPHX, 43, 1301.95, 777, Shuttled 315 passengers and 14,712 cargo from Las Vegas to Phoenix


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KMCI - KLAS, 142, 1301.23, 777, Poker run to Nevada


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KTUL - KMCI, 54, 1298.87, A321, Regular run from Tulsa to KC


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KATL-KTUL, 108, 1297.97, A320, Scheduled flight with 129 passengers


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPDN-WSSS, 504, 880.57, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KABQ-MMUN, 202, 6440.95, B707C, PanAm cargo flight


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, CYVR-PAJN, 120, 6437.58, B797, Random flight


BGAS066, Ernie Scofield, KFLL-MYGW, 42, 0.7, DHC-3,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 487, 9079.6, Beech 18 (Amph.), 4FD4-X44-0FL8.


bgas060, Patrick Stewart, KTPA - KJFK, 204, 824.63, A320-200,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KDEN-CYVR, 161, 6435.58, B797, Random flight


bgak001, Brent Brazeel, KTUL - KJLN, 39, 1296.17, DC-3, Short Flight to Joplin


bgan041, Bill Cox, KEOS-KAPA, 174, 259.82, PC12, IFR @ FL240, Neosho, MO to Denver, CO (Centennial)


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, KBTV-KBOS, 90, 608.43, DC-3, LANDING AT -KCON- ON WAY


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YSSY-YPDN, 372, 872.17, L1094G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VHSM-YSSY, 96, 865.97, L1094G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPPH-VHSM, 324, 864.37, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPCC-YPPH, 294, 858.97, L1094G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, FJDG-YPCC, 258, 854.07, L1094G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, FSIA-FJDG, 186, 849.77, L1094G,


Posted 19-May

BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KJFK-KDEN, 225, 6432.9, 787-9, Random flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 419, 9071.48, Beech 18 (Amph.), 1AL9.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-X44, 419, 9071.48, Beech 18 (Amph.), 1AL9.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, LA38-X44, 245, 9064.5, G44A Widgeon,


bgan040, Dan George, VTBU  VYYY, 140, 335.23, Simshed C-130, Relief flight for victims of cyclone.  U-Taphao Intl Thailand to Yangon Intl, Myanmar (Burma).


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YTNK-YBAS, 115, 314.27, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 8


bgan021, Luke, YKII.YMAV, 53, 402.88, F-50 ANSETT/SKYWEST AIRLINES, .YWBL.RPY.


bgan021, Luke, YDPO-YKII, 12, 402, F-50 ANSETT/SKYWEST, Short flight using the defunct ansett/skywest Fokker to King Island, home of the best Aussie cheeses. Gonna repaint this into current Skywest textures.


bgan021, Luke, YMML-YBBN, 106, 401.8, 747-SP VHEAB QANTAS,


bgan021, Luke, YFRT-YMML, 120, 400.03, 737-300 AUSTRALIAN AIR EXPRESS, .YCDU.YPED.YBDG.


bgan021, Luke, KGWS-4CO0, 22, 398.03, D18S, .KASE.


bgan021, Luke, YPKG-YFRT, 44, 397.67, 737-300 AUSTRLIAN AIR EXPRESS,


bgan021, Luke, FD01-KJKA, 55, 396.93, V-22 OPSREY,


bgan021, Luke, LLMZ-LLET, 86, 396.02, FK-27 KLM CITY HOPPER,


bgan021, Luke, YSSY-YMMB, 23, 394.58, ERJ-190,


bgan021, Luke, YSRI-YAMB, 23, 393.82, E-8A J-STARS, .YSTW.


bgan021, Luke, KABQ-KPHX, 42, 393.43, 737-300 -AUSTRALIAN AIR EXPRESS,


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YHLC-YTNK, 175, 312.35, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 8


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KIAH-EGLL, 413, 6429.15, A380-800, Continental Flight


bgan039, George Leach, MUGM TO MPHO, 0153, 2318.07, KC-10,


bgad017, John Lawler, EHAM-LFLY, 224, 2066.55, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, 2nd leg of the de Kroonduif delivery flight. No information available as to which Lyon airport was used, so I chose the smaller one rather than St-Expurey.


bgad017, John Lawler, EGPK-EHAM, 200, 2062.82, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, De Kroonduif were one of the early civil customers for the Twinpin. First leg of a reconstruction of their delivery flights.


