Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

April 2007



Newest reports on top.


Bill Hendrix, 04-30-07, KJAN-06A, 76, bgas046, AC680S, FSEconomy flight transporting Newspapers


Alex Greig, 04-30-07, LIML-LIPX, 39, bgam013, Beechcraft D18s, Flying Italy low and slow.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/30, KTVL  KTVL, 163, BGAK030, DHC-3T, KTVL, KOAK, KSFO, KTVL


Edward Brunelle, 04/30/07, KOWD-KOWD, 68, bgak013, Beecg Baron 58, From: KOWD to KPVC to KHYA to KEWB to KOWD


Bill Von Sennet, 04-30-07, kagc-kdet, 101, bgas001, DC-3, kagc-kakr-kcle-kdet  1935 Central Airlines Schedule


Bill Von Sennet, 04-28-07, iko-pacd, 102, bgas001, Beech 18 volpar, MP flight with bgad032-bgak013-bgad049-VH-015-bgad050


Allan Lowson, 04-13-07, EGPN-EGPN, 75, bgam007, D.H.104 Dove, Highland Tour


Allan Lowson, 04-24-07, IKO-PACD, 105, bgam007, Baron, Practise run for Expedition


laurie cooper, 04-30-07, PAKT-PAKT, 120, BAGD039, DC-3, Wales Island Tour. PAKT-ANN-HYG-KWF-PAKW-PAWG-KBE-PAKT. Great scenery, plenty of Bears and Mountain Goats, trust me!


Jim Urquhart, 04-29-07, KBWI-EBBR, 728, BGAS041, L1049G, via CYQX


Ron Jorgensen, 04/29, PAEN  PAEN, 90, BGAK030, C 195, PAEN 5Z7 AK18 PAEN


Sid Knapp, 04-29-07, FAJS-FIMP, 390, 035, Bluegrass Connie, BGAD202.


Edward Brunelle, 04-29-07, KEWB-KOWD, 76, bgak013, C-172, From: KEWB TO KHYA TO KPVC TO KOWD - Full Stop


Edward Brunelle, 04-29-07, KOWD-KHYA, 40, bgak013, Beech Baron 58, From: KOWD to KPVC to KHYA For a Full Stop


Andrew Godden, 04-29-07, YPAD-YMML, 195, bgad031, DC-3, YMTG


Andrew Godden, 04-29-07, YMML-YPAD, 189, bgad031, DC-3, YMTG


Edward Brunelle, 04-29-07, KEWB-KPVC, 37, bgak013, Beech Baron 58, KEWB to KOWD to KPVC  Full Stop at KPVC


laurie cooper, 04-29-07, KSAN-KSLC, 300, BGAD039, CURTISS C46C, -KLAX-KLAS- AM-13 1936 AIRMAIL ROUTE


Jim Urquhart, 04-28-07, KTUL-KDCA, 239, BGAS041, CV580, via KBNA


Jim Urquhart, 04-28-07, KMDW-KTUL, 159, BGAS041, CV340, via KSTL


Nagy Fero, 04-28-07, PAPH-PAIL, 80, bgak044, DC3, Vor-VOR and then DME navigation to PAIL  Easy landing with Bluegrass DC3


Joe Weber, 04-27-07, KTPF-KVLD, 70, BGAN002, KingAir C90, VATSIM


Joe Weber, 04-27-07, KDOV-KNKT, 100, BGAN002, C118 (DC-6), VATSIM


Bill Cox, 04-26-07, KLWB-KJYO, 70, bgan041, C421, VFR to KHSP for passengers, then IFR at 7000' to Leesburg.


Bill Cox, 04-25-07, KCRW-KHTS, 48, bgan041, DC3, IFR @ 4000'.


laurie cooper, 04-28-07, KSEA-KSAN, 549, BGAD039, BOEING B247D, KPDX-KMFR-KMCC (Refuel) KOAK-KSFO-KBLF-KLAX-


Bill Von Sennet, 04-27-07, kvny-ksln, 159, bgas001, Cessna Mustang, fl290 307 gal


Patrick Stewart, 04-27-07, KGDV - KBIS, 77, bgas060, Electra L-10A, Real wx flight clear all the way.  Came in on RWY 31 on schedule.


