Bluegrass Airlines, September 2004


Iím going to revisit one of the old features that we had a few years ago at the Southern Division.††


Flying the Ford Tri-Motor on the TAT Route.


The FS2002 scenery download seems to work in FS 9, except that AI aircraft are floating about 20 feet in the air at Waynoka, OK and Wichita, KS (the only airports Iíve checked so far).No problem, turn off AI aircraft.The skies were pretty empty in 1929 anyway.


For FS 2004 I have modified the airfile and aircraft.cfg for Pierino Primavesiís Ford Tri-Motor.Neutral Trim shows on the panel as between 1 and 2 notches of up trim.So give it two notches of up trim for take off.

Download the update here (8k)


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