Bluegrass Airlines

Flight Reports with Comments

October 2005



Newest reports on top.



Paul van den Berg, 09-31-05, LGIR-LIRF, 102, BGAK036, 767-300ER, Crete to Rome, Italy.


Paul van den Berg, 09-30-05, LGSK-LGIR, 37, BGAK036, 767-300ER, Mykonos to Crete.


Paul van den Berg, 09-30-05, LGSK-LGMK, 32, BGAK036, 767-300ER,


Paul van den Berg, 09-29-05, EBOS-EBOS, 95, BGAK036, 767-300ER, Training sessions at Oostende. T&Go, T&Go, T&Go, T&Go....


Patrick Stewart, 10-31-05, TTPM-SYCJ, 170, bgas060, Tri-Pacer Amphibian, 15th flt Cat Jaunt.


Patrick Stewart, 10-31-05, TGPY-TTPM, 53, bgas060, Tri-Pacer Amphibian, 14th flt Cat Jaunt.  Would you believe it, a big old bright blue arrow out in the bay pointing to the BG Hanger?  Imagine that....  Gives a new meaning to NAVAIDS....


Bill Von Sennet, 10-31-05, enbr-enml, 38, bgas001, LearJet 45, 125 Gal.


Dean Johnson, 10-31-05, KTUS-KPHX, 29, bgas044, B-B1, Fast Aircraft.  Swept-wing fast flight slow landing.  good flight


Jim Urquhart, 10-31-05, PAPH-PADK, 348, BGAS041, DC3,


Tom McCoy, 10-30-05, KLAX - KDFW,         246, bgas057, ERJ - 145, KDFW - Landed ILS 17R and taxied to gate       G-5.  Used real world weather. ILS       Flight @ 300.


Tom McCoy, 10-28-05, KSEA - KLAX,       210, bgas057, ERJ - 145,


Don Moore, 10-31-05, YPAD-YPLC, 64, BGAD042, DHC-6, VFR at 4500'


Jim Urquhart, 10-30-05, PAMR-PAPH, 166, BGAS041, DC-3,


Nathen Miller, 10-29-05, TNCM-X68, 164, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Smithy, 10/31/05, LSGS - LIRP, 127, bgad032, DC - 3,


Smithy, 10/28/05, YSWL - YMIA, 130, bgad032, Cessna 182s,


Smithy, 10/28/05, NZQN - NZMF, 61, bgad032, DC - 3,


Smithy, 10/26/05, TAPA - TLPL, 107, bgad032, DC - 3,


Smithy, 10/26/05, TFFJ - TAPA, 48, bgad032, DC - 3,


Tom Burrill, 10-30-05, KCON-NH61-NH03-8B1 - Kcon, 93, bgak033, PT17 N2S2, Flight via pilotage to local airports from Concord -Heaton,Lee, Hawthorne Feather. All airports where I have flown Radio Control and attended fly ins.


Joe Weber, 10-30-05, FAHV-LIRP, 806, BGAN002, DC-3, DC-3 World Rally 2005 (Entrant 031)


Allan Lowson, 10-28-05, LSGS-LIRP, 120, bgam007, DC-3, 6th. leg WR05. A long climb should sort the wheat from the chaff - so I'll be heading for the back of the field again.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-28-05, lsgs-lirp, 115, bgas001, DC-3, WR 2005 flight 6  1031# fuel


John Franco, 10-13-05, LSGS-LIRP, 111, BGAN011, World Rally 2005 DC3, DC3 World Rally 2005 flt#6(final in the rally)I was a little surprised that the DC3 made it to 13200 feet. I kept to the numbers and she did well. To get to 140 KIAS after starting the descent from altitude, i did a standard -500FPM descent down to 5500 as indicated on the flightplan. Upon completion of the DC3 World Rally 2005, I now havea better understanding of the DC3 and i can fly it more efficently. My salute goes to the organizers of this great event for FS9. Ill be looking forward to DC3 WR2006. As long as im not tied up with Senior yr. (HS) work next year, ill be around for the next rally.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-30-05, egpe-enbr, 77, bgas001, Eclipse 500, IFR FL 210  149gal 2nd flight of Euro Tour


Jim Urquhart, 10-30-05, KMDW-KEWR, 184, BGAS041, DC4,


Jim Urquhart, 10-30-05, KMKC-KMDW, 110, BGAS041, DC4,


Sid Tatton, 10-30-05, LIRF-LFPO, 106, BGAD007, 767-300ER,


Patrick Stewart, 10-29-05, PHNL-KBUR, 752, bgas060, DC-4, BGAD217 RTW Flight.  Loaded up, flew real wx. Took off at night, landed at night.  Should have planned it out to AR early morning.  (I think I dated my last PIREP NFFN-PHNL for 10/28/05, should have been 10/27/05)


Allan Lowson, 10-23-05, EIDL-EGPE, 66, bgam007, Folland Gnat, Donegal - Inverness via Islay and Benbecula.


Allan Lowson, 10-23-05, EIDL-EGPE, 101, bgam007, Hawker 800XP, Donegal - Inverness via Islay and Benbecula.


Allan Lowson, 10-23-05, EGPF-EIDL, 43, bgam007, Hurricane Prototype,


Allan Lowson, 10-23-05, EGPF-EIDL, 40, bgam007, Hawker 800XP, Arrival at Donegal for Euro tour.


Allan Lowson, 10-28-05, NZQN-NZQN, 109, bgam007, DC-3, 5th. leg WR05. Red Baron mesh has mountains in the way on the flight path, so had to switch mesh off and go back to default scenery. Pilot excuse no. 387 and I'm sticking to it.


Allan Lowson, 10-23-05, TFFJ-TLPL, 166, bgam007, DC-3, 4th. leg WR05. Finally sorted out the flight model thanks to Bill vons and Mark Beaumont. Rest down to luck!


Allan Lowson, 10-20-05, SCTE-SAWS, 96, bgam007, DC-3, 3rd. leg WR05.


Allan Lowson, 10-17-05, BIVM-BIRG, 92, bgam007, DC-3, 2nd. leg WR05.Never saw the ground at the touch and go so did a low speed low-level fly by, dodging a hangar on the way.


Allan Lowson, 10-16-05, FAHV-FAEL, 159, bgam007, DC-3, 1st leg WR05. Horrible filght model due to excessive tinkering by pilot.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-30-05, eidl-egpe, 46, bgas001, Eclipse 500, 650# Fuel 1st flight of Euro Tour (from the bottom of our on FS 2004 about (and join) Euro Tour there.)


John Gilbert, 10-30-05, CYUX-CYUT, 235, bgad033, Globe Twotter DHC-6, CYUT-CYRT-


Don Leveille, 10-29-05, KFLL-MYGW, 42, bgas007, DHC-3, NICE FLIGHT NICE WEATHER.


 Tom Burrill, 10-29-05, CYJN-CSD4, 101, bgak033, DHC2 Beaver, Leg 2 of flight from KCON (Concord,NH.) to Alaska by some or other route provided the weather lets me do it.  Now at Mont Laurier Que headed for the Northwest Territories. To be for real fuel is a problem may need to cheat here. Better luck next time though all in fun for sure.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-29-05, padk-atu, 271, bgas001, Cessna 172SP, Adak to Attu, Alaska Strong winds from the northwest. Used 220# fuel. See screen shots.