Gary McCarty, 04-27-07, PTYA-RJAW, 528, bgas031, P2Y-2, PGUM


Ron Jorgensen, 04/27, PAEN  PAEN, 168, BGAK030, DHC-2, PAEN - A88 - PACV - PAEN


Bill Von Sennet, 04-27-07, ksln-kvny, 221, bgas001, Eclipse 500, FL290 188gal


Bill Von Sennet, 04-27-07, klbe-ksln, 179, bgas001, Eclipse 500, FL290 153gal


Bill Hendrix, 04-27-07, KGGG-KJAN, 72, bgas046, AC680S, FSEconomy flight


Don Moore, 04-25-07, IKO-PACD, 64, Bgad042, Kingair 350, This BGA Aleutian Island flight is a great run, unhappily we three participants all had to cut the journey short so we landed at Cold Bay instead of continuing on to King Salmon.   We'll do that leg later.


Don Moore, 04-24-07, VIAG-VIBP, 98, Bgad042, Grumman Goose, At VIAG it was possible to have a close look at the Taj Mahal from the air and from a spot parked in the river just opposite,in FSX it looked a great sight.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-26-07, ksln-l72, 197, bgas001, Cessna Mustang, 382gal fl290  flying to Van Nuys ran out of fuel - dead stick landing at Trona CA


Bill Von Sennet, 04-26-07, klbe-ksln, 184, bgas001, Cessna Mustang, 352 gal  FL 290


Gary McCarty, 04-26-07, RPLL-PTYA, 435, bgas031, Consolidated P2Y, RPVA


Ron Jorgensen, 04/26, PAEN  PAEN, 90, BGAK030, AC500, PAEN  KEB  4K0  PAEN


Jim Urquhart, 04-26-07, KMPS-KLAX, 323, BGAS041, Howard 500, via KSLC


Patrick Stewart, 04-26-07, KBIL - KGDV, 81, bgas060, Electra L-10A, Real wx flight clear all the way.


Sid Knapp, 04-26-07, FIMP-FAJS, 375, 035, Bluegrass Connie, BGAD201. Final leg. This new Abacus Connie flies very well in FSX, lots of bells and whistles!


Sid Knapp, 04-24-07, YPCC-FIMP, 540, 035, Bluegrass Connie, BGAD201. Great weather and a nice tail wind for much of the flight. Very good navigation exercise.


Patrick Stewart, 04-25-07, KBTM - KBIL, 74, bgas060, Electra L-10A, Real wx flight out on RWY 11 heading towards Billings.  Went off course to the SE to get around some high mtns.  Made in OK w/a ATC directed landing on RWY 28R.


Patrick Stewart, 04-25-07, KSFF - KBTM, 95, bgas060, Electra L-10A, Took off on time w/good wx.  Made it across the mtns OK.  Came in on RWY 29 at Butte.  Still ahead of schedule.


Patrick Stewart, 04-25-07, KBFI - KSFF, 93, bgas060, Electra L-10A, Starting my NWA trip across country.  Arrived ahead of schedule.


Paul van den Berg, 04-24-07, TNCM-TIST, 52, bgak036, DC-3C, see screenies. Lovely flight in setting sun.


Allen Gale, 04-25-07, PAKT - PAPG, 55, bgas58, C-195, A little Alaskan bush flying


Jan van Akker, 04-25-07, YHID-YPPH, 450, bgad018, Lear 45, Nonstop


Luke, 04-23-07, KLSV-KLAS, 13, BGAN021, Sopwith Cuckoo, Nellis to Las Vegas in the sopwith Cuckoo. Sopwiths rock to WWI planes. The Bristol Fighter was also a good bi-plane to fly.


Luke, 04-23-07, EGDO-KWRI, 100, BGAN021, Nimrod, Second 1hr 40 of disonnected flight plan from a base on the coast of england which also appears in (CFS3) to Macquire AFB NJ. in a BAE Nimrod recon/cargo carrying a gift of haggis from the UK Govt. to the US Govt.


Luke, 04-23-07, EGDO-KWRI, 76, BGAN021, Nimrod, Got bumped of fshost for a few hours and didnt realise. They need to add a disconnect sound to fshc. First leg of registered nonstop flight. Go figure. Managed to rescue 3 hours of 7 hr flight with no landing bonus.


Jim Urquhart, 04-24-07, KMEM-KMDW, 192, BGAS041, DC3, via KSTL


Joe Weber, 04-24-07, TIST-TNCM, 41, BGAN002, Convair 440, VATSIM


Wolfgang Ahl, 04-24-07, TLF - TLF, 100, bgak038, Cessna172, Toughman Challenge 20. ILS RW33. Made it on second try.


