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Convair 240 / 340 / 440 Schedule

     The Convair twins were the first twin engine aircraft with a pressurised cabin to fly the Australian skies.  They were mainly operated on the less dense passenger routes as the Douglas DC-6, with its greater capacity and range, was used on mainline routes.  The Convairs operated faithfully throughout their years of service and were eventually replaced with the turboprop Fokker F-27 "Friendship".  Three Convair 440's operated from RAAF Base Fairburn, Canberra, for many years.  Two belonged to the RAAF VIP Fleet and the other belonged to the US Embassy.

Flight Number ICAO Code Airport From Airport To ICAO Code ETE
BGAD101 YMML Melbourne Hobart YMHB 1:45
BGAD102 YMHB Hobart Melbourne YMML 1:45
BGAD103 YMML Melbourne Launceston YMLT 1:25
BGAD104 YMLT Launceston Melbourne YMML 1:25
BGAD105 YMML Melbourne Mildura YMIA 1:20
BGAD106 YMIA Mildura Melbourne YMML 1:20
BGAD107 YMML Melbourne Canberra YSCB 1:25
BGAD108 YSCB Canberra Melbourne YMML 1:25
BGAD109 YMML Melbourne Mount Gambier YMTG 1:10
BGAD110 YMTG Mount Gambier Melbourne YMML 1:10
BGAD111 YPAD Adelaide Hobart YMHB 3:10
BGAD112 YMHB Hobart Adelaide YPAD 3:10
BGAD113 YPAD Adelaide Melbourne YMML 1:50
BGAD114 YMML Melbourne Adelaide YPAD 1:50
BGAD115 YPAD Adelaide Canberra YSCB 2:40
BGAD116 YSCB Canberra Adelaide YPAD 2:40
BGAD117 YPAD Adelaide Alice Springs YBAS 3:35
" YBAS Alice Springs Ayers Rock YAYE 1:00
BGAD118 YAYE Ayers Rock Adelaide YPAD 3:35
BGAD119 YSSY Sydney Dubbo YSDU 0:55
" YSDU Dubbo Broken Hill YBHI 1:55
BGAD120 YGHI Broken Hill Dubbo YSDU 1:55
" YSDU Dubbo Sydney YSSY 0:55
BGAD121 YSSY Sydney Canberra YSCB 0:55
BGAD122 YSCB Canberra Sydney YSSY 0:55
BGAD123 YSSY Sydney Coolangatta YBCG 1:55
BGAD124 YBCG Coolangatta Sydney YSSY 1:55
BGAD125 YSSY Sydney Hobart YMHB 2:50
BGAD126 YMHB Hobart Launceston YMLT 0:25
" YMLT Launceston Sydney YSSY 1:35
BGAD127 YSSY Sydney Griffith YGTH 1:30
BGAD128 YGTH Griffith Sydney YSSY 1:30
BGAD129 YSSY Sydney Maroochydore YBMC 2:20
BGAD130 YBMC Maroochydore Sydney YSSY 2:20
BGAD131 YSSY Sydney Moree YMOR 1:35
BGAD132 YMOR Moree Sydney YSSY 1:35
BGAD133 YSSY Sydney Ballina YBNA 1:45
BGAD134 YBNA Ballina Sydney YSSY 1:45
BGAD135 YBBN Brisbane Townsville YBTL 3:05
" YBTL Townsville Cairns YBCS 1:00
BGAD136 YBCS Cairns Townsville YBTL 1:00
" YBTL Townsville Brisbane YBBN 3:05
BGAD137 YBBN Brisbane Emerald YEML 1:50
" YEML Emerald Blackwater YBTR 0:15
BGAD138 YBTR Blackwater Brisbane YBBN 1:45
BGAD139 YBBN Brisbane Rockhampton YBRK 1:35
" YBRK Rockhampton Mackay YBMK 1:00
BGAD140 YBMK Mackay Rockhampton YBRK 1:00
" YBRK Rockhampton Brisbane YBBN 1:35
BGAD141 YBBN Brisbane Mount Isa YBMA 4:00
BGAD142 YBMA Mount Isa Brisbane YBBN 4:00
BGAD143 YMML Melbourne Broken Hill YBHI 1:55
BGAD144 YBHI Broken Hill Wagga Wagga YSWG 1:50
" YSWG Wagga Wagga Melbourne YMML 1:10
BGAD143 YMML Melbourne Broken Hill YBHI 1:55
BGAD144 YBHI Broken Hill Wagga Wagga YSWG 1:50
" YSWG Wagga Wagga Melbourne YMML 1:10
BGAD145 YPAD Adelaide Broken Hill YBHI 1:20
BGAD146 YBHI Broken Hill Adelaide YPAD 1:20