Jim Urquhart, 10-29-05, KABQ-KMKC, 171, BGAS041, DC-4,


Sid Tatton, 10-30-05, YPAD-YBAS, 200, BGAD007, 737-800,


Sid Tatton, 10-29-05, YBTL-YKID, 79, BGAD007, DOUGLASS DC3, nice dawn flight high winds made the ole biscuit bomber jump around a bit


graeme mckenna, 10-29-05, cje3-khln, 80, bgad004, baron58tc,


Jim Urquhart, 10-28-05, KSSF-KDRT, 60, BGAS041, DHC6,


Jon Carlson, 10-28-05, EGPA - EGPA, 46, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, October Feature. Final flight of monday's schedule. Land back at Kirkwall from Sanday and Stronsay. Sun is starting to set. Interesting flights. Had a good time.


Jon Carlson, 10-28-05, EGPA - EGPA, 41, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, Second afternoon flight October Feature. Finally getting used to these islands. Recognize them before I can make out the airport.


Jon Carlson, 10-28-05, EGPA - EGPA, 40, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, To North Ronaldsay and back. Almost on schedule. October Feature.


Jim Urquhart, 10-28-05, KBUR-KABQ, 208, BGAS041, DC4,


Nathen Miller, 10-22-05, YSWL-YMIA, 170, bgad009, Cessna C182,


Nathen Miller, 10-28-05, SEGU-TNCM, 208, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Don Moore, 10-26-05, YMIA-YMML, 60, BGAD042, PC-3 Orion, IFR at 5,000'.


Dean Johnson, 10-27-05, KSAT-KRSW, 123, bgas044, C-5, Carried many supplies to Fort Myers to help in the recovery of the area.  Water food Ice and Other items.


Patrick Stewart, 10-27-05, NFFN-=PHNL, 814, bgas060, DC-4, BGAD217 RTW Flight.  Loaded up w/fuel early in the morning and got into PHNL at night.  Used 17,963 lbs fuel.  Had to go around once for a visual.  Long, Long flight...


Dean Johnson, 10-27-05, KLAS-KPHX, 51, bgas044, Learjet 45, Good flight good weather all the way


Jim Urquhart, 10-27-05, KABQ-KBUR, 199, BGAS041, DC4,


Jim Urquhart, 10-26-05, MMMY-KCRP, 77, BGAS041, DC3,


Don MOORE, 10-26-05, ymia -ymav, 60, bgad042, PC-3 Orion, IFR at 5000'


Tom Burrill, 10-26-05, KNPA-KMCF, 98, bgak033, WP3-Orion, Return to base of operations at MacDill AFB


Patrick Stewart, 10-26-05, NZAA-NFFN, 359, bgas060, DC-4, 2nd Flight of RTW trip.


Jim Urquhart, 10-26-05, KMKC-KABQ, 200, BGAS041, DC4,


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-26-05, YSRB-WSSB, 1575, bgad022, CATALINA, BGAD303 via YBSB


Bill Von Sennet, 10-26-05, nzqn-nzqn, 106, bgas001, DC-3, DCA-WR-05   round trip to nzmf  23 knot headwinds going, tailwinds coming back, and crosswinds on downind and final.  A bit dicey!


John Franco, 10-12-05, NZQN-NZQN, 101, BGAN011, World Rally 2005 DC3, DC3 World Rally 2005 flights 5a and 5b. There was a brief stop at NZMF(Milford Sound NZ). The approaches into Milford Sound and Queenstown NZ i felt were interesting with their own touches. I had to maneuver around a mountain coming into Milford Sound, and hyad a little trouble spooting the airport, so i was up at 1500 feet instead of 800 doing about 90KIAS to find the airport, and when I did, I was relieved to make a safe landing on the short runway. I shut down the engines briefly to get the next FS NAV plan up, and then I headed out. Coming into Queenstown NZ was cool because the runway i noticed was on a plateau so i came in a tad high to avoid hitting the edge of the cliff. A smooth landing then prevailed. I had plenty of fuel for this leg and because I took out the passenger and baggage weight, the plane suprisingly cruised between 150 and 160 KIAS for this flight even with settings of 30IN MP and 2050RPM cruise with leaned mixture.


graeme mckenna, 10-26-05, kmib-cje3, 42, bgad004, baron58tc,


graeme mckenna, 10-26-05, kmsp-kmib , 90, bgad004 , baron58tc,


John Gilbert, 10-26-05, EGAA-EGGW, 115, BGAD033, De Havilland Twin Otter DH, bel-ringa-scyda-iom-kelly-casel-wal-nanti-lil-sapco-welin-olney-buzad


Jon Carlson, 10-26-05, EGPA - EGPA, 52, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, October Feature in the Orkneys. Fourth flight on monday schedule. Carrying lots of pasengers for most of this flight. Actually bringing back full compliment of passengers and jam-packed cargo pod. Made for interesting take off from Papa Westray heavily laden almost into the wind. Used ALL of the runway. I can see why they normally use a DH.6. The Caravan is nice, but, with anything more than half fuel and half passenger/cargo load it really strains to get into the air in time. Only 2 minutes behind schedule this flight!


Jon Carlson, 10-26-05, EGPA - EGPA, 42, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, October Feature. Third flight of morning schedule (monday). From Kirkwall to Stronsay then to Sanday and back to Kirkwall. Wind has shifted and is coming from about 300* making for interesting landings. Only five minutes off schedule this time.


Jon Carlson, 10-26-05, EGPA - EGPA, 47, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, Second flight of the morning schedule. October Feature in the Orkneys. Wind has picked up. Out to Westray. Crosswind landing. Then to Papa Westray. Took 5 minutes instead of 2 as I am still getting used to the turboprop. And back to Kirkwall only 7 minutes behind schedule. Two more flights before lunch.


Jon Carlson, 10-26-05, EGPA - EGPA, 43, bgas012, Cessna Caravan 208, First flight on Monday schedule for October Feature. Must be a rookie as I land at North Ronaldsay on 3rd try. Actually I'm not used to turboprops. Takes a while to get used to all that power and its 'delayed' availability. Finish at Kirkwall 6 min. behind schedule. Close.


Michael Ahl, 051023, S88-27W, 74, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 051025, KPWT-s18, 30, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 051025, 39P-KPWT, 30, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 051025, 21W-39P, 43, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 051024, NZMF-NZQN, 52, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051024, NZQN-NZMF, 58, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051023, KSEA-S88, 49, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 051023, KSLC-KSEA, 108, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051023, KDEN-KSLC, 60, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051020, KMCI-KDEN, 101, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051020, KORD-KMCI, 77, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051019, TFFJ-TFFR, 108, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051017, KEWL-KEWL, 19, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 051017, KSEA-KEWL, 22, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 051016, BIVM-BIRG, 90, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051015, FAHV-FAEL, 166, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051013, SCTE-SAWS, 102, BGAN013, DC3,


Michael Ahl, 051013, KPIT-KORD, 88, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051012, KJFK-KPIT, 81, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 051012, KBCE-1L7, 31, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 051012, 1L7-KSLC, 47, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 051012, 1L8-KBCE, 19, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 051012, KSLC-1L8, 65, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-25-05, tffj-tlpl, 170, bgas001, DC-3, DCA-World Rally flight #4 1446# fuel  fly over ST Kitts, touch and go at VC Bird TAPA  full stop at LeRaizet TFFR  Fly over Fort De France, dusk arrival.