Allen Gale, 04-24-07, KMIA-KMCO, 80, bgas058, Vultee V1A, Leg #3 of CAR106.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/24/, KBOI  KBOI, 73, BGAK030, DHC-3 T, KBOI OR12 KBOI


Jim Urquhart, 04-24-07, KHOU-KMEM, 192, BGAS041, DC3, via KSHV KLIT


Dan George, 04-24-07, KROA to KLWB, 60, BGAN040, MAAM-SIM DC-3, Charter flight by the C-47 Pilot's Association for three day gathering at the Greenbrier Resort.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/23, KBFI  KBFI, 72, BGAK030, AN-2, Route:  KBFI  27W  KBFI


Bill Cox, 04-21-07, KLWB-KEKN, 42, bgan041, C177RG, Short trip to Elkins, WV in the Cardinal, VFR @ 9500'


Bill Cox, 04-20-07, KLWB-KBCB, 36, bgan041, AC52, A quick trip from Lewisburg, WV to Blacksburg, VA in the old Aero Commander.  IFR @ 6000'


Luke, 04-19-07, ATU-PADK, 48, BGAN021, BAE Nimrod, A long exiting flight over endless ocean to Alaska. Gotta love this bird. FS9 version doesnt have the spead of the FSX one.


Luke, 04-19-07, PAKN-PADK, 54, BGAN021, BAE Nimrod, .PACD.PADU. Recon flight with smaller slower escorts to scout the islands of russia's North then into Norway to find Mother One.


Luke, 04-17-07, EGLL-EDDB, 57, BGAN021, BAE Nimrod, Nothing like a flight in a British spyplane into Berlin for lifting international spirits.


Luke, 04-17-07, ULAA-EFKS, 59, BGAN021, BAE Nimrod, .KM.


Luke, 04-14-07, KTUL-KBRO, 11, BGAN021, BAE Nimrod, The start of a brilliant working relationship between myself and this fast but wild bird.


Luke, 04-14-07, PHNL-YSSY, 64, BGAN021, DC-10-30, FLight from Hawaii overnight cancelled due to ip time-out.


Luke, 04-13-07, KRHV-KHAF, 17, BGAN021, Sopwith Cuckoo, .KNUQ.KSQL. Barnstorming the Moffet Fed. Blimp sheds.


Luke, 04-13-07, EGWU.EGLL.EGLC.EGKB.EGKK, 17, BGAN021, Sopwith Cuckoo, .EGLL.EGLC.EGKB. Nice tour around Londoninium with Don, Kenny etc in a slow plane barnstorming the bridges of Lord Thames.


Wolfgang Ahl, 04-22-07, TLF-TLF, 104, bgak038, Cessna 172, Toughman Challenge 20 ILS RW26. Tight squeeze but made it on first try.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/21, PADX  PADX, 73, BGAK030, C337, PADX 7W1 PADX


Jim  Urquhart, 04-21-07, KIND-KEWR, 219, BGAS041, C46, via KPIT


Sid Knapp, 04-20-07, YPPH-YPCC, 360, 035, Bluegrass Connie, BGAD201. Very small speck to find in a very large expanse of sea! Great weather, variable wind up to 25knts at IFR12000.


Sid Knapp, 04-20-07, YSSY-YPPH, 420, 035, Bluegrass Connie, BGAD201.  Good flight weather wise, wind a little variable at IFR12000.  Flying the 'Connie' by Abacus. Great aircraft, lots of bells and whistles!




Bill Von Sennet, 04-19-07, klwb-kigq, 83, bgas001, Eclipse 600, FL310  66 gal


Jim Urquhart, 09-19-07, KSLC-KCOS, 155, BGAS041, DC5, via KGJT


Ed Burke, 04-18-07, YBBN - KLAX, 796, bgad011, B744, A long tedious hop at the end of which one has to do a good job of the complex arrival.  We survived.


Sid Knapp, 04-19-07, YPAD-YMML, 126, 035, Bluegrass DC4, BGAD 704. DC4 back in the hangar for a while. Got a jump seat ride to Sydney this morning, now off to fly the Connie on some long trips.


Sid Knapp, 04-18-07, YPPH-YPAD, 370, 035, Bluegrass DC4, BGAD 704.


Jim Urquhart, 04-18-07, CYVR-KHOU, 452, BGAS041, L-049, via KDEN


Bill Hendrix, 04-18-07, KLWB-KMTN, 105, bgas046, Cessna 421C, Multiplayer flight on WCATC with BGAS001.