bgad017, John Lawler, YSSY-YMHB, 228, 2059.48, Douglas DC-4, Flight No BGAD711.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, X44-LA38, 548, 9060.42, G44 Widgeon, 1FD1-KCDK-1FD1-X44.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KMTC - PAEI, 540, 402.87, C 130, real weather; updated  Long range cargo and troop haul.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KDFW-KIAD, 148, 6422.27, B397, AAL Flt #806


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KOSC - KSAW, 64, 393.87, F86-D Saber, real weather;updated  scattered rain showers and gusty winds from northwest gusting between 1- to 40Knt makes even getting to the runway a challange,eased throttles forward released brakes and tried to react to the wind was glad to get off and climbing out. wind at K.I Sawyer was mostly down the RW1 so carried 20 extra knots on final and used the drag chute to stop after touch down


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YBRM-YHLC, 165, 309.43, DC5, BGAD9903. Day7


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YPKU-YBRM, 190, 306.68, DC5, BGAD9903. Day6


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, kmyl-kllj, 170, 603.27, MAULE M7, TMC # 3 Phase 2, Great mountain Bush flights.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, MMMX-KDFW, 132, 6419.8, B797, Random flight


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KIGH - KBUR, 99, 392.8, DC-3,  Old TAT route leg#9


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KPOE - KOZR, 130, 391.15, OV1-D Mowhawk, real weather ; updated  Training Ft.Polk to Ft. Rucker


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 378, 9051.28, Lockheed L-188, TKPK.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, SEGS-KMIA, 284, 9044.98, DC-9, SKSP.




Posted 17-May

bgas001, Bill Von Sennet, kagc-kckb, 36, 2768.85, DC-3, Pittsburgh PA - Clarksburg WV  Allegheny Airlines


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KLAS-MMMX, 187, 6417.6, B797, Random flight


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KMVY-KBGR, 83, 738.37, Beech Baron 58,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KEOS, 226, 256.92, PC12, IFR @ FL220, Lewisburg, WV to Neosho, MO.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KULK-KLWB, 101, 253.15, BE36, IFR @ 7000\\\', Cincinnati, OH to Lewisburg, WV.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KCRW-KLUK, 88, 251.47, BE36, VFR @ 4500\\\', Charleston, WV to Cincinnati, OH.


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, IKO-PADU, 43, 600.43, BARRON BE58,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, CEX4-PAEA, 142, 599.72, MAULE M7, -CYDA-


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, PHNL-PHOG, 60, 597.35, DC-3, -PHMK-


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, YSSY-YBBN, 290, 596.35, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, YPAD-YCBP, 240, 591.52, DC-3,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, 68A-KBE, 34, 587.52, GRUMMAN GOOSE,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, Z43-4Z7, 50, 586.95, GRUMMAN GOOSE,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, 2Z6-2Z1, 113, 586.12, DHC2, -TKL-


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KLSF - KPOE, 160, 388.98, OV-1D Mowhawk, real weather updated   Cheak ride night flight, Lawson AAF Ft.Benning Ga to Ft.Polk La


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-KLAS, 205, 6414.48, B797, DAL Flt #39


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-SEGS, 291, 9040.25, DC-9, SKSP.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 197, 9035.4, Hondajet, MBSY.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kind, 163, 176.82, l-049, KCLT 161152Z 24012KT 6SM BR OVC006 18/17 A2978 RMK AO2 SLP079 60007 70034 T01780167 10189 20178 51009 KIND 161154Z 33008KT 10SM BKN080 10/07 A2994 RMK AO2 SLP139 60000 70007 T01000067 10100 20089 53021 hor3.naley.hmv.loz.iuu.deecee3 ils rwy 5r


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KSKA-PAED, 219, 6411.07, C-17, MATS flight


bgan040, Dan George, KFOK  KLWB, 105, 332.9, PIper Cheyenne II XL, Return trip from Westhampton Beach Long Island NY to Lewisburg WV.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LEPA-LEBB, 89, 636.2, 747-400F, Mallorca - Bilbao,  north-west Spain.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LICJ-LEPA, 96, 634.72, 747-400F, to Mallorca, Spain