Dean Johnson, 10-25-05, KFSO-KSJC, 46, bgas044, DH-98 Mosquito, Nice Aircraft.  Flew the bay to check it out then landed in San Jose.


Jim Urquhart, 10-25-05, KIND-KMKC, 134, BGAS041, DC4,


graeme mckenna, 10-24-05, y65-kmsp, 90, bgad004, baron58tc, app only keep on getting cut of server so put time less 90 min prob 110 min


graeme mckenna, 10-25-05, kjhw-y65, 120, bgad004, baron58tc,


YSSY-NZAA, 10-24-05, YSSY-NZAA, 380, bgas060, DC-4, Started this RTW trip in a DC-4 but I'm going to get into trouble w/the longer flights to come.  Long flight w/a visual landing.


Jim Urquhart, 10-24-05, KAGC-KIND, 103, BGAS041, DC4,


Lyle Hasty, 10-23-05, KACY-KBOS, 90, BGAS017, DC-3,


Pat Daley, 10-24-05, CYAL-CYYJ, 68, bgak029, Shorts Skyvan, Touch & go at CYPB.


Barry Kleiber, 10-24-05, KORD-KDEN, 130, BGAN010, C-17,


Jim Urquhart, 10-24-05, KEWR-KAGC, 99, BGAS041, DC4,


graeme mckenna, 10-24-05,  ympv-kjhw, 90, bgad004 , baron58tc,


Dean Johnson, 10-22-05, KIAH-KBIX, 58, bgas044, C-5A, Flew a few supplies to the folks that need them.  I thought that by doing that the diesel fuel price might come down.  Over $ 3.05 seems a little high as gas has come down over 30 cents.  Any way it was a good flight.


Patrick Stewart, 10-23-05, TFFR-TGPY, 165, bgas060, Tri-Pacer Amphibian, Cat Jaunt TFFR-TFFF-TLPS-TVSV-TGPY flights.


Tom Burrill, 10-23-05, KMCF-KPNS, 73, bgak033, P3 Orion, Relocation flight from Macdill AFB to Pensicola  due to hurricane Wilma


Tom Burrill, 10-23-05, KMCF-KMCF, 90, bgak033, P3 Orion, Weather reconansince flight from Macdill to Macdill AFB over South Florida with the NOAA Lockheed P3 Orion weather data plane.


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, TFFJ,TLPL, 155, bgad009, DC3, this is the 4th part of the world rally for dc3airways


John Franco, 10-10-2005, TFFJ-TLPL, 150, BGAN011, World Rally 2005 DC3, DC3 world rally flight #4.i had to shortcut the final loop of the FSNAV flightplan coming into land at TLPL because i was tight on fuel again. I totally botched up the landing because i was about 1/2 of a mile to the left, and i nearly hit some trees. But i made it off the runway with about 3 gallons of fuel left in the Aux. tank and the mains were dry.


Jim Urquhart, 10-23-05, KMDW-KEWR, 197, BGAS041, DC4,


John Franco, 10-23-05, KSMO-L45, 59, BGAN011, Ford Tri Motor, 1929 Maddux Airlines Flight#1 Los Angeles, CA-Bakersfield, California


graeme mckenna, 10-23-05, kbos-kmpv, 90,  bgad004 , baron58tc,


graeme mckenna, 10-23-05, kbos-kmpv, 48, bgad004, baron58tc,


Smithy, 10/23/05, YSSY - YMEN, 217, bgad032, Fokker VIIb/3m,


Don Moore, 10-10-05, YWYY-YMML, 95, BGAD042, DHC6 Twin Otter, Real world weather.   Taxied 1505 VFR.   Encountered cloud at about 1525 which persisted to some 50 NM south of YMML when VMC returned.   Port engine closed down just before landing at 1630. Rain commenced again while taxiing to parking and airfield lights came on.   Brakes on for parking 1640.


Don Moore, 10-21-05, YPPH-YPKG, 76, BGAD042, SAAB 340B, IFR.   Raining for take off.   Climbed to 5000' but air too bumpy.   Requested new also. 12,000'.   Much smoother ride.   YPKG fogged in to about 400'.   Missed first approach but was successful on second.


Paul Mensch, 10-13-05, SCTE-SAWS, 92, BGAN047, DC3,


graeme mckenna, 10-23-05, khse-kbos, 143, bgad004, baron58tc,


Tom Burrill, 10-22-05, KMCF-KMCF, 30, bgak033, Orion P3, Initial practice with Lockheed Orion P3 at Macdill Airbase in prep for hurricane hunting


graeme mckenna, 10-22-05, kchs-khse, 90, bgad004, baron58tc,


Meryl D Coon, 10-22-05, VVPK-VVRM, 44, BGAN038, Westland Lysander,


Jim Urquhart, 10-22-05, RJAA-RCTP, 318, BGAS041, L1049,


John Franco, 10-22-05, 55WA-55WA, 37, BGAN011, Piper Cub on Skis, A journey on a spiritual flightsim experience. Tree buzzing, river following and touchdowns in fields.


John Franco, 10-22-05, KFRG-KPVD, 91, BGAN011, Ryan NYP, im going to try to go to Paris like lindbergh but ill take it in steps.


John Franco, 10-22-05, KPAE-KPAE, 16, BGAN011, FedEx CH47, just getting a feel for the thing.


John Franco, 10-22-05, RK1E-RK1I, 54, BGAN011, Piper Cub, A break from the hoplist today with some extremely short field ops in Korea. rwy 25 at RK1I is 1469 X 99 feet.


John Kolmos, 10-21-05, KABQ-KAMA, 120, BGAN-029, DC-3, Leg number 4 Sky Queen flight Eastbound TWA 1939


Nathen Miller, 10-22-05, SARI-SEGU, 295, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-21-05, SAWH-SARI, 260, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


graeme mckenna, 10-22-05, kdab-kchs, 93, bgad004, baron58tc,via 08ga


Jim Urquhart, 10-21-05, PASY-RJAA, 515, BGAS041, L1049,


graeme mckenna, 10-22-05,  kmia-kdab , 100, bgad004, baron58tc, via kmlb


GRAEME MCKENNA, 10-22-05, kcgc-kmia,  73, bgad004, canadair crj,


Joe Weber, 10-21-05, KLEX-KMDW, 95, BGAN002, Convair CV-440, Stop at KIND


John Franco, 10-21-05, S33-S21, 39, BGAN011, PT18(Boeing Stearman), WCATC hoplist flight number 4 of 10. i was about 400 feet off the ground when i was in cruise flight.


Bob Welch, 10-21-05, TTPP-SVCS, 134, BGAK060, DC3,


Barry Kleiber, 10-21-05, RODN-RJBB, 121, BGAN010, Lockheed WP3D NOAA, The last of 3 flights to get from Hawaii to Japan. This was the shortest. RODN Kadena to RJBB Kansai in Osaka. Land ILS RW 24.