Bill Von Sennet, 04-18-07, klwb-kmtn, 112, bgas001, Beechj Bonanza V35, on line with bgas046


Paul van den Berg, 04-16-07, EGKH-EGHN, 74, bgak036, Tiger Moth, see screenies!


Paul van den Berg, 04-11-07, SKBO-SKMP, 38, bgak036, C-46, see screenies


Patrick Stewart, 04-18-07, TIST - TIXM, 24, bgas060, Grumman Goose, Rain at the get go but cleared up before I got to TIXM.


Jim Urquhart, 04-17-07, CYXY-CYVR, 307, BGAS041, DC5, via CYPR


Bill Von Sennet, 04-17-07, kigq-klwb, 99, bgas001, Eclipse 500, 91 gal FL 31


Dan George, 04-16-07, KGAD to KLWB, 105, BGAN040, AC680S, Charter flight from Gadsden AL to Lewisburg WV.  Heavy thunderstorms during the flight but good tailwind too.  On oxygen most of the flight to get over the T-storms.


Sid Knapp, 04-16-07, YPAD-YPPH, 397, 035, Bluegrass DC4, BGAD 703. Active Sky gave me wind all round the compass on this leg! Not much cloud, very good viz.


Sid Knapp, 04-15-07, YMML- YPAD, 135, 035, Bluegrass DC4, BGAD 703.


Sid Knapp, 04-15-07, YSSY-YMML, 145, 035, Bluegrass DC4, BGAD708. Good weather, variable head wind around 20knts.


Tom Burrill, 04-16-07, KEWR-KALB, 84, bgak033, CRJ 200, Flight on line during the North Easter storm.  BDR CAM via IFR made three missed aproaches at Albany due to high winds. Finally made a safe landing.


Tom Burrill, 04-14-07, KPIT-KEWR, 84, bgak033, CRJ 200, On line with Vatsim ahead of the bad weather as New England/New York is now under a Noreaster warning. Winds up to 50 MPH and heavy rain.  Flew low altitude IFR at Fl lvl 170 via TON V35 PSB FQM ILS 22R


Jim Urquhart, 04-14-07, PAFA-PASI, 289, BGAS041, DC5, via PANC


John Lawler, 04-14-07, AYWK-AYPY, 186, bgad017, Douglas DC-3, Flight # BGAD592


John Lawler, 04-14-07, AYPY-AYWK, 169, bgad017, Douglas DC-3, Flight # BGAD591.


Gary McCarty, 04-14-07, NCAT-NIGJ, 550, bgas031, PBY-5A, NTPH


Ron Jorgensen, 04/12, KSEA  KSEA, 134, BGAK030, DHC-2, KSEA  94WA  80WA  KORS  KSEA


Dan George, 04-14-07, KCRG to KGAD, 110, BGAN040, AC680S, Charter from Jacksonville FL to Gadsden AL.


Luke, 04-10-07, 29S-KEVW, 74, BGAN021, HU-16, .KJAC.KEMM.HINAV.U06.KIDTE.JADUR.


Luke, 04-09-07, KSEA-0S9, 66, BGAN021, AC680, .83Q.KPAE.3W5.CYCW.KBLI.W10.


Luke, 04-04-07, HEAT-HEAX, 56, BGAN021, GROB SPn, .FYM.HECA.


Luke, 04-04-07, HELX-HEAX, 37, BGAN021, AC-520, .AST.FYM.HEOC.HECW.HEAZ.


Luke, 03-29-07, CBS8-W49, 18, BGAN021, BELL-412, , CYCD, CAM3, W39,


Luke, 03-28-07, KMCI-KABI, 77, BGAN021, 737-200 aIR nEW zEALAND,


Bill Hendrix, 04-13-07, KVPS-KCBM, 75, bgas046, C-130, My first flight in my Capt Sim C-130.  Real nice airplane.


Luke, 03-27-07, CBQ8-PANT, 35, BGAN021, AC52, .CYXT


Luke, 03-27-07, CBW2-.CBQ8, 21, BGAN021, AC52, .CYXT


Luke, 03-25-07, YMHB-YKII, 50, BGAN021, AN26, .YMLT.YQNS.


Gary McCarty, 04-13-07, NFLB-NCAI, 511, bgas031, PBY-5A, NSFA


Jim Urquihart, 04-13-07, PABR-PAFA, 199, BGAS041, DC5, via PASC


Ron Jorgensen, 4/12, KSEA  KSEA, 165, BGAK030, DHC-2, KSEA-WN55-WA78-36WA-KELN-KSEA


Ron Jorgensen, 4/12, KSEA  KSEA, 165, BGAK030, DHC-2, KSEA-WN55-WA78-36WA-KELN-KSEA


Patrick Stewart, 04-13-07, 35AZ - P01, 109, bgas060, Piper J-3, 21th leg.  Barely got there w/vapors of fuel left.