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, FACT-FISA, 534, 846.67, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-KSEA, 287, 6407.42, A370, DAL Flt #781


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, TNCA-SBNT, 374, 6402.63, A320-232, Random flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 685, 9032.12, C-46, MWCR-MHRO-MGSJ-MHRO-MWCR.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, rplc-zuuu, 163, 174.1, c-17, earthquake relief 428.000 lbs


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kmdw, 139, 171.38, l-049, KCLT 141252Z 18004KT 8SM BKN150 OVC250 14/10 A3019 RMK AO2 SLP218 T01440100 KMDW 141251Z 23006KT 4SM BR BKN008 OVC011 14/13 A2977 RMK AO2 SLP080 T01390133 clt jotta naley hnn fwa awsum halie cgt


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YCOO-YPKU, 140, 303.52, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 5


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YMTI-YCOO, 230, 301.18, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 4


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YWTN-YMTI, 190, 297.35, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 3


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YBCV-YWTN, 150, 294.18, DC5, BGAD9903. Day 2


bgad035, Sid Knapp, YSSY-YBCV, 220, 291.68, DC5, BGAD990. Day 1


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KMSY-TNCA, 318, 6396.4, A320-232, Random flight via MKJP


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Minasoa-Guardiam Cape, 576, 837.77, L1049G,


bgan043, Tom Easterday, ZZA1 - ZZDM, 164, 1341.22, DC-3, Hsiching to Likiang, China (custom Hump scenery).


bgan043, Tom Easterday, ZZBJ - VXYO, 84, 1338.48, DC3, Yunnanyi to Myitkyina (customer Hump scenery).


bgan002, Joe Weber, KHXD-KATL, 76, 789.45, DC-6B, Weather -Severe clear all the way.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, MMCZ-KMIA, 625, 9020.7, DC-4, MMMX-MMCZ-MUHA.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LICJ-LICJ, 53, 633.12, 747-400F, sight-seeing Etna vulcano.  see screenies


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-KMSY, 89, 6391.1, B737-838, DAL Flt #941


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kmke, 147, 169.07, l-049, KCLT 131352Z 04009KT 010V070 10SM FEW032 16/07 A3016 RMK AO2 SLP211 T01560072 KMSP 131353Z 17011KT 10SM BKN090 OVC250 14/07 A2976 RMK AO2 SLP077 T01390067 hor3.naley flm vhp bvt cgt brave sudds ils 19r


bgan047, Paul Mensch, LTBA - LFMN, 179, 709.1, TU114, Deer Valley Flying Club Formule 1 support


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KGEG-KMEM, 609, 6389.62, MD11F, FedEx flt via KORD


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KFSM-MMCZ, 494, 9010.28, DC-4, KCSG-KMIA-MUHA.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KORD-KBOS, 243, 736.98, Beech Baron 58,


bgas003, Henrique Wiederspahn, MTJE-MTCH, 81, 148.15, B247D,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Syowa-Gondwana Station, 528, 828.17, L1049G,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kmsp, 192, 166.62, l-049, KCLT 121452Z 29011KT 10SM BKN050 17/07 A2971 RMK AO2 SLP056 T01670067 53023 KMSP 121453Z 14015G22KT 10SM FEW150 SCT250 12/01 A2991 RMK AO2 SLP130 T01170006 58010 HOR3.NALEY HVQ ROD J149 FWA BAE.EAU8 ils rwy12r


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KJFK-KJFK, 445, 6379.47, B787-9, AAL Flt #619/618 via MDSD


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KORD, 247, 732.93, Beech Baron 58,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KFSM, 484, 9002.05, dc-4, KCSG-KFSM-KICT.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, CYHZ-KBOS, 148, 728.82, Beech Baron 58,


bgan040, Dan George, KLWB  KFOK, 115, 331.15, PIper Cheyenne II XL, Trip to Westhampton Beach Long Island NY to pick up charter customers.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-RJTT, 793, 6372.05, B777-200ER, DAL Flt #55