Barry Kleiber, 10-21-05, PMDY-RODN, 417, BGAN010, Lockheed WP3D NOAA, Midway Island, Henderson Field to Okinawa, Kadena. A very long flight in not great weather. Land RW 5R on fumes.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-21-05, scte-saws, 104, bgas001, DC-3, 936# of Fuel  World Rally Flight #3


graeme mckenna, 10-21-05, kgzh-kcgc, 91, bgad004, baron58tc,


John Franco, 10-20-05, 4S3-S22, 39, BGAN011, Lockheed Electra , Hoplist continuation (#'s 2-3) on the WCATC server


graeme mckenna, 10-21-05, klch-kgzh, 131, bgad004, baron 58tc,


Nathen Miller, 10-21-05, FACT-SAWH, 680, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-21-05, HRYR-FACT, 304, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Paul van den Berg, 10-20-05, PAWG-PAKT, 45, bgak036, Beech 18, Just a short hop, but nevertheless needed some pin-pointing (visual)navigation among these mountains. Good that the Beechs' cockpit has plenty of glass to look from. Did not climb higher than 3000 ft.


Patrick Stewart, 10-20-05, TKPK-TFFR, 53, bgas060, Tri-Pacer Amphibian, 9th flt Cat Jaunt


Smithy, 10/21/05, BIVM - BIRG, 108, bgad032, DC - 3, Fuel Used:1166lbs Avg. Speed:123.22kt Avg. Cruise Speed:139.28kt Max Altitude:7545ft Landing Speed:77.95kt Distance:210NM Bit of a rough landing, major crosswinds- could have been a better flight


Pat Daley, 10-20-05, PANT-PANT, 95, bgak029, Grumman Goose, Stop @ PAWG


Barry Kleiber, 10-20-05, PHOG-PMDY, 225, BGAN010, Lockheed WP3D NOAA,


Dean Johnson, 10-20-05, KSAN-KLAX, 27, bgas044, KC-135, Short flight. KC-135 good flying A/C. KLAX very busy. Spent 15 minutes Taxing to gate.


Jim Urquhart, 10-20-05, PANC-PASY, 339, BGAS041, L1049,


AP Hendrix, 10-20-05, KMKE - KDFW, 204, bgas047, DC-6,


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-20-05, YSSY-YMML, 98, bgad022, Lockheed Connie, BGAD204


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-20-05, YPDN-YSSY, 405, bgad022, Lockheed Connie, BGAD204


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-20-05, WIII-YPDN, 411, bgad022, Lockheed Connie, BGAD204


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-20-05, VTBD-WIII, 304, bgad022, Lockheed Connie, BGAD204


Paul van den Berg, 10-19-05, PAGS-PAWG, 69, bgak036, Beech 18, Low hanging clouds forcing me to VFR-fly over water and through valley's to Wrangell. Need all concentration not to get lost, or worse: trapped(!) in this area dotted with islands, bays, lakes, mountains... 


John Franco, 10-20-05, KHIO-4S2, 46, BGAN011, C195, Completion of Hops 1&2 on the WCATC server(KHIO-W27-4S2). More to follow because i want my name to fly proud for completing the whole thing. More to follow.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-17-05, bivm-birg, 97, bgas001, DC-3, 889# fuel  DCA World Rally flight 2


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, SCTE-SAWS, 118, bgad009, DC3, this is the 3rd part of the rally from dc3airways


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, BIVM-BIRG, 98, bgad009, DC3, this is the part 2 of the world rally for dc3airways


John Franco, 10-10-05, SCTE-SAWS, 100, BGAN011, DC3 World Rally 2005, DC3 World Rally flt#3.I didnt run out of fuel today. I put in extra, and for fuel efficency, I pulled the prop lever either to 2050 rpms indicated or full back during cruise, whichever was less. The mountains over Chile were nice going into the early morning and another safe landing was made at Jose De San Martin Airport.


Michael Ahl, 10-09-05, LHBP-LHBP, 25, BGAN013, DC3 World Rally, Testflight


John Franco, 10-09-05, BIVM-BIRG, 117, BGAN011, World Rally DC3, DC3 World Rally Flight#2.Had a lighter load this time but for some reason i underestimated the length of this trip. I ran out of gas before BIAR and I had to barter with the locals my passengers for extra fuel :( !!


Jim Urquhart, 10-19-05, KMDW-KHOU, 502, BGAS0411, DC4,


don moore, 10-13-05, ywlm-yssy, 26, bgad042, saab 340 b, Type conversion.  This aircraft has a good steady feel and is relatively fast.


don moore, 10-14-05, ymml-ymia, 75, bgad042, saab 340 b, Type conversion saab 340 b.  VFR at 6500'.  Nice dawn scenery,airfield difficult to see in early morning light.


Paul Mensch, 10-12-05, BIVM-BIRG, 97, BGAN047, DC3 BETSY,


Paul Mensch, 10-10-05, FAHV-FAEL, 170, BGAN047, DC3 BETSY,


Paul Mensch, 10-09-05, EFMA-EFVA, 58, BGAN047, DC4,


Paul Mensch, 10-08-05, ENGM-EFMA, 93, BGAN047, DC6B,


Paul Mensch, 10-06-05, ESOK-ESSK, 61, BGAN047, DC6B,


Paul Mensch, 10-07-05, ESSK-ENGM, 72, BGAN047, DC6B,


Paul Mensch, 10-03-05, ESSL-ESSA, 44, BGAN047, DC6B,


Paul Mensch, 10-02-05, ESGT-ESOK, 34, BGAN047, DC3 BETSY,


Paul Mensch, 10-02-05, ESOH-ESKK, 29, BGAN047, AlphaPBYCatalina,


Paul Mensch, 10-01-05, ENAL-ENGM, 65, BGAN047, DC4,


Paul Mensch, 10-01-05, ENFG-ENAL, 49, BGAN047, DC4,


John Franco, 10-19-05, CYLT-CYLT, 20, BGAN011, DHC2 Beaver, I was trying to make some observations on the magnetic north pole in response to my post. I was about 400NM West NW of the CYLT airport(map go to function). Other than recalibrating the Heading indicator a few times, everything seemed normal. My guess is that one can fly through the magnetic north pole without any drastic changes. But to fly from Point A to Point A on the globe (around the world) requires a heading change every so often.


Smithy, 10/19/05, YBBN - YSSY, 219, bgad032, Fokker VIIb/3m,


Nathen Miller, 10-18-05, FGSL-HRYR, 185, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Jim Urquhart, 10-18-05, KMIA-KRDU, 205, BGAS041, DC4,


Nathen Miller, 10-18-05, GVAC-FGSL, 279, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


graeme mckenna, 10-18-05, ycdu,ywha, 46, bgad004, baron58tc,


Paul van den Berg, 10-17-05, PAYA-PAGS, 71, bgak036, Beech 18, Continuing the delivery of N5369X. Flown south to Gustavus and made a small detour to fly over the Brady Glacier. Excellent weather for some sight seeing.