Patrick Stewart, 04-13-07, P03 - 35AZ, 81, bgas060, Piper J-3, 20th leg.    Headed toward 2AZ8, didn't realize it was an ultra light AP til I got there.  Went  N to 35AZ.


Patrick Stewart, 04-13-07, 0MN0 - PO3, 89, bgas060, Piper J-3, 19th leg.  Made it over to Cochise Co. in AZ.


Patrick Stewart, 04-13-07, TJSM - TIST, 39, bgas060, Grumman Goose, Nice wx out to TIST.  Actually landed at TISM, St Thomas Float Dock.


Don Moore, 04-05-07, OOHA-OONR, 1, Bgad042, 737-400, Flight cancelled even before it got started.


Jim Urquhart, 04-12-07, PAED-PABR, 267, BGAS041, DC5, via PAFB


Gary McCarty, 04-12-07, YSRB-NFLB, 657, bgas031, PBY-5A, YPMH


Jim Urquhart, 04-11-07, KMIA-TNCC, 311, BGAS041, L-049, via MKJS


Dan George, 04-11-07, KLWB to KCRG, 175, BGAN040, AC680S, Charter flight to KCRG Jacksonville FL with stop at KHSP to pick up passengers.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/10, KFHR  WN07, 77, BGAK030, A1B Husky, T M C # 19


Jim Urquhart, 04-10-07, KDCA-KMIA, 235, BGAS041, L-049, via KRDU KJAX


Ed Burke, 04-10-07, ZGHA - ZSHG, 245, bgad011, DHC-3 Otter, Arrived at Xiaoshan close to Shanghai.  Soon across to Japan.


Ed Burke, 04-05-07, ZGKL - ZGHA, 126, bgad011, DHC-3 Otter, More China wanderings


Patrick Stewart, 04-09-07, PHNL - PHLI, 65, bgas060, PT-17, Trying new Boeing-Stearman PT-17.  Nice open air A/C.  Tried her out in Hawaii.


Allen Gale, 04-09-07, MYNN-KMIA, 59, bgas058, 340B, 2nd leg of CAR106


Ron Jorgensen, 04/09, PAMC  PAMC, 65, BGAK030, C-195, PAMC - KCR - MDR - PAMC


Patrick Stewart, 04-09-07, MYXM - MBPV, 82, bgas060, Grumman Goose, Nice wx followed the islands down.  Made a straight in on RWY 10.


sid tatton, 04-09-07, YGEL-YCAR, 180, BGAD007, C47, YGEL-YSHK-YCAR


Jan van Akker, 04-09-07, YELD - YPPH, 362, bgad018, Connie, Nonstop Via TN-KU-TEF-BUI-SPUDO-TEEVE- The rest under IFR ATC to Rwy 3 perth


Tom Burrill, 04-08-08, KMPV-KMHT, 64, bgak033, DC3 Cargo, Return flight from Montpelier flown on IVAO. Flight was good but did a go round as the IVAO weather did not agree with the sim and had wind out of the west while the sim said 340 deg.


Joe Weber, 04-07-07, KLAS-KRNO, 97, BGAN002, CV580, Checking out Tom Gibson's beta Southwest Scenery


Dan George, 04-08-07, KTYS to KLWB, 75, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Charter flight KTYS Knoxville TN to Lewisburg WV.


Gayngel van den Ing, 04-08-07, YPDN-YPPH, 880, bgad022, Douglas DC-3, BGAD578


Gary McCarty, 04-07-07, MBGT-EHAM, 756, bgas031, Lockheed L-1049G, LPHR


Dan George, 04-07-07, KCSV to KTYS, 35, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Crossville TN to Knoxville.  Positioning flight to pick up charter.


Dan George, 04-07-07, KLWB to KCSV, 95, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Return charter flight to Crossville TN.  Not a resubmission of an earlier flight.


Joe Weber, 04-06-07, KVAD-KSSC, 90, BGAN002, T-29C, IFR on VATSIM


Tom Burrill, 04-06-07, KMHT-KMPV, 48, bgak033, DC3 Cargo, A cargo flight on line with Vatsim weahther was good with a good approach and then an emergency as an aircraft taxied onto the Rwy 17 despite my Unicom message. The DC 3 went around him with no problem. A first in over 1,000 hrs on line.