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Mawson-Syowa, 102, 819.37, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, Casey-Mawson, 210, 817.67, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VHSM-Casey, 360, 814.17, L1049G,


bgan002, Joe Weber, EGGP-EINN, 55, 788.18, DC-6B,


BGAN058, Simon Dix, KOKC-KDAL, 85, 40.72, Douglas DC-3,


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KNIP  -  KNPA, 151, 386.32, F9F-2, real weather updated, Adf. and dead reckoning navigation training flight at 12000 ft.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KSAN-KMIA, 621, 8993.98, DC-4, KSAT-KMOB.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KPTK - KLUK, 125, 383.8, DC-3, real weather,updated  Ifr,Wind and rain entire route,30 to 38Knt. head wind entire trip burning up 185 gal.of fuel hauling rear axles an transmission.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-CYHZ, 143, 726.35, Beech Baron 58,


Posted 11-May  


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KNCA - KNTU, 44, 381.72, T28C Navy, real weather up dated  Heavy weather coming in so moved flight time sooner to get into hanger before it hits don\\\'t want to reskin the bird due to hail. clouds building as departed and climbed to 5000Ft .40 miles from oceana NAS ocassional turbulance and sky dark to the west, 7miles out visability dropping fast called and still Vfr at 4 miles.landed 23L in gusty winds.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kdfw, 145, 163.42, boeing 727, KCLT 102252Z 01008KT 10SM FEW060 SCT250 26/11 A2979 RMK AO2 SLP079 T02610106 KDFW 102253Z 18011KT 8SM FEW050CB SCT250 32/23 A2962 RMK AO2 SLP021 CB E T03220228 BOB1 DEBIE AHN052 AHN ATL J52 SQS MLU GGG CQY ils rwy 17r


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KHST-KRND, 197, 6358.83, C-17, MATS cargo


bgan039, George Leach, AC01-KNQX, 0231, 2315.52, S-3B, CARRIER TAKE OFF TO KEY WEST NAS


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAGY-PAJN, 32, 105.05, DC-3, VFR FL050 GOOD WX ALL THE WAY.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KDTW - KGGR, 40, 380.98, Saab 340B, real weather;updated  Ifr short commuter shuttle from Detroit to Grand Rapids at 4000Ft. smooth flight


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABR - PABT, 127, 380.32, DHC-6 Twinn Otter, real weather;updated Departed Willey Post Barrow in heavy snow 2 Mi.Vis but broke out on top at 10,000ft radio ahead to Bettles and weather was Vfr from mountain range on in so cruised on in at 10000 slow let down 50 miles out ,slight crosswind on 19 but no problems


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, VIDP-EDDF, 459, 6355.55, A380-800, Quantas flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KSAN, 702, 8983.63, DC-4, KMOB-KSAT.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-ksat, 172, 161, boeing 727, KCLT 101352Z 31007KT 10SM FEW250 24/14 A2978 RMK AO2 SLP077 T02390139 KSAT 101414Z 21010KT 6SM HZ OVC016 26/21 A2978 RMK AO2 BOB1.DEBIE AHN052 AHN MCN CEW J50 LFK.MARCS8 rnav 23


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBGR-KJFK, 125, 723.97, Beech Baron 58, 333 nm


bgan041, Bill Cox, KLWB-KCRW, 51, 250, BE36, IFR @ 6000\\\' Lewisburg to Charleston, WV


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, YSSY-WRRR, 403, 6347.9, B757-200, Qantas flight


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YMHB-YHSM, 102, 808.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YHSM-YMHB, 138, 806.47, L1049G,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kclt-kiah, 182, 158.13, boeing 727, KCLT 091752Z COR 25008KT 10SM SCT041 SCT250 26/15 A2969 RMK AO2 SLP046 T02610150 10267 20189 58002 KIAH 091753Z 19010KT 10SM FEW250 32/19 A2979 RMK AO2 SLP088 T03170189 10317 20211 58004 Kclt Haray Spa Gqo Salms Mem Lit Meeow Glove Decod Byp Ukw Mqp Tornn Bilee Tiggr Cugar Hoagi Maced Ducoz Graaf Vette Kiah ils 15l


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KBGR, 133, 721.88, Cessna 172,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, SWBS-KMIA, 461, 8971.93, L-1649A,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-SWBS, 459, 8964.25, L-1649A,




bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAPG-PASI, 35, 103.68, BEAVER, FL040 GOOD WX. NICE FLIGHT.