Dean Johnson, 10-17-05, KPHX-KPHX, 93, bgas044, B-25, Local pattern work Night flying.  R/W 8 Left.  Real weather . Thunder storms and high winds.  Only two missed approaches. Very nice A/C to fly


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-18-05, WIII-VHHX, 537, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD739


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-18-05, YPDN-WIII, 454, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD739


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-18-05, YBBN-YPDN, 473, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD739


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-18-05, YSSY-YBBN, 142, bgad022, Douglas DC-4, BGAD739


Brent Brazeel, 10-17-05, KDFW - KRFD, 108, bgak001, DC-8,


Brent Brazeel, 10-17-05, PAEN - PANC, 183, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-17-05, PADQ - PAEN, 82, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Sid Tatton, 10-17-05, YPAD-YPDN, 220, BGAD007, 767-300,


Paul van den Berg, 10-15-05, PANC-PACV, 74, bgak036, Beech 18, Coastal ferry (delivery) flight from Alaska to Port Angeles. Landed at Cordova Smith at dusk. Thanks for the great runway lighting! Have to keep the landing speed low (65-70 kts); too many bumps on this one...


Paul van den Berg, 10-15-05, PACV-PAYA, 76, bgak036, Beech 18, Continuation of the delivery) flight from Alaska to Port Angeles. Very early start and much better landing at Yakutat. Marginal VFR conditions (haze)and in cloud for some time. With VFR sectional charts on hand, it is nice to see how Microsoft did a fine job with the scenery. Underestimated the fuel flow a tab... Landed on vapors. Need 100LL !!  (see screenies)


Paul van den Berg, 10-14-05, KCLM-CYVR, 48, bgak036, DC-3C, From Fairchild (Port Angeles, Olympic Peninsula, WA) to Vancouver in the Dak. IFR flight with poor visibility; ILS landing 26L. Tested my new (CH prod.) throttle quadrant. Highly recommended! Especially on ground during taxieing with twin engined taildraggers. Assign the tail lock On/OFF to one of the switches and you're done.


graeme mckenna, 10-17-05, yesp,yfrt;ycdu, 130, bgad004, baron58tc,


john Gilbert, 10-16-05, KOLM-KSIY, 180, Bgad033, CESSNA 172, tonna-roark-rawer-magot-eug-fritt-bbg-oed


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, PAKN - PADQ, 77, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, PABE - PAKN, 86, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, PAMC - PABE, 107, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, PAOM - PAMC, 111, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, PAOT - PAOM, 79, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Brent Brazeel, 10-16-05, KSAF - KROW, 60, bgak001, IL-14,


John Gilbert, 10-17-05, KBCF-KROA, 25, BGAD033, Cessna Caravan,


John Franco, 10-17-05, KMRY-KFAT, 65, BGAN011, DHC2 (wheeled version), Upon landing at Fresno Yosemite, I put the Beaver into the STOL config, and i came in at a gentle 40 knots on landing.


John Lawler, 10-17-05, EGPA-EGPA, 60, bgad017, GA Monospar ST-10, via EGEN, EGEP. Highland Airways operated the Monospar ST-4 (almost identical to the ST-10 racer, but powered by 2x85hp Pobjoy R instead of 2x90hp Pobjoy Niagara I)


Smithy, 10/12/05, FAHV - FAEL, 178, bgad032, DC - 3, Flight Distance 188nm,  Total Fuel used 1553 lbs,  average speed 67.28kts, average cruise speed 76.31kts,  Max altitude 8543ft., Landing speed 81.94kts,  Landing Touchdown -260.00ft/m (nice) Landing pitch 0.19* (degrees) Landing weight 21503lbs Passengers 15 Company Income $1,749 Difficult Weather conditions, low fog and mist, with reasonable cross winds. All in all, an Exceptional Flight


Bill Von Sennet, 10-14-05, fahv-fael, 167, bgas001, DC-3, 1539# fuel  World Ralley 2005-1


Nathen Miller, 10-13-05, FAHV-FAEL, 158, bgad009, DC3, this fligth was part 1 of the dc3 world rally


Michael Ahl, 101005, FAHV-FAEL, 131, BGAN013, DC3 World Rally,


Dean Johnson, 10-15-05, KPHX-BGTL, 377, bgas044, KC-135, Good long flight listened to the Football game most of the flight


Joe Weber, 10-16-05, CYQY-KBOS, 176, BGAN002, DC-6B, Flt C0099R


Jim Urquhart, 10-16-05, KBHB-KBOS, 83, BGAS041, DH6,


Nathen Miller, 10-17-05, CVN74-KSEA, 34, bgad009, V22 Osprey, the CVN74 is a aircraft carrier i tookoff from


Nathen Miller, 10-16-05, KSFO-KSEA, 114, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


John Franco, 10-16-05, kdab- beach, 40, BGAN011, Curtiss JN43 Jenny, landed 8 NM west of 8FL0 with an engine failure


graeme mckenna, 10-16-05, ybln-yesp, 72, bgad004, baron58tc,


graeme mckenna, 10-15-05, various, 1656, bgad004, various, flights not reported


graeme mckenna,  10-15-05, VNBR-VNBJ, 224, bgad004, kingair350, via VNJL-VNDP-VNJS-VNPK-VNKT-VNRC-VNLD-VNLK-VNRT


Nathen Miller, 10-16-05, VNBR-VNBJ, 227, bgad009, kingair 350, via VNJL-VNDP-VNJS-VNPK-VNKT-VNRC-VNLD-VNLK-VNRT


Brent Brazeel, 10-15-2005, KRFD - KDFW, 125, bgak001, DC-8,


Brent Brazeel, 10-15-2005, KCLE - KRFD, 81, bgak001, B757-200,


Brent Brazeel, 10-15-2005, F36 - KSAF, 157, bgak001, Maam DC3 BGA,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-15-05, secret, 49, bgas001, secret, Testing one of the GAAR 2006 flights


Nathen Miller, 10-15-05, DNKN-GVAC, 244, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


john Gilbert, 10-15-05, CZNL-CBR2, 18, Bgad033, Cessna Caravan,


john Gilbert, 10-15-05, CZNL, 45, Bgad033, Bombardier-DHC-6,


john Gilbert, 10-15-05, CYYC-CYBA, 45, Bgad033, Bombardier-DHC-6,


Allan Carmel, 10-14-05, KBGR-KBOS, 102, bgan036, DC-3, Hi well I'm back sorry for the delay but got tied up with pers problems. I flew this with the new "Golden Wings" update of fs9. It was awesome seeing the scenery like it was and flying with the dc's and older planes. See you soon as now I can fly "like it was" in my day LOL


Stub Persons, 10-1405, PAFA-WSM, 48, bgak010, DC-3   #849EH, I overflew Coldfoot but runway was too short to land.  RON at Wiseman as it is getting late.


Jim Urquhart, 10-14-05, KSTL-KSGF, 97, BGAS041, DH6,


John Franco, 10-14-05, KLGB-KLBG, 92, BGAN011, Bluegrass Airlines DC3, Route of flight: LGB-AVX-LGB-VNY-LGB. The first Long Beach-Catalina Hop was a 5000lb. supply drop off flight with a return to Long Beach. Then I wanted to head up to Van Nuys CA because I havent visited that airport since FSFW95. I then returned back to LGB.