Bill Hendrix, 04-06-07, KDTS-KMGE, 70, bgas046, Ratheon Hawker 400XP, new airplane with a great panel, includes a fully functional FMC amoung other niceties.


Ed Burke, 04-05-07, ZGKL - ZGHA, 126, bgad011, DHC-3 Otter, Rambles through southern China


Bill Cox, 04-05-07, KBLF-KCRW, 62, bgan041, DC3, IFR @ 6000', no ILS landing at KCRW today, visual on runway 33 because of winds 306@10.


Ed Burke, 04-05-07, ZGKL - ZGKL, 78, bgad011, DHC-3 Otter, Guilin local -  neck stretching.  Plenty of good scenery.


Alex Greig, 04-04-07, KLGA-KHFD, 60, bgam013, Waco Mailwing, Flight completed after dark due to inattention to time!!


Gary McCarty, 04-05-07, MBGT-MBGT, 460, bgas031, DC-3, SVCR


Ron Jorgensen, 04/05, KSEA  KSEA, 105, BGAK030, C182RG, KSEA 27W 6S9 1S2 KSEA


Dan George, 04-05-07, KHXD to KLWB, 110, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Hilton Head SC to Lewisburg WV.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/05, KTVL  KTVL, 68, BGAK030, P Porter, KTVL-64Q-01CL-60Q-9Q5-Q61-KTVL


Gary McCarty, 04-04-07, TJNR-TJNR, 386, bgas031, Aero commander 680S, TAPA-TGPY-TAPA


Jim Urquhart, 04-04-07, KSEA-KEWR, 567, BGAS041, DC6, via KMDW


Bill Cox, 04-02-07, KLWB-KAVL, 112, bgan041, C206, IFR @ 8000' via V37, V20, V222.


Pat Daley, 04-03-07, PAMR-PAVD, 72, bgak029, dhc-3, 3 miles vis.


Gary McCarty, 04-03-07, MUHA-MBGT, 234, bgas031, Aero commander 680S, MUCA-MUGM


Dan George, 04-03-07, KCSV to KHXD, 102, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Crossville TN to Hilton Head SC, golfing charter and then on the Greenbrier, White Sulfur Springs WV.


Ron Jorgensen, 04/03, KTVL  KTVL, 62, BGAK030, DHC-2, KTVL - NV72 - 01NV - O43 - KTVL


Patrick Stewart, 04-03-07, MYNN - MYXM, 56, bgas060, Grumman Goose, Good flight, nice wx.  Followed NAV Aids right to MYXM.  Good water landing.


Jan van Akker, 04-03-07, YWOL - YSCB, 65, bgad018, DC-3, no stops


Don Moore, 03-=29-07, KJAN-KLOU, 76, Bgad042, Learjet 45, A little bit more practice on this type.


Patrick Stewart, 04-03-07, KDIN - MYNN, 66, bgas060, Grumman Goose, Great day, great flight right over to MYNN.  Straight in or RWY 9 parking at Gate 30.


Don Moore, 03-26-07, EGPN-EGPL, 67, Bgad042, DHC 8-300, The plan was to go from Dundee to Benbecula,well the flight ended after 67 minutes but I dont know why,where or how.   No record of arriving at EGPL exists.


Don Moore, 03-20-07, KCDC-KAFF, 26, Bgad042, Learjet 45, A new experience to fly this aeroplane,I need quite a bit more practice to become converted to this type.


Gary McCarty, 04-02-07, MBGT-MUHA, 265, bgas031, Aero commander 680S, MUGM-MUCA


Gary McCarty, 04-02-07, MWCR-MBGT, 227, bgas031, Grumman Goose, MKJP


Ron Jorgensen, 04/02, KTVL  KTVL, 60, BGAK030, P. Tri Pacer, KTVL Q82 73CA 64Q KTVL


Jim Urquhart, 04-01-07, KATL-KLAS, 273, BGAS041, L-049, via KDEN


Joe Weber, 04-01-07, KBZM-KBIL, 42, BGAN002, Dc-3, VATSIM


Gary McCarty, 04-01-07, MBGT-MWCR, 272, bgas031, Grumman Goose, MKJP


Ron Jorgensen, 04/01, KTVL  KTVL, 38, BGAK030, DHC-2 Amphib, KTVL - KMEV - Q74 - KTVL


Dan George, 04-01-07, KLWB to KCSV, 85, BGAN040, Beech Baron 58, Flight to Crossville TN.