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAWG-PAPG, 16, 103.1, BEAVER,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, YSSY-VIDP, 742, 6341.18, A380-800, Qantas Flight


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KACK-KOWD, 49, 719.67, Cessna 172,


BGAD012, Barry Theodore, ycun-ycue-yleo, 60, 191.12, Convair 240,


BGAD012, Barry Theodore, YCBG-YCBG, 70, 190.12, Cessna 182,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YAYE-VHSM, 186, 804.17, L1049G,


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KCMH-KBOS, 240, 888.92, DC4, Flown on line with IVAO using VOR NAV and ILS approach 22L Boston


bgan023, Guy Goddard, KIAD-KMLB, 220, 179.4, DC4,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 649, 8956.6, Lockheed L-1649A, SEQU.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KACK-KMHT, 49, 718.85, Beech Baron 58,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, YBBN-NZQN, 145, 6328.82, B737-838, Qantas Flt


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAKT-PAWG, 36, 102.83, BEAVER,


bgak056, Steve Sellmeyer, PAFA-PANC, 104, 102.23, DC-3,


bgan041, Bill Cox, KTIX-KLWB, 185, 249.15, PAY2, IFR @ FL230, Titusville, FL (Space Coast)to Lewisburg, WV.


bgad042, Don Moore, YBAS-YAYE, 59, 1027.78, CV 340, Last three flights part of conversion to type CV-340 Convair


bgad042, Don Moore, YMAV-YDLQ, 56, 1026.8, CV-340,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMAV-YBDG, 31, 1025.87, CV-340,


bgad042, Don Moore, OROI-LTCA, 70, 1025.35, LJ 45,


bgad042, Don Moore, VNNB-ZJHK, 78, 1024.18, Baron 58,


bgad042, Don Moore, OPPI-OPKC, 53, 1022.88, 737-800,


bgad042, Don Moore, LLMZ-LLET, 91, 1022, Beech 350 KA,


bgad042, Don Moore, KSLC-KLAS, 77, 1020.48, B737-800,


bgad042, Don Moore, NZCH-NZWP, 75, 1019.2, LJ 45,


bgad042, Don Moore, 2S7-2S2, 31, 1017.95, FN333 Nardi,


bgad042, Don Moore, YMEN-YMML, 40, 1017.43, Cessna 172,


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KMHT-KACK, 54, 718.03, Beech Baron 58,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YAYE-VHSM, 186, 801.07, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPAD-YAYE, 156, 797.97, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VHSM-YPAD, 78, 795.37, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, NFSU-VHSM, 390, 794.07, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, PHNL-NFSU, 678, 787.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KHQM-PHNL, 762, 776.27, L1049G,


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kamw-klbb, 122, 155.1, lj45, KLBB 072253Z 33020G27KT 10SM SCT038 20/11 A2971 RMK AO2 PK WND 34034/2201 SLP024 T02000106 KAMW 072253Z AUTO 02017G20KT 10SM CLR 17/07 A2977 RMK AO2 SLP075 T01670067 dsm.bacnn mci.fraca.ict.zenda.gag.brisc.pnh.yocan ils 27


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, WSSS-YBBN, 435, 6326.4, A380-800, QF Flt #52


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KOWD-KACK, 37, 717.13, Beech Baron 58,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, SCEL-KMIA, 734, 8945.78, L-1649A,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, BLV-7K2, 106, 584.23, Cessna Caravan Amphibian,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, PEC-EXI, 24, 582.47, Cessna Caravan Amphibian,


bgad039, Laurie Cooper, 5ZI-PEC, 36, 582.07, Cessna Caravan Amphibian,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, KJZI-KHQM, 450, 763.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, TXKF-KJZI, 186, 756.07, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, LPHR-TXKF, 450, 752.97, L1049G,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, RPLL-WSSS, 193, 6319.15, B777-200, SQ Flt #917


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kikv.klit, 180, 153.07, cessna 210, kikv.bussy.otm.uin.stl.fam.arg.dumpi.klit


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kaus.kamw, 115, 150.07, lj45, KAMW 052053Z AUTO 29016G20KT 10SM FEW100 26/02 A2997 RMK AO2 PK WND 31026/2030 SLP144 T02560022 58017


BGAK015, David R. Evans, AKK - KDK, 65, 378.2, PA-18 Super Cub, real weather;updated Flying from one end of Kodiak to the other,weather good for this time of year.10Knt head wind ceiling 2600ft broken 20+ Mile Vis. turned east thru a valley to go along the coast instead of climbing and flying over the range.