Nathen Miller, 10-15-05, HECA-DNKN, 240, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, CBA8-CYZY-CYCQ-CBX7-CFK7-FL7-FT7-CYJA, 240, bgad009, Baron 58TC,


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, LSGS-LIRP, 115, bgad009, DC3,


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, NZMF-NZQN, 44, bgad009, DC3,


Nathen Miller, 10-14-05, NZQN-NZMF, 57, bgad009, DC3,


John Franco, 10-14-05, OSDI-LTAF, 128, BGAN011, Bluegrass Airlines DC3, Some Muslims in Damascus wanted to spend a few days in Adana, Turkey, so for a one time deal, I rounded them up in the DC3, because thats all that they could afford. We departed Damascus after they had eaten their only meal for the day. (At sunrise). They enjoyed watching the sun rise and when landing at Adana, they clapped for my extremely smooth landing-almost like the landing that John King makes in the introductory video. If they want to leave Damascus, they will have to find their own way back, since im flying privately over to California for my next flight.(w/Bluegrass)


John Franco, 10-13-2005, LLJR-OSDI, 75, BGAN011, DC3 Bluegrass Airlines, Paul's Missionary Journeys-This flight was Jerusalem to Damascus. Note: The flight doesnt cover his actual path, but rather just the cities. This is a set of Charter Flights found at


Stub Persons, 10-12-05, pakp-pakp, 22, bgak010, DC-3, Went to find the lost lake.  Had to take the DC-3 as the Goose was down for maint. I found the lake and next time I will take a float plane and set down on the lake. My first flight with Bluegrass and it was fun.  I will be flying more. Is there a way that I can download some of the other aircraft?  [Welcome to Bluegrass Stub!  Check out the hangar at


Sid Tatton, 10-14-05, YPDN-WSSS, 270, BGAD007, 767,


Sid Tatton, 10-14-05, YBCS-RJAA, 420, BGAD007, 767,


Tom Burrill, 10-12-05, KATL-KFWA, 168, bgak033, DC3,


Tom Burrill, 10-12-05, KATL-KFWA, 168, bgak033, DC3,


John Gilbert, 09-20-05, KSFO-KLAX, 81, BGAD033, 07-23-05, OAK-AVE-DERBB-REYES-FIM-LAY-LAX


Gordon Volker, 10-12-05, PABT-PAUM, 63, bgak009, DHC6, Route PABT-PAKP-PAUM Weather scattered cloud wind03/6 Vis 30 Loaded Supplies and left for PAUM, arrived in good shape Lots of help unloading.


John Lawler, 10-12-05, EFPA-EGPA, 48, bgad017, DH89A, via EGER, EGES. Proper Orkney weather - 1200' overcast, wind all over the place, and the rain mostly horizontal - lovely!


Gordon Volker, 10-09-05, PABT- PABT, 210, bgak009, Beaver, Flight 06 PABT-PAKP-PFYU=CXF-PABT Left PABT in scattered clouds wind 138/8 Vis. 30 . Taking Building Supplies to PAKP Anaktuvuk Pass. Upon arrival was told I had Two Patients to rush to Ft.Yukon PFYU., so made an immediate take off.. Arriving in Ft Yukon I had a message to pick up a generator and some mail at Coldfoot on the way back to Bettles. After fueling up and checking the weather ( Not Good storm moving in) I left for CXF. And ran into snow flurries 30 min out of CXF and landing there in a heavy flurry grabbed a coffee. Loading the generator and mail I left for PABT Bettles. Weather cleared up shortly after Take off and remainder of flight uneventful..


Jim Urquhart, 10-12-05, MMMX-KHOU, 193, BGAS041, DC4,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-12-05, yfrt-ympa, 142, bgas001, DC-3, 232 gal   Couldn't see the grass runway, but the taxiways are concrete.  Landed adjacent to the taxiway.


Michael Ahl, 101205, Various Airports, 1257, BGAN013, Various Aircrafts, Flights have been done during the summer of 2005 and not filed as flight reports because of no internet connection.


Michael Ahl, 101205, LHBP-LHBP, 91, BGAN013, Cessna Skylane 182S,


Michael Ahl, 101105, CYYR-KJFK, 154, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-11-05, LEMD-HECA, 238, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Lyle Hasty, 10-101-05, MZBZ-MHLM, 58, BGAS017, DC-3,


Bill Agee, 10-11-05, L20-OZ2, 72, bgas006, pa-22, 88 lbs of fuel.


Tim Arnot, 10-11-05, WTP-WBFC, 73, BGAK054, PA28-236, TMC10


Michael Ahl, 101105, BIRK-CYYR, 206, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Jim Urquhart, 10-11-05, KMIA-MMMX, 313, BGAS041, DC4,


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-11-05, yssy-ymml, 96, bgad022, CONNIE, BGAD204


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-11-05, ypdn-yssy, 408, bgad022, CONNIE, BGAD204


Bill Agee, 10-11-05, PAFM-PAKN, 89, bgas006, angel 44, Fuel 224 lbs.


Dean Johnson, 10-09-05, KCGZ-KTUS, 31, bgas044, Beachcraft, Good flight followed I-10


Nathen Miller, 10-11-05, LTAC-LEMD, 239, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-10-05, LOWL-LTAC, 135, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Smithy, 10/11/05, YBBN - YBBN, 60, bgad032, Fokker VIIb/3m,


Smithy, 10/11/05, NWWW - YBBN, 492, bgad032, Fokker VIIb/3m,


Gordon Volker, 10-08-05, PABT _ WSM, 28, bgak009, Beaver, Flight route PABT - CYEV - WSM Carried two passengers from PABT to WSM Few low clouds , fresh snow on some of the hills.


Joe Weber, 10-10-05, NZWN-NZNS, 37, BGAN002, DC-3,


Bill Agee, 10-10-05, 30AZ-P01, 32, bgas006, C152, Fuel 55 lbs.


Bill Agee, 10-10-05, AZ99-30AZ, 64, bgas006, C152, Fuel 82 lbs.


Jim Urquhart, 10-10-05, KATL-KMIA, 161, BGAS041, DC4,


AP Hendrix, 10-10-05, KDAL - KMKE, 180, bgas047, DC-6,


Charles Wert, 10-09-05, KMBQ-KBWD, 36, BGAS039, Ford Trimotor 4AT,


Michael Ahl, 100905, EBBR-LHBP, 99, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 100905, EGDC-EGHH, 35, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 100805, EGHE-EGDC, 34, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 100805, EGHC-EGHE, 20, BGAN013, Cessna Skyhawk 172SP,


Michael Ahl, 100805, EGDG-EGHC, 26, BGAN013, Cessna Skyhawk 172SP,


Michael Ahl, 100805, EGGW-EGDG, 62, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 100805, EGGW-EBBR, 57, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 100105, EGGW-BIRK, 287, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 100105, EGGW-EBBR, 75, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 093005, EGNS-EGGW, 55, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092905, EGNT-EGNS, 44, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092905, EGCC-EGNT, 51, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092905, EGUY-EGCC, 46, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092905, EGSS-EGUY, 23, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092905, EGGW-EGSS, 28, BGAN013, Bech Craft King Air 350,


Michael Ahl, 092805, LPPT-EGGW, 147, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092805, LEMD-LPPT, 81, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092805, LEPA-LEMD, 69, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092805, LDSP-LEPA, 133, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092705, LHBP-LDSP, 86, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092205, EGGW-LHBP, 137, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092105, LPPT-EGGW, 139, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092105, EBBR-LPPT, 151, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092105, EKCH-EBBR, 96, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092005, ESSA-EKCH, 75, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 092005, EGGW-ESSA, 133, BGAN013, Boeing 737-400,


Michael Ahl, 100805, KSEA-EGLL, 558, BGAN013, Boeing 747-400,


Jim Urquhart, 10-09-05, KDAL-KATL, 199, BGAS041, DC4,


Tom Burrill, 10-09-05, KMDW-KMDW, 41, bgak033, Lockheed 1049 Constellation, Aircraft recertification prior to an  nline flight planned in the near future


GEORGE LEACH, 10-08-05, KFLL-KJAX, 90, BGAN039, B757, WHAT FUN


John Franco, 10-09-05, FAHV-FAEL, 168, BGAN011, World Rally DC3, DC3 World Rally Flight #1. A little pilot fatigue set in at the end but i made it safely. The flightplan called for touch and go landings at Alliwal, Queenstown Bisho and a full stop at the destination of East London, South Africa


John Kolmos, 10-09-05, PANC-PASD, 160, BGAN029, L-188, Charter frieght for Zantop.  Supplies into Sands Point.


