Bluegrass Airlines, July 2004


The Berlin Airlift FlyIn



The Bluegrass DC-3 waits at runway Templehoff RW27R while a Dakota begins its takeoff roll.Next in line is a DC-4.These aircraft are part of Ulf Nordinís which you can download at



Climbing out from Templehoff.



Final approach to WeisbadenETOU.†† The FS 2002 Weisbaden scenery does not work well in FS 9, so I have reverted to the default scenery, but added the 108.5 ILS

The flight from EDDI to ETOU was flown with ATC and I filed an IFR flight plan.†† I manually changed the way points of the flight plan to match the central corridor route of the airlift.†† You can download the flightplan here.†† Put it into your My Documents/Flight Simulator Files folder.File name is IFR Templehoff to Weisbaden AAF.PLN(FS 9 file)

The flights into Berlin donít work with ATC as the Airlift had very specific approach patterns to keep all the aircraft separated, and FS ATC just canít handle it.†† A solution would be to have a multi-player event where someone would act as the Berlin Approach Controller.In order to stimulate interest among Bluegrass Pilots, there will be a 100 hour bonus for any pilot flying on-line.

Pilots will need to register via e-mail.Each pilot will be given a take-off time slot so that the aircraft are spaced out every three minutes.In the meantime check out the Berlin Air-Lift web-site and get familiar with the flights.†††† The main focus will be on a flight from Rhein-Main (EDDF) to Templehoff (EDDI).If there is sufficient interest we will add flights from Celle and Fassberg to Gatow.

Anyone may sign up, you donít have to be a Bluegrass Pilot.Email me at bill@billvons.comInclude your name, V.A., ID#, aircraft you will fly(i.e. DC-3 ,DC-4 ).†† Include any date/time you would prefer.†† We will limit each sessions flying to a one way flight to Berlin (approx 2 hours.)†† If we have 10 pilots, the last would take off 27 minutes after the first.

We plan on flying on BushNet2.The IP address for the FlightSim session and the TeamSpeak connection are the same:

Try connecting on your own, or email me and I will meet you there to try it out.If you have problems due to a firewall or router, read the help files on the forum.†††† Airheads Guide to BushNet



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