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-SCEL, 722, 8933.55, L-1649A,


bgak011, Coleman Green, KBRO-MM1U, 60, 1590.38, Cessna 210,


bgak011, Coleman Green, TS69-KBRO, 55, 1589.38, Cessna 210,


bgak011, Coleman Green, KCRP-TS69, 42, 1588.47, Cessna 210,


bgak011, Coleman Green, KCXO-KCRP, 77, 1587.77, Cessna 210,


bgak011, Coleman Green, 2F8-KCXO, 77, 1586.48, Cessna 210,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, PHNL-RPLL, 577, 6315.93, A380-800, PR Flt #101


bgan040, Dan George, KSUS  KLWB, 130, 329.23, PIper Cheyenne II XL, Last leg of return flight from San Antonio.  St. Louis to Lewisburg WV.


BGAD012, Barry Theodore, YMAV-YDLQ, 69, 188.95, Convair 240,


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LMML-LICJ, 43, 632.23, 747-400F, short hop over from Luqa, Malta to Palermo, Sicicly.


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, LGIR-LMML, 106, 631.52, 747-400F, Long flight over the Mediterranean to Malta, where we can pick-up some cargo for Amsterdam. The sunset treats us with some fabulous views from the cockpit. (see screenie-series)


bgak036, Paul van den Berg, OLBA-LGIR, 83, 629.75, 747-400F, Leaving the Middle East for European soil. From Beirut to Heraklion on Crete, via VOR on Cyprus.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KDFW-PHNL, 520, 6306.32, B767-400, AAL FLT #5


BGAN058, Simon Dix, KICT-KOKC, 67, 39.3, Douglas DC-3, Penultimate leg of April 2008 FOTM


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-KMIA, 942, 8921.52, L-1649A, SPLP.


bgan002, Joe Weber, KYIP-KFWA, 50, 787.27, C-46, West Coast ATC


bgan041, Bill Cox, KTIX-KTIX, 70, 246.07, C177RG, VFR @ 3500\\\', sightseeing out to Disney World and return.


bgan041, Bill Cox, KOPF-KTIX, 73, 244.9, PAY1, IFR @ 12000\\\', Opa Locka (Miami) to Titusville, FL (Space Coast)


bgan040, Dan George, KSAT  KSUS, 210, 327.07, PIper Cheyenne II XL, Return flight to Lewisburg WV first leg.  San Antonio to Spirit of St Louis Field, St Louis MO.


bgak013, Edward Brunelle, KBOS-KJFK, 49, 716.52, Boeing 737-800,


bgan039, George Leach, KSFO-TJSJ, 0480, 2311.67, A300-200,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, CYYR-CYHZ, 91, 6297.65, Cseries300, Random flight


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, CYMX-CYYR, 115, 6296.13, Cseries300, Random flight


bgas031, Gary McCarty, EDDM-KMIA, 964, 8905.82, Lockheed L-1649A, KBOS.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KLAX-CYMX, 288, 6294.22, A370 conept, Random flight


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, phmk-phog, 38, 148.15, dc-3, Molokai  Maui Daily Flight 50 leg 2 PHMK 041154Z AUTO 03006KT 10SM CLR 21/17 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP179 T02110167 10217 20206 57022 TSNO PHOG 041154Z AUTO 06010KT 10SM FEW047 BKN060 22/17 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP180 T02220172 10233 20217 58021 TSNO ils rwy 2


BGAD012, Barry Theodore, lfmt-ekah, 84, 187.8, DC3, lfmt-epwr-edbn-edxw-ekah


bgan039, George Leach, YPDN - YPPD, 0210, 2303.67, AB320,


bgam007, Allan Lowson, 34XS-XS71, 23, 1292.33, Commander 112A,


bgam007, Allan Lowson, KSAT-34XS, 47, 1291.95, Sopwith Cuckoo BGA Mail, Delivering the mail to Kenley Ranch. Like the period touches on the Mail scheme.


bgam007, Allan Lowson, KATT-KSAT, 26, 1291.17, Lockheed 10A, Last leg of April feature and back to a Lockheed favourite.