Nathen Miller, 10-09-05, BIKF-EGLL, 221, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-10-05, 11S-KSEA, 41, bgad009, V22 Osprey,


Nathen Miller, 10-09-09, CYZP-KSEA, 147, bgad009, B1900D,


Nathen Miller, 10-09-05, EGLL-LOWL, 99, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Gordon Volker, 10-08-05, KORD-KLEX, 163, bgak009, DC-3, Clear Weather, Low Wind, Cargo Delivered on time


Nathen Miller, 10-09-05, EFIV-BIKF, 235, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-08-05, UKCC-EFIV, 192, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Sid Tatton, 10-09-05, YPPH-YBAS, 190, BGAD007, 737-800,


Sid Tatton, 10-09-05, YSSY-NZAA, 180, BGAD007, 767,


Jim Urquhart, 10-08-05, KMDW-KDAL, 132, BGAS041, DC6,


Sid Tatton, 10-09-05, YSSY-YPPH, 346, BGAD007, 767,


John Franco, 10-08-05, KPNE-KJFK, 80, BGAN011, Curtiss JN43 Jenny, 1918 airmail route with situation weather conditions used. Landed on 4L and the flight was a success


Lyle Hasty, 10-08-05, KMIA-MSAV, 136, BGAS017, DC-3,


John Franco, 10-08-05, KSEA-KSEA, 14, BGAN011, PBY5 Catalina BGA, just getting a feel for the thing. I have the custom panel installed as well.


Nathen Miller, 10-08-05, OMAA-UKCC, 245, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-07-05, VRMM-OMAA, 212, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-07-05, VANP-VRMM, 148, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


John Franco, 10-08-05, KBDL-RI11, 46, BGAN011, DC4, The autopilot didnt seem to work right. I actually landed in the woods near Riconn(RI11) with success. This particular DC4 doesnt want to climb too well either.


Coleman Green, 10-07-05, KBNA-KSDF, 42, bgak011, Volpar,


Coleman Green, 10-07-05, KSDF-KBNA, 40, bgak011, Volpar,


Tom Burrill, 10-07-05, KBOS-CYJN, 98, bgak033, Beaver, Flight from Concord to St Jean Que with the new freeware Beaver on wheels by John Woodward. Seems to handle well although the weather was not all bad.  At first did not like cocpit as well as on our company bird. But in time as advised the all operative vertual cocpit produced an entertaining flight with super views. Downloaded from Avsim yesterday as a new arrival.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-07-05, kmsy-kiah, 128, bgas001, DC-3, 205 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 10-07-05, kblv-kmsy, 200, bgas001, DC-3, 325 gal


Jim Urquhart, 10-07-05, CYHZ-KLGA, 372, BGAS041, DC4,


Steve Goodman, 5/7/005, YCDU.YPPH, 135, BGAD013, 7E7 DREAMLINER,


Nathen Miller, 10-07-05, VNKT-VANP, 87, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Tom Burrill, 09-30-05, KATL-MMMX, 168, bga033, MD88,


Nathen Miller, 10-07-05, KSFO-KSCK, 40, bgad009, Cessna C182,


Nathen Miller, 10-06-05, ZLLL-VNKT, 180, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-06-05, egep-egpa, 16, bgas001, S.A. Twin Pioneer, 11 gal  ATC cleared for runway 6


Bill Von Sennet, 10-06-05, egen-egep, 9, bgas001, S.A. Twin Pioneer, 7 gal


Bill Von Sennet, 10-06-05, egpa-egen, 20, bgas001, S.A. Twin Pioneer, 15 gal.  used atc to taxi and they sent me on a tour of Kirkwall Airfield!


Bill Von Sennet, 10-06-05, HKMA-HADR, 141, bgas001, DC-3, 229 gal.


don moore, 10-05-05, kbgr-kbst, 58, bgad042, mooney bravo, A quiet trip in Maine.  VFR at 3000'.  Not much ground relief saving many lakes,I wonder if there is fish to be caught?  The round trip was from Bangor-kold-me03-44b-2b7-Belfast.  A few nms over 100.


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-06-05, WIII-YPDN, 349, bgad022, CONNIE, BGAD204


Gayngel van den Ing, 10-06-05, VTBD-WIII, 304, bgad022, CONNIE, BGAD204


John Franco, 10-07-05, CT08-KHVN, 21, BGAN011, BGA Grumman Goose , A short familiarization flight. Im impressed with the plane. I have the panel from this site and it blows mike stones panel out of the water.


John Franco, 10-06-05, LFLJ-LIMJ, 43, BGAN011, DHC7, A hairy takeoff from Courchevel, France. (Elev 7000ft+ in the Alps) Swerved through the mountains up to a cruise of 11500 feet. This flight was conducted in VFR with an intentional engine off/short final into runway 29 at LIMJ.


Tim Arnot, 10-05-05, BLI - MYY, 42, BGAK054, C182RG, Part of TMC10


Nathen Miller, 10-05-05, ZYTL-ZLLL, 146, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-05-05, vaks-vabo, 80, bgas001, DC-3, 123 Gal.


Jim Urquhart, 10-06-05, EGWU-EGPD, 138, BGAS041, DC3,


Nathen Miller, 10-05-05, RJAA-ZYTL, 163, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-05-05, PGUA-RJAA, 188, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Paul Roth, 10-04-05, KUIZ-KLEX, 136, BGAN 016, DC-3, C0004R


Jon Carlson, 10-04-05, CYMO - CYKX, 84, bgas012, Beech Baron 58, Load four passengers and some gear. Cripes, they're even bigger than the last group! Another overweight take off for sure. Beech handles it no problem. 55 minutes into flight the port engine sputters and dies. Now there's a problem. Drop from 4600ft to 1900ft while feathering prop and adjusting starboard engine. Make it to Kirkland Lake  OK and make best landing of the day. go figure. Passengers thank me for getting us down in one piece. I thank them for not getting sick in cabin. This IS a borrowed plane, eh!


Jon Carlson, 10-04-05, CYYU - CYMO, 68, bgas012, Beech Baron 58, Already had two passengers and now two more and their gear. Definitely heavy on lift off. Later find out we were 120 lbs overweight. Good landing at Moosonee.


