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About Us

Bluegrass Airlines came into being in March 1998 when W. (Joe) Deering and Ray Yarnell, both natives of Kentucky (KY) USA, decided to model a Virtual Airline (VA) on the real world Bluegrass Airlines.  The real world Bluegrass Airlines was started in Bowling Green, KY, in 1944 by a doctor and his two sons and subsequently had its routes incorporated into the schedules of Imperial Airlines in 1946.  Imperial Airways was eventually taken over by Delta Airlines.

Using the routes originally flown by Bluegrass Airlines, Joe and Ray started out flying DC-3s.  They were soon attracting other pilots with similar interests in flying aircraft from the 'good old days' when flying was done by the 'seat of your pants'.

It wasn't long before there were hubs in Bangor (Northern) and Alaska and, with an ever increasing number of pilots coming on board, another hub was soon established in the Southern regions.  Since then, these hubs have become Divisions and each Division operates more or less autonomously.   Further expansion saw a Division open in Australia, covering operations throughout Australia, the greater part of Africa, southern Asia, and the South Pacific region.

Each Division more or less replicates the routes and aircraft in existence during the 1940's and 1950's.   However, 'artistic license' is encouraged in order to create other flights of interest within the area of operations.

Bluegrass Airlines has a number of very talented members, from people who design and paint aircraft to those who design scenery.  The result is that Bluegrass has a comprehensive library of purpose-built aircraft and scenery.

Our rules are simple.  #1 - we ask that you make at least one flight every two months, so we know you are still interested.  #2 - have fun.  We don't have strict qualifying limits.  You can fly whatever aircraft you like on whatever route you like.  We have a pilot promotion structure, but this is primarily to give individuals something to aim for.   It has no value in the day to day operations of the airline.

Bluegrass Airlines enjoys a high reputation amongst the Virtual Airline community for its attention to detail (check out the special flights available, including the Berlin Airlift re-creation) and its consistent approach to using aircraft which have, more or less, long been forgotten.  Remember the PBY 'Catalina', the 'Constellation', the Boeing 'Clipper', the DC-3, the DC-4 and the Convairs?  Our list of aircraft goes on. If it has a propeller and a piston engine, it belongs in our hangar.

We invite you to take a tour of Bluegrass Airlines.  Stop by each of the Divisions and check out what they have to offer - every one of them is different and offers a good variety of interesting flights.   Feel free to take a few of our flights, and, if you like what you see, come and join us as a member of the most relaxed and 'down to earth' Virtual Airline in the business.