Bluegrass Airlines

FS 98 Hangar

Click on the picture to download.  (Approximate file size)


Beechcraft D-18  (334k)

Douglas DC-3 (530k)

Douglas DC-6B (1,697k)

Lockheed L-749 Constellation (34k)

Convair 440 (46k)

Martin 4-0-4 (Florida Airlines) (184k)

DeHavalind DHC-2 Beaver (1.2mb)

Sound package for Beaver wheel version (943k)


DeHavalind DHC-2 Beaver Float

(included with download at left)


Sound package for Beaver float version (926k)

Beechcraft D-18 Float (314k)


The L-749 aliases the DC6B panel and sound.

The Martin 4-0-4 and DC-3 alias the Convair 440 panel and sound.


Download the gauge package for the propliners above. (1,800k)


Download the gauge package for the Beech D-18 (185k)



Bermuda Scenery by Alan Carter (143k)

Virgin Islands Float Bases and Bermuda ATIS fix (15k)




4 Engine Propliner Panel  (11k) included with DC-6B


2 Engine Propline Panel (9k) included with Convair 440


If you’re downloading to put in another aircraft you

need the gauge package also (1,800k)


Visit the Berlin Airlift for C-47, C-54 etc to download.





Ford Tri-Motor (800k)


Stinson SR Reliant  (744k)


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