Jon Carlson, 10-04-05, CYYB - CYYU, 104, bgas012, Beech Baron 58, Take two passengers to Kapuskasing. Good flight but air is a little rough above 4700ft. Increasing clouds but great visibility. Rough landing. hmmm.


Jon Carlson, 10-04-05, river - CYYB, 28, bgas012, DH.82 on floats, Depart Mattawa River for Trout Lake next to CYYB North Bay Ontario.


Paul Roth, 10-03-05, KLEX-KUIZ, 120, BGAN 016, B-18,


Lyle Hasty, 10-04-05, SGCO-SGAS, 67, BGAS017, DC-3,


John Lawler, 10-04-05, EGPA-EGPA, 48, bgad017, DH89A, via EGEW and EGEP. VFR mostly at 1500'. West wind meant the EGEW-EGEP hop took 8 minutes! 


John Lawler, 10-04-05, EGPA-EGPA, 40, bgad017, DH89A, via EGEN. VFR at 1500'


Paul Mensch, 10-04-05, ESSA-ESOK, 54, BGAN047, DC6B Cathay Pacific airlines, FSpassengers flight


John Lawler, 10-01-05, UNOO-USSS, 156, bgad017, IL14, Night flight to Ekaterinburg. All the cloud had gone, or gone upstairs, and Omsk and its river looked rather lovely in the moonlight. Uneventful flight, but a 737 sneaked in ahead of us on the approach to USSS. Fortunately, he managed to get off the runway about 5 seconds before the tower would have requested a go-around.


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, eges-egpa, 14, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, eger-eges, 5, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egpa-eger, 11, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer,


Steve Goodman, 10/04/05, yssy.ybbn., 76, BGAD013, 747-400,


Sid Tatton, 10-05-05, YSSY-YBBN, 80, BGAD007, 737-800,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egep-egpa, 15, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer, Orkney Island Feature Used 59.8 gals for the first 5 flights  egpa-egen-egpa-egew-egep-egpa


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egew-egep, 2, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer, Orkney Island Feature - shortest flight in the world


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egpa-egew, 14, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer, Orkney Island Feature


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egen-egpa, 18, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer, Second flight of the Orkney Island Feature


Sid Tatton, 10-04-05, YMML-YSSY, 100, BGAD007, 737-800,


Bill Von Sennet, 10-04-05, egpa-egen, 20, bgas001, Scottish Twin Pioneer, First flight of the Orkney Island Feature


John Franco, 10-04-05, SLLP-SLLP, 37, BGAN011, ATR72, I was looking for something different today so i looked at the Toughman Challenges in the forum and tried the first one that was talked about.


Don Hulick, 10-03-05, KMLB-KCRG, 101, bgan033, Cessna 140, Melbourne to Graig Muni via melbourne, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville Radio Ranges. Airborne at 2205, on deck at 2346.


Smithy, 10/04/05, AGGQ - NWWW, 614, bgad032, Fokker VIIb/3m,


Nathen Miller, 10-04-05, NGTA-PGUA, 256, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Dean Johnson, 10-02-05, KCGZ-KNJK, 61, bgas044, P-38, Good flight after finally getting use to the P-38 controls


Jim Urquhart, 10-03-05, EGWU-EDDV, 121, BGAS041, DC4,


Sid Tatton, 10-03-05, YPAD-YMML, 80, BGAD007, 737-800,


Paul Mensch, 10-02-05, ESSA-ESOH, 71, BGAN047, PBYCatalina, FS passengers flight


Paul Mensch, 10-01-05, ENGM-ESSA, 63, BGAN047, DC6B Cathay pacific, FS passengers flight


Don Hulick, 10-02-05, KOPF-KMLB, 100, bgan033, Cessna 140, Opa Locka to Melbourne Intl via Miami and Melbourne Radio Ranges. Landed Visual, RWY 9L.


Patrick Stewart, 10-02-05, TJSM-TKPK, 142, bgas060, Tri-Pacer Amphibian, Completed flts 5 - 8 of Catalina Jaunt.  Flying real time/weather.  Those BG Hangers are neat to see.


Lyle Hasty, 10-02-05, SBMZ-SBSN, 65, BGAS017, DC-3,


John Lawler, 10-02-05, UUWW-ULLI, 129, bgad017, IL-14, So much for the good weather. About 50 miles short of St Petersburg, the wind swung to the west, cloud formed into a solid mass, and when we got down the ILS there was a classic Baltic coastal fog under it. However, it hadn't quite got to the labrador -and-white-stick phase, so we got in OK on 28R first time.  Womder if I can hitch a lift to Kirkwall from here?


John Lawler, 10-02-05, UWGG-UUWW, 87, bgad017, IL-14, Beaut weather today. It started this morning at USSS with CAVOK, good visibility, and light winds, and haas held all the way to Moscow.


Jay Lamos, 10-02-05, YAYE-YPAD, 190, BGAD040, CV 440,


John Lawler, 10-02-05, USPP-UWGG, 149, bgad017, IL-14,


John Lawler, 02-10-05, USSS-USPP, 72, bgad017, IL-14,


Joe Weber, 10-02-05, YBBN-AYPY, 385, BGAN002, DC-6B, Rte BGAD906  Intermediate Stop at YBCS


Nathen Miller, 10-03-05, PASI-KSEA, 116, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Nathen Miller, 10-02-05, NWWW-NGTA, 222, bgad009, Qantas 747-400,


Jim Urquhart, 10-01-05, KLGA-CYQX, 241, BGAS041, L1049,


Barry Kleiber, 10-02-05, KORD-KDEN, 123, BGAN010, DC-8 73-F,


Bob Welch, 10-01-05, CZSW-13Z, 51, BGAk060, Beech A36/Float,


John Lawler, 10-01-05, UNNT-UNOO, 121, bgad017, IL-14, CAVOK weather at Novosibirsk, so we blithely filed a VFR flightplan. As we flew west, cloud appeared and dropped lower, and we eventually got down to under 3000' to keep clear of it. An into-sun landing on the grass strip, 10 minutes before sunset, made for a memorable finish at Omsk.


John Lawler, 10-01-05, UNKL-UNNT, 120, bgad-017, IL-14, Cloudbase has lifted, and a good VFR flight was enjoyed.


Joe Weber, 10-01-05, KLEX-KUIZ, 121, BGAN002, DC-3, Rte M0003R


John Franco, 10-01-05, KLCI-KHVN, 44, BGAN011, ATR72, a visual landing on runway 20. The approach for Runway 20 has you crossing Interstate 95 and USroute1 below.


John Franco, 10-01-05, EGPA-EGPA, 61, BGAN011, ATR72, October Feature of the Month Flight. Crappy weather and 15 knot crosswinds occupied me the whole way. I had to go around once on the leg from EGEW-EGEP-EGEW. I chose 1000 feet as my cruising altitude.


John Franco, 10-01-05, KOPF-MYNN, 79, BGAN011, DC3, I witnessed my first flightsimulator morning sunrise. I thought it was pretty cool. There also was morning fog when i arrived at Nassau INTL APT.


Smithy, 10/01/05, LFPG - EGLL, 107, bgad032, DC - 3,


Sid Tatton, 10-01-05, YPPH-YPAD, 180, BGAD007, boeing 737-800,