BGAK015, David R. Evans, PABT - PATA, 46, 377.12, DHC 6  Twin Otter, real weather updated   Vfr.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-SPIM, 425, 6289.42, B777-200ER, DAL Flt #349


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, phnl-phmk, 35, 147.52, dc-3, aloha airlines PHNL 032153Z 07012KT 10SM FEW034 SCT043 BKN055 28/16 A3010 RMK AO2 RAB21E30 SLP194 VCSH NW-N P0000 T02780161 PHMK 032154Z 05018G23KT 10SM SCT046 26/18 A3010 RMK AO2 SLP195 T02610178 ckh mabbl lokie jemko winin phmk gps rwy 5


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-EDDM, 834, 8889.75, Lockheed L-1649A, KBOS.


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kand-katl, 57, 146.93, dc-3, KAND 031456Z AUTO 21008KT 10SM CLR 20/14 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP159 T02000144 58006 KATL 031452Z 28005KT 7SM TS BKN030CB BKN035 OVC070 18/13 A3005 RMK AO2 WSHFT 1407 TSB23RAB32E51 SLP171 OCNL LTGIC TS ALQDS MOV E P0000 60000 T01780133 53020 elw harti bowmn ahn dacha maddi meggn conni hokie ils 27r


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KJFK-KLAX, 333, 6282.33, A380-800, AAL Flt #1


BGAK015, David R. Evans, KPDX - PAJN, 318, 376.35, DC-6b, realWeather,updated   Took off from Portland in Vfr contition but filled Ifr. because weather at Alaska was borderline Vfr. climbed to 10,000Ft. and had a 20Knt head wind so requested 14,000Ft. it was 40Knts there so request an decented back to 10,000. arrived to find heavy rain and 4Mi.Visability landed insterment approuch Rw8.



Posted 3-May


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KDEN-KJFK, 269, 6276.78, A320-232, UAL Flt #812


bgan002, Joe Weber, KSFB-09J, 40, 786.43, Beech King Air 90, VATSIM


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KFAT-KMIA, 406, 8875.85, L-1649A,


bgan039, George Leach, WIII - YPDN, 0242, 2300.17, C-40,


bgad022, Gayngel van den Ing, YPDN-YBRM, 275, 1641.2, DC3, BGAD579


bgan039, George Leach, WRLL-WIII, 095, 2296.13, C-40,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, PANC-KDEN, 310, 6272.3, A787-800, UAL Flight #700


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, EHAM-EIDW, 96, 745.47, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, LPPT-EHAM, 198, 743.87, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, OLBA-LPPT, 444, 740.57, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, VRMM-OLBA, 564, 733.17, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPCC-VRMM, 288, 723.77, L1049G,


BGAD056, Darryl Starick, YPPH-YPCC, 294, 718.97, L1049G,


bgak033, Tom Burrill, KCVG-KCMH, 84, 884.92, DC3, On vatsim flight from Cincnati to Cleveland a visual to 28L


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, kgsp-katl, 65, 145.98, dc-3, KGSP 012253Z 22010KT 10SM CLR 24/05 A3004 RMK AO2 SLP166 T02390050 KATL 012252Z 18013KT 10SM FEW200 OVC250 25/05 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP161 T02500050 odf.macey2 ils 27r


bgas031, Gary McCarty, EGKK-KFAT, 987, 8869.08, Lockheed L-1649A,


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KBOS-PANC, 434, 6267.13, A380-800, Random flight




Posted  1-May


bgan040, Dan George, KAUS  KSAT, 45, 323.57, MAAM-SIM Braniff DC-3, Final leg of 1944 Braniff schedule.


BGAD012, Barry Theodore, VVNB-ZJHK, 114, 186.4, Baron 58,


bgas031, Gary McCarty, KMIA-EGKK, 1319, 8852.63, Lockheed L-1649A, KFAT.


BGAS041, Jim Urquhart, KATL-KBOS, 170, 6259.9, B757-232, DAL Flt #704


BGAS054, Bob Jeffers, khou-kdal, 56, 144.9, crj-200, KDAL 301953Z 19018G29KT 10SM FEW046 SCT190 BKN250 27/13 A2975 RMK AO2 PK WND 17030/1916 SLP069 T02670133


bgan002, Joe Weber, KLEX-KBMG, 64, 785.77, PA-23, West Coast